Medicine Student Reviews


A fast paced weekend that will introduce you to many aspects of medicine, including cardiology, haematology and radiology, particularly through case studies tackled as a group, as well as more technical activities like suturing. The vital field of medical ethics is also introduced, through discussion, activities and debate. It is also a brilliant opportunity to meet and discuss with a group of like minded individuals, with regards to a future in medicine.

Emily, The Perse School


I turned up not knowing anyone and was quite scared that I would not know enough but soon I found that you do not have to have any prior knowledge and that all the people there are so nice that it was easy not to feel lonely at all. This course has just made me want to be a doctor so much more, it was so fun. It was really useful to be taught by current med students because they were up to date with the application process and it is easier to relate and ask questions to them because they are of a more similar age. I really enjoyed this and I think you should do this too.

Theodora, Rugby School


The part of the course I attended was focused on neurology as that is what I wanted to study however speaking to the tutors and other students sparked my interest in medicine and my eyes were opened to the different routes I could take to get into it. I think the course is good for those who are focused on medicine but also those considering a similar career as it could change your mind. It gave me an opportunity to meet like minded people with similar goals and interest to me. I could also learn extra information not covered by my syllabuses but that I found interesting.

Ayesha, Montsaye Academy


I have enjoyed my time at Medicine Summer School very much! The tutors have been fantastic, as they have been so engaging towards all aspects of the course. The amount of information covered in only two days has been extraordinary and I feel that I am so much more aware about the topics studied at medical school. I would recommend this Summer School to anyone interested in medicine as the course really gives you the opportunity to delve a lot deeper into the area of study than your GCSEs!

May, Hurst College


The Medical Summer School is great and teaches you a lot in a short space of time with a great learning environment that can help you identify potential areas of specialisation for the future. You will also meet some really great people.

Jayme, Jewish Community Secondary School


This course gives detailed information on different topics in medicine as well as giving a good insight into what it would be like to go to medical school.

Amy, West London Free School


I had such a great time; I made many friends whilst learning a variety of new skills about both medicine and applying for medical school; I would highly recommend it.

Isabelle, Kendrick School


This was a great weekend where I got to meet other people interested in the same things as I am. Not only did we learn a lot about the medical fields we studied, but we also got to talk to medical students who gave us brilliant advice.

Benoit, St Dunstans College


Debate Chamber Medical Summer School made me realise that I definitely want to pursue medicine. I highly recommend the course!

Arabella, Methodist College


I feel that this course is very useful if you are contemplating Medical School as it gives you a lot more insight into specific areas of medicine than just reading about these.

Jack, Bedales School


Really useful for anyone set on studying Medicine as you learn bits of Human Biology that you may not in school and all the tutors are very willing to answer all sorts of questions about the application process and Medical School.

Kate, Sedbergh School


The Medicine Summer School is something I would recommend to all who have an interest in medicine. After attending these sessions I gained a lot of knowledge about different areas of medicine and it sparked my interest in areas of medicine that I would have never considered to be ‘interesting’. You learn a lot about different parts of medicine and what it is like to be a doctor today.

Lauren, The Holy Family Catholic School


I have never learnt so much in such a short space of time! Really engaging, interactive and I would really recommend if you are thinking about studying medicine.

India, Guildford High School


This was a thoroughly enjoyable course with lots to learn about and amazing teachers. They are all medical students at esteemed universities and are lovely too. It’s a great chance to learn new things and to decide whether or not medicine is a path for you to go down. It’s not all theoretical though, there are also practical opportunities – we learnt to suture! I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in pursuing a medical career.

Eliza, Beaconsfield High School


I was at first reluctant to forgo a weekend of my summer holiday to attend extra classes, and yet retrospectively I do not regret it in the slightest. This Debate Chamber course proffers not only precise medical knowledge, but additionally prescient advice on choosing A-levels to complement an application to a medical school, which school to choose, and how to conduct your interview. And all of this imparted by people who had just gone through the process themselves! A very worthwhile endeavour.

Salvador, The Perse School


Each time I attend a Medicine course at the Debate Chamber I am reminded of why exactly I would like to become a doctor and pursue my medical interests. I leave the course eager to learn more and widen my knowledge of biology and chemistry.

Eszter, Southbank International School


Really good, packed with information and goes at a good pace, the people are very helpful and approachable. They make you feel comfortable.

