Physics Student Reviews


A really fantastic week, taught by some truly inspirational tutors whose passion for physics really showed in their energetic and engaging sessions. The slightly relaxed atmosphere worked incredibly well because it allowed the students and tutors to discuss in detail anything that we were curious about even if it wasn’t specifically on our timetable. This has made me really look forward to studying physics at university, and I feel the week gave me a great insight into degree level physics. I highly recommend this summer school to other physics enthusiasts!

Lucy, Colchester County High School for Girls


I thought the teaching was excellent. A lot of material was covered in a short amount of time, yet the concepts were well explained and I understood everything that was taught. There were videos, diagrams, and plenty of maths, which was a great way to vary the styles of learning. The problem sheets had some easier questions, and then built up to more challenging ones, which were much appreciated to stretch our knowledge. However, overall, I think the difficulty of the course was a perfect balance – not too easy and not too difficult. We were encouraged to ask questions on anything we weren’t sure about, as well as any wild physics questions we had!

Arjun, Leicester Grammar School


I learned a lot, the subjects were interesting and as was the angle used to talk about them. I personally like a mix between scientific history and mathematical equations so this was perfect.

Elias, Lycée Eib Etoile


The teaching was superb – I learned so many new interesting and exciting things. I particularly enjoyed the section on exoplanets, as find astrophysics very interesting. I also enjoyed the sessions on terminal velocity and on atoms.

Emma, Loreto College


The teaching methods were very direct making it easier to understand and memorize the formulas. Even though it was only a 3-day course I believe I have absorbed more information on the topic of Physics than in a year of school. The content of the course was admittedly quite a challenge to grasp at first glance but with the teaching that was there to help I have managed to gain a very good grasp of both Astrophysics and Newtonian physics along with electromagnetism. The fact that it was a group of only 7 people the learning was more focused making it easier to ask the tutor for help on even the most specific of questions. Another phenomenal thing about the classes was that it was full of people similar interests making the participants more accepting of others and their questions

Felix, Kensington Park School


The teaching of the course was really good, I was able to engage easily and ask questions if I was unsure or curious. The content was super interesting, at times it was challenging but I was able to understand it. It covered topics that I knew a bit about and so it helped understand things better, and increased my curiosity in other subjects. It was very welcoming and inclusive, I was able to ask questions if unsure and work with other students to figure out the answers to difficult questions which made it very fun.

Ines, Saint Marys Ascot School


The teaching was really interesting. I found the seminars interactive and felt there were lots of opportunities for discussion. The topics we learned about (astrophysics, electromagnetism, newtonian mechanics) were all engaging and the tutors explained them nicely. The breakout rooms were also very helpful since it allowed us to talk to each other.

Shyan, The Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe


The teaching was interesting and fun. it was particularly enjoyable being able to use the maths we had learnt.

Freddie, Winchester College


I absolutely loved the teaching style. On day 3 I asked my questions via DM and they were answered anonymously which made me feel extremely comfortable about asking questions. I’ve learned lots and had lots of fun on this course. It was perfect for how challenging it was. Some questions could stand to be harder but other questions were difficult but not impossible, making them brilliant fun.

Esa, Merchant Taylor’s School


I really enjoyed the classes taught by the tutors, they were really engaging and stretched beyond what most physics courses would teach. I liked the style of teaching in a seminar format too, there was much more engagement. I also thought the problem sheets were really good to have in the course. The course content was interesting and varied, and I think it was the perfect level of taking knowledge from A level and stretching it to university level. I feel more prepared to study physics now. It was very inclusive, and the seminar format made it feel comfortable. Didn’t feel judged or pressurised to answer questions.

Havana, Howell’s College


Really comprehensive analogies for things which otherwise are really confusing (particle-wave duality, uncertainty principle, quantum entanglement etc). Good support for problems which were interesting. The whole course was difficult enough to be really engaging. The breakout rooms were well sized to have chat about the questions while everyone was still engaged.

