Law Student Reviews


This Law course is just brilliant! It has definitely opened up many doors for me and taught me so much more about law on a wider scale, I learnt countless new things that I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t attended and the best thing is the practice it gives you with debates and public speaking, which is essential for law! I really recommend it, the knowledge and information is fantastic!

Anisa, Walthamstow School for Girls


The teaching for this course was excellent- it was engaging and ideas and topics were easily explained. I found that the course content was an appropriate difficulty, with concepts well explained and easy to understand. I found the learning space a welcoming and inclusive environment, where I was comfortable asking and answering questions.

Charlotte, Tiffin Girls School


Excellent structure. Really enjoyed the balance of discussion on different scenarios as well as the research and debates. I really enjoyed the content. I find International Law the most interesting sector of Law. I felt very comfortable to ask questions and contribute my opinion on topics.

Darcey, Homeschooled


I really enjoyed the teaching and especially the group work where it allowed everyone to come together and discuss our ideas. The course was just the right amount easy and difficult. The class moved at a good pace and there was always time to gather our thoughts. It challenged my mind to think in a different way. It was very welcoming and inclusive as we all introduced ourselves during the first class and the group work during the days made it even more inclusive.

Wilma, Southbank International School


The teaching was very good and interactive. The teacher made it easier to understand and would ask if we understood it and were willing to go over the topics. It was also very insightful and I learnt a lot of things that I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t took part in this course. It was easy as the tutor asked each of us some questions and also we could always raise our hands if we had to ask any questions or wanted to contribute. In debates, it was also inclusive.

Ranudi, Newport Girls High School


The teaching was good, it was very informative and I learnt more information about International and Human rights law in a very short period of time. One particular moment that stood out for me was doing a court style debate about Human Rights. I found the course content easy and very straightforward. I found the working space to be inclusive as everyone had the opportunity to speak about their work and their opinions.

Samaira, St Margaret’s School for Girls, Aberdeen


The course content was great, encouraged critical analysis and challenged my perceptions. The handbook was very accessible. The learning space was incredibly interactive and inclusive of questions. There were many pauses in which we could contribute to the discussions and answer prompts.

Biobele, Wycombe Abbey School


The teaching for this course was really good, Katie was always explaining the material and encouraging us to participate in discussions. I really enjoyed the debates and the mooting exercises. The course content was really interesting, especially the ones about criminal law, human rights and jurisprudence. There wasn’t any part that I thought was too easy or too difficult. The learning space was really friendly, supportive and welcoming. Katie, as well as my classmates, were really inclusive and it was really fun having group discussions.

Marianna, Athens College


The teaching for the course was excellent. The tutor gave insightful comments and explanations on all the topics discussed whilst maintaining objectivity and including every person on the course. She immediately made me feel at ease and comfortable giving answers. She made sure to let us know it was always okay to ask questions. I particularly enjoyed her style of asking quick-fire questions, such as naming an organisation or a historical event based on a few clues.

Madeleine, Christ’s Hospital


Very understandable and interactive. The interactive events were very enjoyable and educational to take part in. It was very welcoming and overall, just a nice place to be.

Ned, Home Educated


The teaching was extremely good – the fact that the tutors do not stick to powerpoints and rather expand on the course topic, alongside their personal knowledge makes it to much more exciting to learn! It was very welcoming and inclusive – the group dynamic was made better by the tutor.

Samisri, Dr Challoner’s Grammar School


Our tutor was very knowledgeable and interesting to listen to. He constantly engaged with the class and thus made me feel comfortable in sharing my ideas/questions.

Woser, Sevenoaks School


The teaching was extremely thorough, I learnt enormous amounts with this course and it has helped in guiding me with my courses going to Uni. I found the course content to be of a good level, I think ‘some’ of the content I found easier due to prior learning and with my A levels of history and Politics. But this is not to say that it would be extremely difficult without. I think at times the content was challenging and very thought provoking- made you think outside the ‘theoretical bounds’. I think this ‘challenge’ was the really enjoyable part, perhaps more enjoyable than school room teaching. It was easy to ask questions, and this was explicably welcomed from the beginning of the course. I think the learning space was particularly inclusive. The discussion was certainly a ‘collective’ group activity, with hints and aids from the tutor.

Daisy, Ipswich School


I particularly liked the debates and ‘mock trials’ in the course. I wasn’t particularly interested in international law when I first read about it, but our tutor made it very interesting and I’ll definitely read more into it! Most content is of suitable difficulty. I found most of the course content easy to understand, and if not, it became clear after explanations or when I read through my notes again. The environment was very interactive and the tutor asked us a lot of questions during the course which made it much more engaging.