Aneesah, Woodbridge High School


During the time I have spent here, I have greatly enjoyed myself, and would definitely recommend this summer school to other students wanting to pursue medicine as a career. The tutors are very passionate and actually funny, plus they are always there to answer any questions you are bursting to ask. I really enjoyed the starter games we played in the beginning of the sessions, because it would get everyone alert and thinking, which was great. The area is lovely and quiet. The booklets given to you for each session you attend are a bonus! Definitely go for it!

Theodora, Fort Pitt Grammar School for Girls


The medical summer school was an amazing experience! I was unsure if medicine was for me before attending the course but now I am sure!

Susan, Queenswood


If you’re interested in medicine, this summer school is a great way to get a taste of the experience of being a med student and also a great way to make new friends!

Nadia, Wolverhampton Grammar School


The best introduction to medicine going. I learnt so much, met great people and had a brilliant time. Can’t wait to begin my career as a doctor – the only problem is what to choose as a specialty – it was all brought to life with interest and humour.

Thomas, Winchester College


The medicine course is a fantastic introduction to different aspects of medicine and enables you to discover in depth topics which are not always studied in school. I would highly recommend any and all of the medical sessions for aspiring doctors to be!

Sophie, Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls


I really recommend this summer school. The teachers were really passionate about medicine and the lessons were interactive and fun. It definitely helped me decide to study medicine as it taught me so many wonderful things about the human body that I had no idea about.

Nínive, British School of Gran Canaria (Las Palmas, Spain)


If you are not sure if medicine is for you, or even if you are sure, then you must go on this course. There was so much to learn and I had a lot of fun. I learnt a lot about topics that I had never really heard about and found ones that I didn’t think would be interesting to be really really interesting. I met some great people in the different modules and we are planning to keep in touch – you never know we might be doctors together one day!

Ellie, Caterham


Fabulous 4 weekends! The tutors were knowledgable and passionate about their subject which enthused us, and offered lots of tips and advice on getting into medical school including their own experiences.  I’ve made some great friends who I’ll keep in touch with for the foreseeable future and we’ve all ready planned a reunion! I would recommend the Medicine Summer School to anyone who is thinking about doing medicine or any related course at university, or is just interested in how the human body works and wants to meet new people who are on the same wave-length! Overall, a fantastic opportunity and well worth doing!

Phoebe, Beetham School


The course really deepened my passion for medicine by exploring various topics, such as wound debridement and epidemiology, which I had never had the chance to learn about before. It’s strengthened my commitment to medicine.

Monisha, Plashet School


This was such a great weekend! I learnt so much and in a lot of detail. I didn’t know what to expect as I had only just finished my GCSEs, so I didn’t know too much about anything that was going to be covered. I would recommend this to anyone – don’t be put off by how ‘complicated’ the topics may seem. If you want to be a medic then I would thoroughly recommend it! (Especially for Banana Suturing)

Helena, Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School


This Summer School was amazing! It gave me a real insight into the world of medicine. The lectures were med students so it was really helpful to talk to them about life at med school, including the ups and down of teaching or placement work.

Clare, Pate’s Grammar School


Debate Chamber’s Medicine Summer School was great! I learnt in great detail about medical topics such as oncology, paediatrics and epidemiology. Suturing bananas was a highlight for me and I would thoroughly recommend the course for a anyone considering medicine as a career. It was great to meet others in my position from around the country who shared a common goal. Most of all it was great fun!

Isobel, Altrincham Grammar School for Girls


I stumbled across Debate Chamber and was instantly intrigued to learn more and to attend the medicine school this summer! Although I was very nervous because I didn’t know what to expect, it turned out to be the highlight of my summer. The staff make it really enjoyable and there is a relaxed atmosphere which is particularly great when learning such in depth topics  and getting to know the other people attending. I’m so happy that I chose Debate Chamber and it was such a great experience from which I have learnt a great deal from. I definitely recommend this to others who are interested in having a career in medicine. It was a worthwhile experience and I am hoping to attend next year as well.

Lily, Imberhorne School


I had a great time attending the Medicine summer school! It deepened my knowledge of medicine, especially the surgery part, which I enjoyed immensely. The personal tutors which were appointed to us were very helpful and friendly to answer our questions, which at times were quite ridiculous! I’d definitely recommend anyone who is wanting to apply for medicine at university to attend this excellent event, it really inspired  me. Thanks for having me Debate Chamber!