Joseph, George Heriots School


I really enjoyed this course! I have also attended another summer school, and I found this far better! I think that the derivations were very useful, and just generally the amount of maths was very useful in helping me visualise these topics in not just a theoretical way. Not too difficult but the mathematics was challenging at times (that’s a good thing). Of course the theoretical aspects were quite tricky as we were dealing with Quantum mechanics and General Relativity. I felt the smaller groups of about 9 or 10 were very helpful. It meant we could ask questions without really holding back others.

Nikolaus, The Kings School Canterbury


The teaching was really well done, I especially liked the last day on particle physics. The presenter, Mia, made it very engaging and went over key points very thoroughly and in-depth, something I really valued. The course was challenging and very stimulating, I really enjoyed the problem sheets given out, as well as getting my head around the different and new concepts introduced to me, such as QFT and string theory. As a shy character, I found the environment very welcoming, particularly on the last day, when I was more used to the learning space. I found it easier to ask questions towards the end, especially since this was when I had a lot of things running through my head.

Rhea, Trinity Catholic High School


The teaching was brilliant for the course, with a huge array of material covered that I am particularly interested in – Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, and Quantum Gravity & the Standard Model. The advanced mathematics was explained very well, and there weren’t any points in the course where we were left with questions unanswered. The course content was of an appropriate difficulty – there were plenty of challenging concepts and mathematical tools covered, yet they were all understandable (I wasn’t completely out of my depth!). Not too easy and not too difficult – just right.

Arjun, Leicester Grammar School


There was a small amount of repetition from the Scottish Higher Physics course in the relativity section, however this is understandable as the majority of the students were English. Overall, the teaching was exceptional quality. The content was mostly the correct difficulty to push myself, but not too difficult that I would give up quickly. The learning space was very inclusive, asking questions was easy even if you are shy about speaking in public.

Euan, George Heriots School


The teaching was very good. Difficult concepts were made much easier to understand and the teachers stretched us to ensure we gained as much as we could from the course.

Joachin, King Edward VI Grammar School


This summer school can be challenging at times, but before you have a chance to give up the tutors are there and begin explaining it in a way which you will eventually understand. The whole week is extremely useful; introducing you to ideas you would cover at university and extending what you already know from GCSE and A Level; and it is also very enjoyable too as you meet other like minded people who you work with for the rest of the week.

Helen, Sutton High School


Definitely come to this summer school to learn about first year physics at university, it offers an insight into the awesome theories and maths which you will do and also it provides knowledge from the tutors and they tell you about their daily jobs and what they do.

Alexander, Dulwich College


Its dope. You actually learn relevant stuff and the proofs/derivations behind them, unlike most of these courses which are basically like a popsci TV show with no actual substance. If you like the maths of physics this will be cool.

Henry, St Pauls School


Seriously, after doing the course, I feel so much more knowledgable and interested in Physics. Furthermore, all three of my tutors were kind, engaging and very enthusiastic so the experience itself was actually fun.

Christian, Sevenoaks School


The Physics Summer School is truly a great course to attend, and is tailored perfectly for students wishing to study physics (or engineering) at a higher level. The timing of the course was very practical, starting and ending at a reasonable time, with regular breaks in between really helped us to retain all information taught to us. The tutors were extremely friendly and helpful, which in turn allowed the most difficult of topics to grasp (such as using the Schrodinger wave equation) much easier to understand. In addition, this course truly helped develop my love for, and interest in physics, as I found myself researching things we had studied in class, which further expanded my knowledge. Having completed this course in the summer after Year 12, the knowledge I gained during my week at the Physics Summer School supported the Physics content that I’m currently learning in Year 13, allowing me to understand everything much faster. Overall, I do believe that this course was perfect for me, and is perfect for anyone who enjoys physics.

Dhabya, Dubai English Speaking College


This summer class was a good introduction to current state of research of many physics fields. It was very well taught, and my questions where readily answered. I found it very inspiring for the career I wish to embrace.

