Classical Civilisations Student Reviews

I particularly enjoyed the whole day when we were discussing classical literature as I found it very interesting and learned a lot. It was taught very well and piqued my interest.

Elizabeth, Saint Paul’s Girls School



I particularly enjoyed the session on epic literature because I really enjoy reading and learning about Ancient texts, and also because I learnt lots of things that I wouldn’t have learnt at school.  I also really enjoyed the session on Ancient historiography because it gave lots of perspective about how the Romans/Greeks viewed themselves and the civilisations before them.

Harry, Haberdashers’ Aske’s Girls School



Epic Poetry and comparison to Modern Literature – really interesting to compare what we had learnt when studying Homer with modern interpretations. Law and rhetoric including the mock trial – fantastic to be able to debate and learn about the issues in an interactive way. Adam Key was an amazing tutor – he made sure everyone was involved, we covered a vast amount of material that will be really useful as background for my A level Latin and Greek subjects.

Ellie, St Helen and St Katharine School



I particularly enjoyed the afternoons of Monday, Wednesday and Friday, where we debated, as it was very heated and fun.

Konstantin, Ardingly College



I loved the sessions we had on Ancient History, the Epics and Philosophy. I found these areas absolutely fascinating as they really got you thinking. I found all the tutors absolutely brilliant. Everything was explained with detail and clearly with all questions answered. I found that being able to see the artefacts in front of you was really helpful and I think it would be wonderful

Hannah, British School Al Khubairat



I loved the literature day and the philosophy day, because those are my two favourite areas of Classical Civilisation anyway so it only further enhanced my interest! I also enjoyed the trip to the British Museum as I had never been before.

Ellie, Colchester Royal Grammar School



Philosophy, classical literature (especially the modern interpretations), museum trip – all were very interesting and engaging sessions. I also really liked the games at the start.

Megan, Guildford High School