Lamisha, Madras College


The tutors really challenged us to discuss topics that we were not very familiar with so it was difficult, but really fun because I got to know how much I enjoyed medicine.

Bomee, St Pauls Girls School


I took part in the Medical Summer School Part 3 this summer. Both the medical students that taught me were very interactive and keep the seminars vibrant and fun, as well as serious. Thus making the whole experience very enjoyable. I would recommend coming here if you want to advance your learning and are enthusiastic about medicine!

Fatima, Leyton Sixth Form College


The course was incredibly interesting, helpful and fun. The tutors were really friendly and the sessions were really interactive and enjoyable. I learnt a lot in the 2 days I was there and made some great new friends too. It helped me confirm that I do want to be a doctor in the future and confirmed my interest in paediatrics. I would thoroughly recommend the course to anybody considering medicine and wish I had taken part in another one too!

Kate, St Pauls Girls School


I would really recommend this course to anyone interested in studying medicine or even if you just want to find out a bit more about a particular topic. The tutors are all really friendly and give you so much information about the topics you cover! I met really nice people and the informal atmosphere means that lots of people can comfortably contribute to the sessions!

Yae-Joon, Withington Girls School


It was a very lively and interesting course. The teachers were so approachable and knowledgeable. They managed to combine interesting and difficult concepts with fun activities. I would definitely recommend this course!

Maria, The Lady Eleanor Holles School


It was great, an enlightening experience to the study of medicine at a university level. You learn so much not just about the study of medicine but also about the life of medical students through your tutor.

Michelle, Southend High School for Girls


If you want to give up a few days of your summer, the debate chamber medicine course is a good use of that time. The course shows you how our body’s work, what affects them and how they respond. The course offers active learning sessions which makes information easy to soak up. The tutors are really knowledgeable and friendly, so you always feel at ease. The topics covered vary greatly over all of medicine, so there is always something interesting for you. The schedule consist of 2 2 hour sessions each day, the energy of the tutors keeps you engaged. The tutors also help you get to know everyone, so there’s no need to be nervous.

Ethan, The London Oratory School


I had an amazing time at both of the schools I attended. I learnt a lot about the field of medicine and in addition, it was a great opportunity to meet people interested in similar things to me. Also, it helped me to decide whether I want to study Medicine when I grow up (which I do) because it was informative about what the course offers and about the specific topics; it allowed me learn a lot of new and interesting information. And the way it was structured was great as well, there was a calm and amiable feeling which meant you felt comfortable to answer questions, even though I didn’t know many of the answers! I had a really good time at the summer school and found it very beneficial.

Cassie, The Petersfield School


This was a great opportunity to not only learn more about medicine but it was also very useful in gaining insight to what medicine is actually like to study at university, by asking the medical student tutors. I learnt a great deal from this experience and it has definitely strengthened my resolve to study medicine.

Sanghoon, Winchester College


The weekend provided an interesting and insightful experience, learning about the medical profession. I found both the academic and practical skills to be invaluable. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in medicine, even those who have a slight interest.

Raymond, Darrick Wood School


I found the Medicine Debate Chamber course very interesting. It fitted in well with the school syllabus and extended my knowledge on human anatomy. I especially enjoyed learning about cardiology and learning the different methods of suturing. Overall the medicine course was very interesting and the tutors were very helpful at explaining anything you were unsure about.