Bristiel, Lycee Marseilleveyre (France)


The Debate Chamber Physics Summer School is a fantastic week where you can expect to meet a challenging and enjoyable range of topics. Highly recommended for anyone interested in studying physics!

Alexander, Hurstpierpoint College


The Physics Summer School is definitely worth the money and is a great experience for everyone who enjoys physics. (I do not plan to study physics at university but still went as I enjoyed it). The other students are all very friendly and the tutors enjoyed the topics which made the sessions enjoyable and friendly.

Charles, Uckfield Community Technical College


The Summer School is an enjoyable opportunity to get a view into the physics at the university. Without pressure like in the school you can improve your physics knowledge and get to know nice people. It is challenging but very much fun.

Skadi, Emil-von-Behring Gymnasium


I found the Physics Summer School really useful in discovering what studying Physics at university will be like. The course during the week was demanding at times as it introduced some challenging concepts and some of the maths was quite complex; however it made me realise that it is OK if you don’t understand or are unsure of something – the instructors are happy to help and discuss things with you to help you learn. The diversity of the topics we learned about and the enthusiasm of everyone for the subject made me excited to study it further in the future!

Deirbhile, Kendrick School


The course is great for gaining an insight into a university style of teaching, and introduces you to more challenging questions and topics than that at A level. It’s also very useful for university applications!

Jake, Sandringham School


It was a challenging but a very interesting event to attend, 10/10 would recommend.

Ramana, Southfields Academy


I thought the Physics Summer School was both fascinating and fun, and I learnt a lot from the experience. The course built upon your current knowledge of a wide range of topics from Quantum Mechanics to Einstein’s Theories of Relativity, consolidating what you already knew but also touching upon ideas you may have never heard of. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in Physics and who wants to learn a bit more as each new day brought something totally different!

Jenny, The Lady Eleanor Holles School


It was a really interesting week, and didn’t feel like school at all. The teaching was interactive and fun.

Chloe, Wolverhampton Grammar School


I definitely recommend the Debate Chamber Physics Summer School! It provides pupils with an insight into an array of core physics topics touched on in further reading. Class discussion combined with effective presentation makes for an enjoyable but thoroughly productive week.

Conrad, Westminster School


It was an extremely informative week that mainly covered topics that I had never dealt with in class. It was also a fun and relaxed working environment where I learnt a lot.

Emanuele, King’s College School


I was apprehensive about the course when applying as I was not sure how complex the mathematics of each subject would be. However the tutors seemed to adjust the rate of teaching depending on the complexity of the subject at hand, and constantly asked if we understood. As a result I never felt confused or behind everyone else and I feel much more confident in applying to an undergraduate course on the subject.

Francesca, Sydenham High School


The course was outstandingly informative. It introduced me to a wide range of Physics topics such as Quantum Mechanics and Einstein’s Relativity theories. Furthermore, there was a clear introduction to some of the maths involved in modern physics and this was particularly interesting as it showed you the logic of why things are the way they are in the universe.

Joss, Hurstpierpoint College


The physics summer school was an excellent opportunity to experience some stretching physics, whilst not being too much out of your depth. The small classroom teaching was really comfortable and there was always an opportunity to ask as many questions as you could think of about every subject. The tutors were fantastic, as were the other students attending the course. Everyone was there because they had a great interest in physics and because they want to be there – much different from an average physics classroom. It was most enjoyable discussing physics with other like-minded curious people. In short, a brilliant experience and I would urge anyone who has a passion for physics to attend!

Khamillah, Bolton School


If you are looking to explore in more depth the most interesting areas of physics, in a friendly and engaging atmosphere, this course is perfect. I found it very useful and enjoyable, and would recommend it to anyone considering pursuing Physics in higher education or just as an interest.

Matthew, Dubai College (Dubai, U.A.E.)


