Young Writers Student Reviews


I think this course was really interesting and fun, and it really helped me developed my writing skills and develop it as a hobby. The welcome space was indeed welcoming and inclusive, and it was easy for me to answer questions and contribute.

Eleanor, Badminton School


I think overall the teaching was very good! She explained very things well and gave us fun activities to do. I asked loads of questions without holding back. The discussion was very good too.

Michelle, Warwick Prep School


It was really fun! I particularly enjoyed writing the imagist poem on the second day. Overall, the course was just right! It was challenging, but not overly so, stretching me out of my comfort zone. It was really easy to ask questions and I felt included.

Isabella, St Pauls Girls School


Very well taught, the teachers are friendly and the students are nice, and you can easily learn your way round.

Eve, St Mary’s Cambridge


We learnt lots of different things, like different types of poetry and styles/genres of story writing. The newspaper game which is journalism was really fun!

Liya, Francis Holland School


If you love writing either for a career or hobby reasons, this is a fabulous course. I loved it!

Macy, St Saviour’s and St Olave’s School


It was a very good course and I gained a lot out of it. The mentors were all very friendly and very well qualified to teach.

Alice,  St Teresa’s School


An amazing course, designed to introduce and challenge you on high levels, and will be sure to educate you farther on at least one aspect of writing.

Bella, Fortismere School


This is a fun course that all fond writers should do in the summer to improve skills of all aspects in English lessons.

Jamie, King Edward’s School


A fun and interesting course taught with enthusiasm. We looked at a wide variety of poetry and prose and thoroughly studied (and participated in our own bit of) journalism. The group exercises were great and everything was engaging and thoroughly enjoyable. An excellent opportunity to improve and practise creative writing, poetic and journalism skills.

Kate, Oxford High School


The Young Writers Summer School is a unique learning experience which is fun and you learn a lot from. My favourite day was being a news reporter and making our own newspapers. Overall, extremely fun!

Eleanor, Oxford High School


Was an excellent course, which covered prose, poetry and journalism. You can give feedback to others and receive feedback yourself.

Aaron,  Home-Schooled


I really enjoyed the course because I learned lots of new types of poetry and writing. I met lots of new people too. It was very interesting and fabulous!

Grace, The Perse Girls School


If you want a chance to learn more writing techniques and get inspiration for your stories, you will love this fun, friendly summer school.

Sarina, Loughborough High School


It is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge of creative writing. You do poetry and prose and it is very fun.

Joshua, The Jewish Free School


This course helped me in my writing in a fun and original way. The teachers were friendly and catered to the individual needs of the students. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys writing, or would like to improve.

Manhattan, King Edward’s Grammar School Aston


I loved every minute of it and it was nice to be with people who enjoyed English as much as I did.

Josephine, St Theresa’s School


It is a great course for talented English students and learners.

Harry, Dulwich College