Imogen, Surbiton High School


The Medicine Summer School was probably the most valuable thing I’ve done all summer! The material challenged me much more than school work, the tutors were friendly, knowledgeable and made excellent teachers and everyone I met on the course I got on with, in just two days I’ve made some good friends and I feel much more confident about going for a future career in medicine. Attend. It is thoroughly worth it, the freedom of learning, and volume of information imparted are staggering. You will learn more from the two days of this course than you could possibly imagine. I went into the summer school unsure whether I wanted to do medicine and came out absolutely loving the subject – a wide range of topics and issues are taught and discussed among your group who you get to know over the two days. I had so much fun learning and working through case studies over the two days. The content covered builds on your AS-Level knowledge, the tutors’ enthusiasm was infectious and the medically related games were brilliant; especially The Betting Game! Whether you’re unsure or not, if you’re thinking about medicine, I’d recommend this course! Over the course of the two days of the medicine summer school weekend I covered material that I not only found really interesting but stretching and informative. It was great to be actually learning parts of 1st and sometimes 2nd year medical school topics. Trying to diagnose the patient’s illness was so much fun and it gave me a small insight into what it is like to be a doctor, with suturing using real surgical instruments being a memorable highlight. This course really enthused me like no other. The sessions were all extremely interesting and useful – especially dealing with patients and cardiology – and I learned more in the two days than in a whole year of GCSE! I completely recommend this course! Whether you are totally convinced Medicine is for you, or if you just want a taster to see if its right, this course is perfect! The tutors are passionate and highly knowledgeable, and teach a great course covering a wide range of topics! Absolutely ten out of ten on all aspects – go and do it!

Christopher, St Thomas More Catholic School


It was a lovely experience, very very interesting and informative….I would recommend it to all! If you want to learn more about what goes into being a doctor, then Debate Chamber is the right place to go!

Hannah, Haydon School


After doing work experience in a nursing home and in a hospital I had started to have some doubts on wether I really wanted to do medicine. After doing the medicine part 1 course with the Debate Chamber I was positive that medicine was exactly what I wanted to do. The tutors were so interesting weaving their past experience with the lessons. In two days, we learnt so much that it felt like we had covered the whole medicine course and I was ready to become a doctor! The case studies gave me a real perception of what being a doctor was like and the medical related games were amazing! The tutors’ enthusiasm really made me want to come back next year and I highly recommend YOU come!

Mathilde, Lycee Francais Jean Monnet of Brussels


It was a really enjoyable weekend where you can meet lots of people with the same interests as you. It is taught by medical students who can give you lots of advice about the application process and teach you material that will give you a head start in medical school and help you in your interviews.

Clare, Charters School


I found the summer school very enjoyable and informative, and it helped me to further my interest and knowledge of medicine and the human body. It allowed me to confirm my desire to be a doctor, and encouraged me to push on with my studies in the hope of getting into medical school. The tutors were very helpful and happy to answer any questions, they were also very easy to get along with and made me feel very comfortable in a new environment.

Toby, Wilmington Grammar School for Boys


The summer school covered the basics of the several aspects of medicine such as radiology, haematology, cardiology, and suturing. In addition to its holistical area of coverage in the different aspects of medicine, the tutors managed to provide their personal experience which gives us a guideline of what the profession is like in reality. I would recommend this summer school to whoever is interested in medicine as it would unravel the myths of medicine.

Elwin, Shanghai International School


I found my experience here eye-opening and extremely beneficial and interesting. A large amount of complex and intriguing content and material was provided in the three days, and the hand outs were also of a high standard. I would definitely recommend this course to students who have considered a future in medicine.

Thomas, King Edward VI Grammar School


I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Medicine Summer School and would highly recommend it to those who have a keen interest in the field of medicine. The tutors are excellent and it is useful to talk to them about the admissions process having successfully come through it themselves. They ensure that the atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed whilst constantly maintaining a high standard of teaching and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about anything. Although the time was short, I made friends who I hope to stay in touch with in the future. It was also great to meet others who had similar interests and goals to myself and useful to talk about medicine with them. I would definitely consider attending another course at the debate chamber as a result of my highly enjoyable experience this summer.

Emily, St. Bartholomew’s School


The Medicine Summer School was probably the most valuable thing I’ve done all summer! The material challenged me much more than school work, the tutors were friendly, knowledgeable and made excellent teachers, and everyone I met on the course I got on with, in just three days I’ve made some good friends and I feel much more confident about going for a future career in medicine.

Jack, St Georges VA School


Attend. It is thoroughly worth it, the freedom of learning, and volume of information imparted are staggering. You will learn more from the three days of this course than you could possibly imagine.

Ben, Eastwood High School


I went into the summer school unsure whether I wanted to do medicine and came out absolutely loving the subject – a wide range of topics and issues are taught and discussed among your group who you get to know over the three days. I had so much fun learning and working through case studies over the three days. The content covered builds on your AS-Level knowledge, the tutors’ enthusiasm was infectious and the medically related games were brilliant; especially The Betting Game! Whether you’re unsure or not, if you’re thinking about medicine, I’d recommend this course!