Utterly fantastic. Gave me a much deeper understanding of the maths behind the qualitative physics.

Jared, Marling Sixth Form


The Physics Summer School allowed me to experience a taste of what University Physics may be like and has cemented my choice in studying it at University level. The lessons were fascinating and challenging and I was faced with many new concepts. The tutors were very helpful, explained everything clearly and made sure that we all understood, helping us individually if necessary. They encouraged us to ask question about the topics we were learning as well as anything extra we were interested in. I met many like minded people and found this to be overall, an exceptional experience.

Anna, Gumley House Convent School


At once it was both highly informative and yet very informal and enjoyable, the course made sure to intersperse fun activities – such as the “Universe(ity) Challenge” quiz or Particle Physics bingo – with more serious learning, for example deriving important formulae or proving that superpositions were real.

Jared, Westminster School


I really enjoyed this course. It enabled me to further develop my skills for physics and very helpful – having a teacher to help explain certain topics is much more useful than reading a book over the summer holidays that can’t answer your questions!

Jason, Latymer School


The Debate Chamber Summer Schools give a rewarding experience in any field in which one is interested, and gives insight into how that subject is taught at a higher level. As well as being enjoyable, the Debate Chamber Summer School is a great credential to show your passion in your chosen subject area.

Erik, Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth I College


I found the Physics Summer School very worthwhile and valuable experience as it gave me an insight into what physics is like at a higher level and helped me decide what I would like to study at university. What I thought was best about this course was that we had the opportunity to work together to solve problems in small groups which helped us to get a greater understanding to topics which we have not yet studied.

Izabella, Withington Girls School


I highly recommend the Physics course to anyone who enjoys Physics and wants to learn more from great experts. You will come across topics that you’ve probably never covered but as long as you have a positive learning attitude, you’ll do great! I found that going over some things I had already covered in school was also very helpful because you cover each topic in lot more depth and I guarantee  that you will learn something new each day! The teachers’ enthusiasm for their subject really comes across in their engaging lessons  and what I really liked was that they are always willing to help you and answer any questions you may have. This is an opportunity not to be missed; I cannot recommend it enough!

Rushma, Woodhouse College


I first heard about the Debate Chamber courses from a friend who was booked into the Maths school, and so I brought it up with my head of Physics – he confirmed that it was challenging and relevant, and that the experience would be worthwhile. When the course starts, each subject group goes off into their respective classrooms (There were 2 groups in my course), each room housing around 15 students. Getting to know each other is easy seeing as everyone is of similar age and has a mutual interest in their subject. The tutors (Oxford Physics graduates) were exceptional, being both funny and faultlessly knowledgeable, and I found that I could stay behind after many sessions and ask them anything I either didn’t fully understand or that I wanted further information on. One tutor even went home and spent an evening researching a topic which I had questioned and to which he didn’t know the answer, and we were able to discuss the issue the next day (The issue being why light actually reflects, the answer to which was found in a Feynman lecture on QED). I noticed that the 5 day course contained topics similar to the Physics and Philosophy course at Oxford, meaning our learning was actually remarkably advanced. One aspect of the course I perhaps enjoyed the most was the maths; getting to use “generic” equations like E=MC^2 in actual practical situations was great, and I found that my applied maths vastly improved during the course. Some maths required a higher standard of application, and I think this course would be somewhat fruitless to someone without at least AS level maths. To summarise, the content of the course is fascinating, the classroom was lovely (it actually honestly was…), there are loads of places to get lunch nearby, the tutors are outstanding, and I believe this course has both boosted my Uni application strength and broadened my knowledge and interest in Physics as a subject. I had a great time, and I would heartily recommend this course to anyone considering physics or maths at university.

Fin, Caterham School


I found the Physics week really informative and fun! The tutors had a vast knowledge so it was easy to ask further questions, and the week as a whole really showed me different areas of physics not shown in the exam syllabus, and made me sure that I want to study physics at university.

