Politics Student Reviews


The Politics Summer School is challenging, stimulating and unique. It is a course I would recommend for anyone with a strong interest on how and why politics is so encompassing and important.

Fred, The Skinners School


A valuable experience you will not get anywhere else! Gives you an amazing insight into politics beyond the classroom. Being able to talk about a subject with people who share your views and interest, makes this something worth doing!

Zoe, Brooke Weston Academy


It was a really helpful tool at deciding which areas I would like to pursue at university. All the tutors were very engaging and passionate about their subjects which was very infectious. Overall a very worthwhile experience.

Alannah, Churchers College


A thoroughly enjoyable week, with excellent teachers and subject matter.

Fabio, Hampton School


This was my first time attending a Debate Chamber summer school, and I absolutely loved it! When the session first started, I had no idea about the concept of British Politics and now I can say there isn’t anything that I don’t know about it. Now, I have plans on becoming an MP in the future. It really was a life changing experience and I got to meet a lot of like-minded people.

Buse, Bilkent International School


I would wholly advise attending this course. There is lively discussion throughout the week on every topic and everyone (students and staff alike) is very welcoming and enthusiastic. Many teachers are very funny and class sizes aren’t oversized. The mock parliament at the end of the week, though, is the best part of this course where everyone meets up and forms their parties and even has to form a government (usually a coalition) which gives a great insight into the workings of parties and government. When the mock parliament in the afternoon was in session, it was a lot of fun and very lively, with everyone having as much fun as they could.

Sean, Wallingford School


Attending the Politics Summer School was an incredible experience. It was interesting and triggered a lot of thinking and debates about the way we organise our society. The teachers were effective and supportive. Since I’m an Italian student, the summer school was also an occasion for me to know a different way of teaching, to exchange ideas and experiences with the english students and to make some good friendships. I become a more conscious citizen.

Giorgio, Liceo Classico Visconti Roma


Great fun, interesting and intellectually stimulating week, culminating in a fantastic mock parliament day. The debates are wide ranging and the class sizes small enough that you can contribute but large enough that views do not become homogenised.

Timothy, The Kings School


A very intellectually stimulating course which makes you think outside the standard politics A level curriculum. The texts you read are difficult but we unpicked them together, discussing and debating each part. The week really gave me an insight into many concepts, many of which I had not thought about before. If you’re thinking about attending this course, then do as it is an opportunity to explore politics further, expand your knowledge and make new friends!

Inka, Bishop’s Stortford College


The Politics Summer School is definitely worth attending – the course is informative and interesting, but with lots of interactive debate and games, it is also highly enjoyable. The tutors are knowledgeable and friendly, and you really learn about current topics as well as some political theory. The Mock Parliament is a particular highlight, giving a taste of British politics as well as the opportunity for everyone to get involved. Whether you are considering studying politics further on, or are simply interested in how it works, I highly recommend the Politics Summer School!

Archit, Haberdasher’s Askes’ Boys School


I would highly recommend this to anyone with even the slightest interest in studying politics as a degree. The tutors got better and better – they are all incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgable about their specialist topics. They were inspiring to listen to when trying to persuade and inform us about big and frankly, difficult, questions ranging from some of the most important political philosophers to dilemmas such as womens’ representation in parliament. Another highlight is the visit to Parliament where you receive a tour that brings the place totally to life and not forgetting the thrilling Mock Parliament where every effort was made to mirror the real thing as much as possible. I urge you to take part!

Antonia, Wycombe Abbey School


I would really recommend the Politics summer school. The opportunity to study and work with like-minded people and discuss philosophical, economic and practical conflicts brought to life why I love politics and why I want to study it at university. As graduate students, the tutors are passionate about what they are teaching you and it is an environment in which I felt comfortable and was encouraged to share my ideas and contribute to discussions.

Philipa, Western Canada High School (Calgary, Canada)


Politics is great! I had a really fun time meeting new people and learning about the ins and outs of the British Political System. The Houses of Parliament tour was excellent, learning the history of our government and seeing where our MP’s work was really cool!

Matthew, Shooters Hill Post 16 Campus


This is a fantastic experience for anyone with a passion for Politics, you also meet compatible people who share a passion for British politics. The political debate chamber deepened my understanding of British Politics. The tutors were very friendly and experts in their field who made the whole experience pleasurable. The Mock Parliament was great fun and debating with others made me appreciate other points of view on the matters at hand. The political theory section of the course was also very good because it challenged you to think outside the box. If you are interested in studying British politics – Political Debate Chamber is the place for you. Apply now!

Ama, Loreto College


Politics Summer School was a great help in understanding different aspects of Politics that I had not touched upon at School. Perhaps the most beneficial part of the course however, was working in a group and debating with others, as it gave me a greater sense of other points of view on the matters at hand.

Margot, Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School


My time spent at the politics summer school will be extremely helpful in preparing me for a degree in politics at university. The Houses of Parliament tour was informative but it was also great to see it in the flesh whilst the mock parliament was a great experience in introducing debating governmental matters. I also found that the tutors’ enthusiasm for what they were teaching was infectious as well as giving me an in depth understanding of the subjects covered.

Lauren, Downe House School


All the lectures were really interesting and the Mock Parliament was so much fun. This is a fantastic experience for anyone with a passion for Politics.

Harriet, Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School


The Politics Summer School really deepened my understanding of British politics whilst being fun and enjoyable. I feel the summer school has prepared me for my chosen degree course and given me confidence in debating political issues.

Caitriona, Esher College


I hugely enjoyed the course, it was really interesting and taught me some very new things that had not been covered in my AS Politics. The tutors were also very friendly and made the whole experience even more enjoyable

Eleanor, Marlborough College


The course was a really good experience for anyone who wants to go into politics. The issues studied were both up to date and relevant to us as people as well as students on the course. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to experience the workings of politics first hand.

Jess, Gordonstoun School


I really enjoyed the course and found it useful and engaging. I think that it is the perfect way to spend some of your free time. You are learning, but it just feels like fun!

Katie, Bedford High School



A fantastic introduction to the structure of the House of Commons and the nature of debate, allowing students to combine theoretical knowledge of political theory with pragmatic application.

Rhuairidh, The Perse School


The whole experience was lots of fun whilst at the same time the course content was stimulating and comprehensive. I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in politics.

Daniella, St Michael’s Catholic Grammar School


This was definitely one of the most interesting and enjoyable few days I have experienced and I would love to do it again. It is a different and brilliant way to learn whilst also enjoying yourself.

Kiah, Wycombe High School


I really enjoyed my time at Debate Chamber and I found the Politics Summer School a great way to try life as an MP for three days!

Imogen, King Edward VI Sixth Form


I had a brilliant three days on the course and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in studying politics at university.

Laura, Alleyn’s School


The Politics Summer School was really enjoyable and I learnt many new things. I would definitely attend the summer school again.

Jesal, Gateway College


If you are interested in Politics and want to spend three days with like minded people your age then this is perfect for you!

Henry, Shrewsbury School