Emily, Parkstone Grammar School


I thought the course was extremely useful in showing me what studying one subject, i.e. medicine, in great depth, in university would be like and in that academic sense, the course was paramount in giving me a taste of university life.

Aashna, The Heathland School


It was a great experience and very helpful. The tutors were very informative and I got a lot out of it; learning about dealing with patients was my favourite. A great thing to include into your personal statement.

Muneeb, Sir George Monoux College


The prospect of a ‘Summer School’ for some may seem unappealing. However, my time on the course was extremely enjoyable, informative and incredibly useful. The surrounding campus area provides a great atmosphere and the other participants are friendly, share the same interests and have similar plans for the future. This, paired with the tutors’ interesting and rich sessions in various topics, serves to provide a brilliant experience whilst on the course.

Gabrielle, Sevenoaks School


Absolutely great course and gives you a great perspective about medicine from people who are in the know about the subject. Everyone was so friendly and I met some great people, I would highly recommend it to everyone.

Olivia, Epsom College


Over the course of the 3 days of the medicine summer school weekend I covered material that I not only found really interesting but stretching and informative. It was great to be actually learning parts of 1st and sometimes 2nd year medical school topics. Trying to diagnose the actor’s illness was so much fun and it gave me a small insight into what it is like to be a doctor, with suturing using real surgical instruments being a memorable highlight.

Lottie, Cheltenham Ladies’ College


This course really enthused me like no other. The sessions were all extremely interesting and useful – especially neurology and cardiology – and I learned more in the three days than in a whole year of GCSE!

Alistair, Kimbolton


I completely recommend this course! Whether you are totally convinced Medicine is for you, or if you just want a taster to see if it’s right, this course is perfect! The tutors are passionate and highly knowledgeable, and teach a great course covering a wide range of topics! Absolutely ten out of ten on all aspects – go and do it!

Zac, Jewish Free School


It was one of the best things I have ever done. They do not treat you like children, you do not play doctors, you learn about medicine as if you were in university.

Zoe, Tonbridge Grammar School


At first I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect of the medicine weekend programme; it was the first one I’d attended. But after going, I am looking forward to knowing more about medicine. The medical students who taught us really knew what it was all about, and even gave us excellent interview tips. The topics of immunology, oncology, and paediatrics were a good selection to cover for the two days. I really enjoyed it and am fully satisfied with the two days I’ve spent at University of London Union.

Deepika, Herschel Grammar School


I really enjoyed this course, it’s very useful if you’re interested in the human body and if you would like to study Medicine at University. I would definitely recommend this to everyone.

Nishanki, Bournemouth School for Girls


The Medical Weekend is a great opportunity for students who would like to study medicine at University. This course is very useful as it gives a little taste of what you will learn throughout the Medicine course. The lecturers are extremely good at teaching the topics and they help you as much as they can to make sure you understand the materials being taught. Overall, I thought it was a very enjoyable and useful experience. I learned a lot from this course and also made some new friends. After this course I am even more determined to study Medicine at University.

Paviniya, Claremont High School


The course gave an extremely insightful and intersting introduction to the world of medicine, and allowed to me understand and apply how to diagnose and treat certain diseases. It provided a fantastic opportunity to explore certain areas of the medical field and ask numerous questions about the realities of becoming a doctor! I certainly feel inspired to persue my wishes to become a doctor in the future.

Olivia, Fortismere School


I really enjoyed the Medicine Weekend, everyone was really friendly, the content was at just the right level and I found it all very interesting. It inspired me to look further into studying medicine at university. Thanks for a great course!

Alice, Alleyns School


I must admit that I did not expect the course to be such a valuable experience. I especially appreciated the attitude of the tutors who stimulated us to work effectively, made sure we understood and absorbed all the information covered in the course, and at the same time provided a friendly atmosphere enhancing studying. The opportunity to speak to them about the structure of medical courses they were doing, as well as the ways to prepare for application process and studying at a university in general was extremely beneficial to me. They drew my attention to some crucial points I had not considered before and helped me realise what I should concentrate on in order to get to the medical school of my choice. I was highly impressed by their expertise and fascination with medicine, which both made me even more willing to become a doctor. Moreover, I am incredibly glad to have met other students interested in medical careers and exchange my experiences with them. I highly recommend attending this course to anyone thinking of medicine and I cannot wait to another Medicine Weekend myself!