Alana, Thomas Alleyne’s High School


The Debate Chamber Physics course was both challenging and stimulating and one which provided a firm grounding on some cutting edge, mordern physics. We were taught about both the very large and very small, from special and general relativity to quantum mechanics and the philosophical interpretations of the measurement problem. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone contemplating studying the subject at university or to anyone who just wants to learn some physics!

James, Nottingham High School


This was a brilliant way to learn about cool physics concepts beyond what’s taught in the classroom, particularly seeing how closely the maths links in with the science. It was also great to meet like-minded people on the course.

Elena, The Grey Coat Hospital School


This event was a really great way to find out more about certain topics in physics which aren’t covered in great depth at school. The lessons were fascinating and will definitely be useful for anyone wanting to study physics at a higher level. The tutors were all really enthusiastic about what they taught and they explained things very clearly, making sure everybody understood. Therefore I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in studying physics beyond A level who wants to find out more.

Anna,  Our Lady’s Abingdon


The course was brilliant; usually complex and abstract topics in Physics were explained to you in the space of five days! The courses built upon the knowledge you had and decided to push you a little extra. They really inspired me to further research more complex topics in Physics in greater detail.

Pruthvi, Northwood College


I found this really useful in deciding what I wanted to do at degree level. Not only were the lessons really interesting, but the tutors made it fun and explained it all really well. It was such a great week!

Emilie, Southend High School for Boys


Challenging, but great fun, the Physics course was a fantastic opportunity to gain a better insight into some of the fundamental principles that govern our world, giving me a better idea of what Physics at University might be like. From learning about the rather abstract world of Quantum Mechanics to discussing black holes and even teleportation, the course left me astounded by both the amount we already know, and how much we have yet to discover! I really enjoyed the five days, working with two talented tutors and meeting some other like-minded students. Overall, an incredible week.

Anna, Wellington College


It was very interesting, and with a variety of specific topics spread over the five days, there was never a dull moment. Two lecturers made the week more interesting with different points of view

Oliver, Princethorpe College


The Debate Chamber fed most of my curious questions on topics that I have read about but not had the pleasure of exploring. Topics like relativity, quantum mechanics, philosophy of quantum mechanics and astrophysics was taught with a lot more depth and you would learn more in a week than you would in a year. The best part is that it didn’t feel like effort as the interactive lessons with tutors made the process of learning physics even more fun. If you are interested in learning physics at university, the Debate Chamber would help a great deal in university applications.

Arcchana, Nonsuch High School for Girls


Definitely worth attending – gives an excellent grounding for further independent study. Apart from that, you get to meet lots of others who share your passion for your subject, which makes for excellent discussions!

Katherine, Ralph Allen School


The Summer School is a great opportunity to learn Physics which school teachers would be scared to cover in the classroom. The concepts are initially introduced at an approachable level, but they slowly spiral into more complex topics and implications. The courses give you the cornerstone of Physics knowledge upon which you can build in further independent study and/or at university. Even if, like me, you are not planning to study Physics at university but are simply interested in learning more, I would highly recommend signing up.

Ahmed, Dulwich College


I found the Physics Summer School very useful and enjoyable. If you like reading around the subject as well as doing some of the actual maths behind the physics, you will also enjoy and benefit greatly from this course.

Srishti, St Pauls Girls School


It was a very informative and current course, challenging you to think, and in some cases rethink, about the physical rules that govern our existence. There is a greater focus on deriving formulae and understanding the principles behind them than at school, which I particularly enjoyed, as it made a welcome change from the exam factory style teaching that is often implemented at school.

Markus, King Edward VI Grammar School


The course covered many fascinating topics in just a few days, providing a fast-paced and genuinely challenging change from the more tedious curriculum covered at school. Physics has never been more interesting.