Dawn, Wycombe Abbey School


It was amazing! Our teacher was really informative and the experience was incredibly fun and riveting. My favourite moment was our second debate, and we were instructed on how to be a judge. The course content was excellent and informative. I understand a lot of fundamental principles which I was confused about prior to this (such as the different forms of International law). The teacher was easy to talk to and everyone was comfortable asking questions.

Sreeja, The Tiffin Girls’ School


The teaching was really good, I really like how we took the time to get to know each other, the students and teachers at the start and I also liked the group tasks as I was able to work well with other students. I enjoyed the course content, I found that it was really easy for me to participate in discussions. I felt that it was easier for me to get into law this way. Other ways that I’ve tried to learn about law have been quite difficult for me to get into so I really enjoyed getting more experience this way. I found it easy to contribute to discussions and ask questions. My tutors were really supportive and they always made time to take any questions I had during breaks or after each day’s session.

Priyadarshini, Langley Grammar school


Asking questions was no problem, in fact I found myself eager to contribute to discussions near the end, whereas I second-guessed myself at the beginning.

Shlok, Rooks Heath School


I liked the teaching style of this course, I liked that there were a variety of different activities and styles of teaching involved. I especially liked the debates. I thought the learning space was very welcoming and inclusive and I felt it was easy to ask questions and give answers.

Adèle, Zurich International School


The teaching on the course was brilliant, the tutor had a lot of enthusiasm for the material and was very supportive when we gave answers to difficult questions. Additionally, we were given a good balance between being given information and going away and discussing within groups which helped me to better understand concepts as I could bounce ideas off other people after having it explained to me by the tutor. The content of the course was at a good level between challenging and simplistic. I felt we were given all the information we needed to discuss and solve a task but you always had to work for the answer. Also, all the technical information was really well explained and no assumptions were made about what knowledge you already had going into the course. The learning space was very open and inclusive as everyone was given the opportunity to speak about each topic and the tutor did a good job of presenting a neutral perspective on many controversial issues. Additionally, there was always time to ask questions and the tutor would try and link to additional materials if needed to answer a particular point.

Thomas, Nottingham University


The teaching for the course was amazing. There was a lot of support for each person and the reviews of the topic did help everyone to learn the information. I really liked the group work and talking to other students and I also liked the debates and discussions that took place. I think the course content was good, it is obvious that when learning a new topic it might be difficult but it didn’t feel like that during my time of the course as I felt comfortable enough to ask questions when I was unsure. The learning space was brilliant and I felt very comfortable having my camera on. I think it was easy to contribute to discussions and have fun with the other students. The tutor also have a nice warm presence and added humour to the course.

Ananiah, Christ’s Hospital


Teaching was really good, really encouraging and nice tutor who was really keen to help is learn and participate, without feeling pressured. Genuinely made the course enjoyable and fun to be in! Maybe a bit rushed at times, but understand this is because there is a lot to cover! Incredibly welcoming and really easy to ask or add points without being scared to make a mistake.

Erin, Forest School


The teaching was engaging and interactive, and the end of session tasks were inclusive and enjoyable. The content was complex enough to engage and interest me yet not so demanding that I couldn’t get to grips with it in a short period of time. The lessons allowed for and encouraged open discussion and were very welcoming.

Harveer, Bishop Vesey Grammar School


Teaching was great. Always made sure everyone was clear and that everyone could ask questions even if not relevant to the topic.

Kizrene, Sacred Heart Catholic School


As I am quite shy I was worried at the beginning and during the first break out room I didn’t really talk, however after that I started contributing more and gained confidence throughout the experience. I was able to get involved quite a lot during the advocacy and debate. As the learning space was only a small group it was easier to contribute and get involved.

Hailey, Anglo European School


The engagement of the “lecturers” with the participants meant that the sessions were incredibly helpful. It was new content but delivered in an easy to understand manner.

Oliver, Trent College


The teaching for this event was excellent. The timing for the events allowed for an optimum learning environment and the teachers were willing to take their time ensuring that all participants understood the content of the course. I found the course content interesting but at the same time I found it moderate meaning that it wasn’t too easy and was also understandable. I found the learning space to be an environment where I could express opinions during the course without being judged. I was very able to apply the full extent of my mind when giving answers and my views were received well.

Samuel, Christs Hospital


Everything was really good. I found the course interesting and engaging and the things that stood out were when we did a debate or did a mini mock trial. I found it a good level that challenged me but was still understandable. Everyone was friendly and both tutors were up to answer all the questions we had.