Julita, Cheltenham Ladies College


The course was run in an extremely friendly and sophisticated environment and in a way I  felt as if I was a first year medical student. We all bonded as if we had known each other before we came. I would recommend attending it if there is any flicker of interest in medicine. Extremely rewarding.

Molly, Woldingham School


I attended medicine weekend B because I was interested in persueing a medical career. After attending the Medicine weekend, I now know that medicine is definitely what I want to do. The course was very interesting and informative, with a friendly atmosphere. It was also nice meeting new people, and the teachers were so helpful and friendly. I really enjoyed this weekend.

Aimee, Queen Marys College


This was an excellent course full of information. The tutors were excellent, and easily approachable, and I learnt about interesting topics in a relaxed and yet very academic environment. I loved the experience and I can’t wait to apply for the summer school.

Talea, Cranbrook Grammar School


The course is very informative and helpful to those who would like to further their knowledge in certain biological studies. The tutors don’t bite, they’re intelligent but also informal and very nice. They’re med students who have gone through the same things students have so have interesting and helpful ideas and understand exactly what students are experiencing.

Sahana, Henrietta Barnett School


This course was really informative and was a good insight into what University courses would cover. After attending this weekend I am 100% sure that I want to study medicine. The tutors were really friendly and being students they gave their point of view of the course and life studyin medicine. Overall I really good weekend.

Kiashini, Churchers College


Medical Weekend B was great! I really recommend you do this course; you learn a great deal of fascinating information and it gives you a real taster of what it would be truly like to study medicine.

Jemima, Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School


This is a great course there’s loads of information that I learned and it made me want to study medicine even more. It was also good as we got tips of how to get into Uni from the tutors who were still in medical school.

Rachel, Tonbridge Grammar School


The medicine weekend courses are incredibly fun and rewarding, you learn a lot about all the different topics and still manage to enjoy yourself and meet new people. Being taught by university students is useful since they have such a large course knowledge and are incredibly enthusiastic.

Isabella, St Pauls Girls School


This is a must-have opportunity for any potential medics, attending this course will answer all your questions and more.

Varthani, Heathfield School


The course is great, it is taught be advanced medical students who are really friendly and will help and explain things to you no matter your skill level. The course will look great on an application to show an active interest in Medicine. I enjoyed the course the most out of the ones I have done and there are really nice people in good size groups. If I manage to get a place a Medical School I would live to do something similar in my penultimate or final years.

William, Cranbrook School


It was extremely helpful in confirming that I definitely want to do medicine and it gave me the extra motivation that I needed! It was great that we were taken out of a school environment and put into completely different surroundings and yet still able to learn with chilled out vibe.. and thats why I’m coming back for Medicine Weekend B!

Neggi, Churchers College


This course is great whether you’re still slightly undecided on medicine, or if you just want to experience an insight to the topics you’ll be learning. It really helped me to realise how much I already knew, as well as how much that I will learn by the time I’ve left medical school. The different topics and the way they’re taught helps to break up the long day, as there are videos, practical role plays and power point presentations. Overall it was a very informative weekend.

Katharine, Queen Mary’s College


My experience at the Medicine Weekend was one I will never forget. Not only did I make friends, but it made me realise what I was really interested in, and also set an aim in my future to what I want to achieve. I would recommend this to any student up for a challenge, and enthusiastic about medicine.

Olivia, Bournemouth School for Girls


The weekend was thoroughly enjoyable. The tutors were excellent, friendly, enthusiastic and full of great advice. The weekend briefly covers a number of areas which would be focused on if you were to study medicine at university. Each section was covered very clearly at a perfect level of understanding, the most useful of which I found to be the dealing with patients section. Furthermore, it was great place to meet other students with similar interests with the help of the tutors who made everyone feel very comfortable with one another. It was a great weekend which I would recommend to anyone considering studying medicine at university.

Maria, Queen Mary’s College


I really enjoyed Medicine Weekend A because not only did I learn a lot of new and interesting science, but I feel now as if I have a better understanding of what it is to be a doctor.