Meg, St Pauls Girls School


This is a fantastic course which I highly recommend to everyone who enjoys physics and particularly to those who may be planning to study physics at university. It provides a great opportunity to learn more about physics than you are otherwise ever likely to discover over a the same period, and allows you to benefit from being taught by some of those that have hands on experience in these fields.

Jonathan, Kings College School


I really enjoyed the course, being introduced to difficult topics like relativity and quantum mechanics gave me a glimpse of what studying physics at university may be like, I also had a lot fun meeting new people with a similar interest in physics, the only real downside was having to wake up so early in the middle of summer.

Jarred, St Benedicts School


The Debate Chamber summer physics course was a great experience that enabled me to develop my understanding of difficult physics topics such as general relativity as well as challenging me in my mathematical abilities and how it can be applied to physics, which will hopefully aid me in my future endeavors at university.

James, Lingfield Notre Dame School


I really enjoyed the course, the teaching was for the most part, amazing, and this course has prompted me to read more around the subject, as well as greatly furthering my knowledge in Physics.

Christopher, Winchester College


Overall it was an incredible experience, I loved it. The tutors were all great teachers, they all knew their topics very well, and were very friendly, as were the other people who you meet on the course. In terms of the topics covered, they were interesting and well explained, and covered the foundations for most of modern physics. A great experience.

Leonardo, St Pauls School


I arrived on the morning of the first day a little apprehensive of what it would be like, the staff were helpful and made you feel welcome. We covered a huge amount having everyone involved, this mixture gave for a great experience and meeting lots of people who are hugely enthusiastic about their subject.

Samuel, Eastbourne College


The Summer School was extremely enjoyable and useful and the tutors are very good. Everyone who took part were really kind and were around the same level as me.

David, St Marks Catholic School


Overall a challenging and enjoyable course which is a very good introduction to physics outside the standard AS and A level courses.

Emma, Cardinal Vaughnan Memorial School


The Summer School was interesting and fun, covering the topics in detail but at a generally understandable detail. The tutors were knowledgeable and helpful and it was good to meet other aspiring physicists my age.

Dorothea, Wycombe Abbey School


The course is challenging but incredibly useful! Everyone there clearly had a huge passion for physics which made the experience so enjoyable! Thank you to all the teachers as they were clear and very understandable. I strongly recommend this course for anyone keen for physics for university or A2.

Nicola, Eastbourne College


This course was a fantastic insight into what physics at a higher level is like. Despite being very short, all the lectures are challenging and go beyond what is normally covered within a school environment. I would strongly suggest anyone who has interest in Physics to attend this course.

Leigh, The Lady Eleanor Holles School


Overall the course was quite entertaining and useful. The atmosphere created by the tutors and the participants permitted a lot of ideas and intelligent discussion to take place. The concepts and topics discussed were explained very carefully to us. Personally, I had a great time and I recommend the course to anyone with an interest in Physics, as it will enhance your understanding of the area.

Filip, Lancaster Royal Grammar School


The Physics Summer School was the perfect crash course for me. In the 2 and a half hour lessons, I got a real taste for each subject, where the classes ranged from discussions, problems and lecturing. It covered the most fascinating parts of physics, and also allowed me to decide which part I thought was most interesting, which I then followed up with reading.

Vincent, Latymer Upper School


Attending the Physics Summer School has allowed me to make an informed decision about studying physics to a higher level. The course coverd a range of new topics that challenged the way I think. I would highly recommend this very enjoyable Physics School.

Emma, St Helens School


It is a very interesting introduction to a variety of topics, which are at forefront of human knowledge.

Alexander, Winchester College


This course offers a good insight into high level physics and will give you an idea of the scope of the subject, I would highly recommend this course to those set on the idea of taking physics at university level; I would also recommend this course to those taking a related subject at university or those who enjoy the subject,if nothing else the certificate you will receive upon completion would be good to mention in a personal statement or interview.