Ruby, Mill Hill School


The teaching was really good and we were all supported through difficult topics and legal theories. Both tutors were really supportive and encouraged participation from the students. The course content was not too easy nor too difficult, it was challenging in an enjoyable and interesting way. The tutors constantly asked for questions and checked we had understood difficult concepts. The learning space was definitely welcoming and inclusive. After a while, it became easier to ask questions as both tutors constantly checked for our understanding.

Alishba, Ark Putney Academy


The teaching was very interactive, and we were actively engaged in discussion. One moment particularly stands out for me: Jeanie eloquently discussed the legal principles involved in marriage and divorce. But, as a whole, the tutors were very helpful and showed a constant willingness to answer our questions. I deeply enjoyed the learning environment. I could easily contribute to discussions, and the tutors welcomed our questions and inquiries. All nine students in the group were allowed to share our ideas, and the tutors gave insightful responses to what we said.

Jeff, Diocesan Boys’ School


The teaching was excellent. I would recommend this course for someone who wishes to go into law. The course has built my confidence and given me an idea of what law school is really like. I found commercial law the most difficult but the tutor was really helpful breaking the information down for the class and answering questions.

Phillip, Finchley Catholic High School


I particularly enjoyed learning the same material as the start of a university law course as it gave a very helpful insight. I found the learning space to be very welcoming and inclusive and was keen on contributing.

Selin, Wycombe Abbey School


I found the teaching really helpful as there was a powerpoint with the main ideas and then we did lots of interactive sessions each afternoon helping me put into practice what I had learnt in a real life situation. I thought the course content was very interesting, there were some tricky topics but the tutor went over them again so it was easier to understand. There was a small group so it was easy to get to know others and not daunting to ask questions or hard to follow the content.

Emily, Benenden School


It was really good, I especially enjoyed the negotiation exercise at the end of the first day. The course content was very informative and learnt a lot from this course. It was all at the right difficulty level for me, not too hard or too easy.

Nicole, Wellingborough School


Katie was super engaging and fun; she was very enthusiastic and insightful. I had questions about mergers and acquisitions which weren’t in the course but she was happy to answer everything. I found it at a perfect level, if anything slightly easier since I had attended law part 1 which meant that I already had a pretty solid foundation of knowledge. The learning space was very welcoming and inclusive; we had the option to send messages to the tutor directly, meaning everyone could feel comfortable asking questions Both my tutors, Josh and Jeanie, were very welcoming and kind, but they were also very engaging and funny. When we did a group debate with Josh, it felt very professional and fun, and with Jeanie it was super interactive. They were both incredibly helpful and insightful; they would answer everyone’s questions in really great depth and everyone was included.

Tatiana, The Harrodian School


The teaching was excellent, well explained, in depth and kept interesting throughout. Adequately challenging, it was certainly difficult at times but also had some straight forward concepts. Questions were always welcome and answered in great detail.

James, Glasgow Academy


Really engaging and informative, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Some content was challenging but explained very well. There was a great dynamic and I particularly enjoyed the debating and group work.

Lucile, John Port Spencer Academy


The teaching was very informative and enjoyable. Nobody felt judged and it was a fun safe environment to learn

Joey, Colfe’s school


This event is extremely detailed and informative and I believe everyone who attends it or is going to will benefit from the knowledge it offers an individual. The tutors are extremely friendly and no one is ever left out.

Henna, Salendine Nook High School


The course allows you to delve into the mind of a lawyer, how to react and what advice to give when given a case. Through the use of practical examples and analysis of theories, the course enables you a first-hand insight into the world of law.

James, Royal Grammar School Guildford


A really informative set of classes with confident and engaging tutors. You will learn a lot and come home engaged and excited to learn more and share what you’ve learnt.

Ellie, Guildford High School


I would highly recommend this academically enriching course as the content is so interesting and the tutors now what they are talking about. There are some great people on these courses and is worthwhile.

Amelia, The Leys School


Fun, inclusive and engaging, this crash course in law gives a good insight into law as a profession, but also provides a brilliant opportunity to make new friends, meet new people, and get involved in discussions and debates.

Jamie, Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys School


The course is extremely helpful for any student whom is considering studying the law. The fact that no prior knowledge is required creates and non-pressured and friendly environment for the student.

Aakash, Merchant Taylors School


The Law Summer School is an excellent opportunity which offers an amazing experience of visiting the Royal Courts of Justice and touring round the Barrister’s Chambers. It gives a taste of what a career in law is like, even allowing you to participate in a Mock Trial at the end of the week. All the tutors are excellent – very knowledgable and helpful, as you are given personal feedback. The summer school stimulates a passion for law, and overall is an incredible opportunity.