Ava, Henrietta Barnett School


The course is really worthwhile. I ended up learning far more than I ever imagined, in a really fun, relaxed atmosphere!

Adelaide, Putney High School


The course is full with new information that supplements what you might be learning in biology. I found it very useful in gauging whether I would find it interesting to study at university (which is a definite yes!). The tutors are all medical students, capable, helpful and friendly. I would recommend it to anyone who is really interested in medicine and wants to develop their understanding of the field.

Ariana, Henrietta Barnett School


It was a great opportunity to get an idea of what studying medicine would be like and i enjoyed it throughly. It also provided a great insight on how other potential medical students were getting on with their academic studies and activities outside of school to get a place in medicine.

Caroline, New Hall School

I found the weekend fantastic and really helped me to decide that I want to study medicine in the future, the tutors were really approachable and the whole weekend was relaxed and yet I learnt so much.

Rhiannon, Bournemouth School for Girls


Good experience, very informative and an ideal course to do if you are merely interested in medicine or really want to do it already.

Peter, St Lawrence School


I found this course absolutely brilliant. The tutors were enthusiastic about what they were teaching us, and very clear. It was a fantastic atmosphere during the sessions, and the other students were really nice.

Ruth, Dauntsey’s School


No matter how far you have to travel, the Medicine Weekend is definitely worth it. Being unsure about taking Medicine further on, Medicine Weekend got me completely fascinated by Medicine, and aware of the challenges that would come in taking the course. It’s great for meeting new people, getting advice from your medical student tutors, and feeling all the wiser at the end of the day.

Jezneen, Fettes College


Medicine Weekend A was exciting and fun; I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in taking Medicine at university!

Raveena, Aylesbury High School


The Medicine Weekend really gave me the opportunity to ask questions and get detailed and passionate responses!

Janet, Vyner’s School


I absolutely loved the experience at the Medical Weekend A. It was incredibly beneficial due to the huge amount of information given to us and the methods of teaching were different to those used at school. I was more informal, with more information learnt, and a lot more fun! We studied cardiology in great detail, also the pulmonary system, dissection, neurology, dealing with patients and suturing. The suturing was fun as we all got our own sponge to practise suturing on. This was very fun but also academically beneficial as we would all make mistakes which would be severe if made on a patient, but would learn from our mistakes and perfect the method learnt and used! A really fantastic weekend, definitely worth attending! Enjoyed every minute of it!

Eleanor, Aylesbury High School


This is a must.  I was 90% sure I wanted to read medicine before going on this course….I was 200% sure by the end of it.

Alex, The Judd School


I thought this was an amazing weekend and a fantastic experience. It has confirmed my belief that this is the right career choice for me. I loved learning lots of new information and big words – my favourite being dysdiadochokinesis! My friends and teachers were very impressed at the amount of information we had managed to cover in two days. I met lots of people on the weekend who I am staying in contact with and hope to attend more Debate Chamber events with.

Rachel, Shenley Brook End School


I had a brilliant time on Medicine Weekend A, the balance between patient care, anatomy and practical aspects is just what a prospective medical student needs. I would definitely recommend it!

Thea, Aylesbury High School


It was a really useful course, and was taught by tutors who wanted to make it enjoyable and interesting but also so you would learn new things. It was more than you would learn at school, so definitely worth it.

Jessica, North London Collegiate School


I only signed up to the Medicine Summer School quite late in the day, having only found out about it towards the end of the school year- I’m so glad I did! The tutors are all excellent, not just knowledgable but also with first-hand experience of recent medical school application/attendance and insight on Oxbridge processes. The group of students I was with was fantastic, a mix of people who got on well- I made several new friends in just 3 days! The relaxed, informal tone of the sessions puts an emphasis on participation, the development and vocalisation of ideas and solutions to problems. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in a career in medicine- invaluable.

Joseph, Eton College


The Medicine Summer School is a great course and gives you a taster of what studying medicine would be like that school doesn’t. The topics are interesting and the tutors are so friendly. It’s a chance to meet like-minded people and there’s no chance to be shy what with all the games that they manage to fit in!

Amal, Sydenham High School


I really enjoyed the Medicine Summer School, it is definitely worth going to learn about the topics surrounding medicine as well as helping to make the decision to study medicine at university.

Keya, Portsmouth High School


All in all, a great three days for anyone who is interested in or wants to study medicine with tutors that provide lectures which are fun and enjoyable yet challenging.