Julian, Colchester Sixth Form College


The Physics Summer School was a very worthwhile experience, and I would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone who is either sure of or considering pursuing physics at a higher level. Although the sessions are (obviously) academic in nature, the atmosphere is quite relaxed. There was a good balance in terms of time spent taking notes and time spent doing fun activities with the whole group, and it was also a fantastic way to meet other people who are just as passionate about physics as I am!

Apurva, North London Collegiate School


It was fun and at the same a great way to prepare for the year ahead.

Oliver, Winchester College


I really enjoyed the course, I was a bit apprehensive as I did not know anyone but the tutors and students were really friendly. The work was very challenging but enjoyable.

Anthony, Bishop Ramsey School


I really enjoyed the course – I thought the material was interesting and challenging and the teachers were helpful and engaging. This course has confirmed my love of physics and I’m now more certain than ever that I want to study it at university!

Molly, St Pauls Girls School


I would definitely recommend this course for those who love physics. The teaching was great, as they answered almost any question you had for them. I had an amazing time!

Suraj, The John Lyon School


Covers a broad range of topics in an interesting and engaging way.

Matthew, Glenalmond College


A great opportunity that will reignite an interest in physics and all it has to offer.

Xanthe, St Pauls Girls School


It was a helpful experience particularly if you need to reassure yourself that Physics is the course for you. It was very useful to gain a broad overview of several topics within the subject!

Pyravi, North London Collegiate School


Great experience, I learnt a lot of useful physics. All the topics were great.

Thomas, Sir Williams Grammar School


A good in depth insight into aspects of physics which you may be unable to cover in your school course, with a good preview of what university physics may be like.

Emma, Brentwood School


I really enjoyed the experience and the chance to meet other students who are interested in studying physics.

Daniel, Whitgift School


It was a brilliant weekend, I have managed to learn a lot out of it and it has strengthened my passion for Physics.

Keren, Jewish Free School


Three days of physics which is rather tricky in places but covered in much more depth than could ever be taught in a school room. Each session was pretty open so if you wanted to learn about a specific thing the teacher could spend more time on that instead. Overall very interesting and you get to meet new people as well, which is another plus.

Patricia, Pate’s Grammar School


Definitely attend if you are thinking of doing Physics, you can’t hope for a much better way of knowing if it’s the right subject for you. Ideally, go after your first year of A level- I went after my second but I think it would have been good to experience last year as well. Go with an open mind and make sure to note down things you struggle with so you can go back to it later.

Monique, City of Westminster College


I would recommend the physics summer school to anyone that wishes to pursue a physics degree or anything physics related. The tutors and staff are both extremely approachable allowing the event to be fun, worthwhile and inspirational whilst making new friends who share a particular interest.

Steven, Woodhouse College


The Physics Summer School was a great oppurtunity to learn more about fascinating physics beyond the A-level syllabus. The small groups meant we could work through problems ourselves which is much more interactive than a lecture style.

Emily, Alderly Edge School for Girls


I wasn’t sure about applying to go on this summer school, but I’m so glad I went! I really enjoyed the sessions, which were very involving and interesting, and meeting people with similar interests. I also found it really useful in helping me decide whether to apply for Engineering or Physics at Uni – I’m now going to apply for Physics!

Tom, Bedford School


I really enjoyed the School – it was a great experience, and a great way to go beyond “classroom physics” in a detailed, but exciting, way.

Nicholas, City of London School for Boys


I was admittedly a little nervous at the beginning of the first day, but my anxiety quickly evaporated as we got stuck into some physics; the other students in my group were friendly and just as keen as I was. The tutors taught us the course content well – they were approachable and had an obvious enthusiasm for their respective topics, which seemed to be contagious. The summer school in general helped me to decide that I definitely wanted to study Physics at university, and provided me with a strong platform of interesting Physics to work with (as well as an extensive reading list!).

Jonathan, Jewish Free School


A great place to meet a group of new friends who are interested in the same thing, and to be able to learn about all aspects at an exciting yet challenging level.

Robert, Edgebarrow School