Henry, Merchant Taylors School


Despite the brevity, I found the experience extremely useful, informative and above all, engaging and informative. Although I hadn’t started on A-Level studies, I was able to keep up with the sessions with little to no difficulty – and in any case, the tutors were very helpful, and I would have had no problem with asking for further clarification. What makes the course even better is the inclusion of Medical Ethics and Dealing With Patients – demonstrating in one stroke the complexity of medicine as a career, providing a wonderfully well-rounded curriculum, and proving that medicine is as much of an art as it is a science. I would consider this course to be a ‘must do’ for anyone who is attracted to medicine as a career!

Pooja, Henrietta Barnett School


The course was the perfect mix of interesting and enjoyable. Dynamic tutors really brought the subjects to life.

Sophie, North London Collegiate


I really enjoyed my experience at the medical summer school. Not only did I learn a lot about medicine, but, I also was able to ask the junior doctors what it was like being at medical school and questions about the exams and interviews. Overall my experience at the summer school was really good and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering becoming a doctor: scientist or just if you are interested in the human body etc.

Juliet, City of London School for Girls


This Sumer School has an unusual mix that most things like this don’t have – the information given in the lessons are intense and hard yet, somehow, the tutors manage to explain it in a way that you understand it while constantly being entertained. The people at the Summer School are very friendly and sociable, which kind of shocked me – I wasn’t expecting them to be so easy to talk to. Overall, this was a very good experience and I’m so glad that I did it!

Hana, Harris Academy


Very helpful course, excellent quality teaching, and a range of fascinating topics covered.

Laura, Lady Margaret School


At the beginning of this course, I was unsure as to whether I wanted to study medicine but now I am confident that this course is definitely for me. This summer school has offered me with an interactive experience, allowing me to learn the theory and also begin to develop the practical skills involved in being a doctor. I am very much looking forward to the advance medicine summer school next year.

Talisha, Alperton School


It is a fantastic course, I met some great people and learnt some fascinating stuff. I highly recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to do it.

Pavan, Vyners School


Very enjoyable, an eye opener to those who are not sure about doing medicine, and an added extra for your personal statement for those who are applying to medical schools.

Mona, Ipswich High School


Overall I found the debate chamber course extremely informative and I learnt a lot of interesting things. It convinced me that medicine was a great career. I found it a really enjoyable experience where the teachers were good and the students were also able to interact and learn off each other.

Timona, Wycombe Abbey School


I had a great time at the medicine summer school, making new friends, learning alot and it also helped me have a better idea of what learning medince would be like. I found the majority of the topics very interesting and great fun to learn about, the tutors were friendly and very good at teaching the topics in a way that was not too difficult to understand and enjoyable.

Georgia, Highsted Grammar School


Upon reflection of the Medicine Summer School course, I have enjoyed it greatly. It has been a rewarding experience as I have gained a wider perspective in terms of medicine, theoretically and practically. I would most eagerly recommend this course to others as I am sure they would find it as beneficial and informative as I have.

Fathima, Coulsdon College


I definitely feel like I’m much more prepared to study medicine, and the course has helped me to revise and build on knowledge I have learnt in school. I feel more able to cope with being introduced to lots of unfamiliar information.

Nikkita, Northwood School


The Medicine Summer School was a chance for me to get an insight on what medicine is generally about, because if you’re like me – and don’t have a clue – going to these sessions would be utterly an enjoyable experience. Before attending these sessions, I had an idea, but it was no way as polished as my insight is now. So, now I know I definitely want to go through the medical field and its all thanks to the Medical Summer School; I gained alot of knowledge and I also had alot of fun!

Patricia, Cardinal Pole School


The summer school is a fantastic combination of fun and interesting learning. It is a MUST if you are not sure about medicine or even 100% sure you are going to apply to read medicine. Fantastic few days, tutors are great, all the people on the course are really interesting… shame it didn’t last longer!!

Matthew, Royal Grammar School Guildford


The Medicine Summer School is definitely worth attending. I had a great time and feel that I have really benifited from the experience by improving my medical knowledge. I feel that I will be able to incorporate the covered ideas into interview answers and feel much more confident about making my application to medical school later this year.

Joanne, Aylesbury High School