Maddison, Abbots Bromley School for Girls


I’d definitely recommend it to any student looking for a career in law. Don’t be worried about not knowing anyone because the tutors make you feel really welcome and the environment is amazing you’ll make lots of new friends! You’re around people who want to be there and have similar interests to you, therefore making it easy to talk to people in the group. There’s a lot of discussions in the group which provides plenty of opportunities to talk and learn off other students. You can also take notes on the course. I’d recommend it as I found I got lots of information to help me at college. It was amazing and I will be going back next year! It’s worth every penny and gives you life skills that cannot be taught in a normal school.

Lauren, Great Sankey High School


The enthusiasm of the tutors was infectious; they were more than happy to give away helpful tips about entering the legal profession as well as delivering thought-provoking lessons.

Eleanor, Wycombe Abbey


I had a brilliant time at the Law Part 1 Summer School. The tutors were all experts in their field, with all but one having graduated from Oxford University. The lessons were engaging and interesting, with a strong focus on class discussion. The tutors were always willing to answer questions we had concerning the different areas of law covered, as well as UCAS applications and the university experience. Overall, a very rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Kirsten, Mander Portman Woodward Sixth Form College


I would recommend this the Law Part 1 Summer School to anyone who has even the slightest interest in Law. I was undecided about whether I wanted to pursue a career in Law, but this course was extremely enjoyable and I learnt about so many aspects of Law, which helped me to realise that I would like to be a solicitor. All of the tutors were extremely friendly and approachable, and we’re happy to answer any questions regarding the topics we were learning about or studying Law at university. There was not a dull moment during the week and it was great to be able to study alongside so many like-minded students. I met a great group of friends who I will be sure to keep in touch with for a long time to come. This week has sparked my enthusiasm for this subject and I would definitely do it all over again. Thank you Debate Chamber!

Hannah, Helena Romanes School


The Law summer school was really interesting and engaging and gave a great overlook of criminal law. It was also good to meet new like-minded people as the group sizes meant it was easy to get to know each other and discuss our opinions and ideas for our futures. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is interested in studying law.

Gemma, Yateley Sixth Form


This week has really stimulated my interest in law. The tutors were really kind, enthusiastic and explained all the topics really well. It has allowed me to understand law much more than I did before and has given me an idea of what being a lawyer consists of.

Ines, Sevenoaks School


This course was really helpful to me, because I had never learnt about law and lots of different topics are taught so it helped me decide which specific areas of law I would be most interested in, the whole course is very informative and enjoyable!

Melissa, Denbigh School


Law Part 1 was a fun and enjoyable course that my friend and I found extremely informative and exciting. The tutors were compelling and throughout there was a great atmosphere. I really recommend it to anyone who is interested in a law degree!

Saskia, Benenden School


It was a great way to be introduced to different types of law as well as making new friends!

Milly, St Albans High School for Girls


It really helped to widen my knowledge about law. I would definitely recommend this Summer Law School to anyone interest in a career or in law in general. The tutors were helpful and informative. It was really worth it and I had such a great time.

Alice, Cedars Upper School


This course is great, interesting and a chance to learn new things. It is a productive way to spend a part of your holiday but fun at the same time and I would recommend it to anyone interested in law.

Paul, Brentwood School


This course enables you the opportunity to find out how our legal system works in a very enjoyable way, it’s an eye-opener and I would definitely recommend this to aspiring barristers.

Yasmine, Royal Greenwich University Technology College


This course is not only good for people who want to pursue law as a career but also for those who are just interested in the subject.

Amy, West London Free School


I really enjoyed the Debate Chamber Law Summer School; we covered interesting topics and theories that really helped introduce me to law as a subject. I was worried that I wouldn’t find law interesting but this week showed me that a law degree will definitely be interesting and stimulating! The tutors and other students were all really nice which made the week enjoyable and friendly.

Emma, Notre Dame Senior School


\Very informative and also hands on, a good mixture of academic and practical skills. Met a really good social mix of people. Looking forward to doing parts 2 and 3 next time.

Aaron, Stratton Academy


The Law Summer School is a great idea for anyone considering law. The opportunities you are given are exceptional and the world class teaching you receive makes the course really special. As well as learning, you also have the opportunity of making new friends from all over the country which makes the experience even better as it enables you to enjoy the week even more. Everyone I met was incredibly friendly and I would definitely do the course again!

Charlotte, The Abbey School


This summer school is really helpful in showing you what studying law at university would be like and giving you a clearer idea if it’s for you or not. The trip to the Royal Courts of Justice is great for showing you lawyers in action, as well as potentially showing you where you could be working in future! Finally the mock trial is a fun and useful activity to be a part of.

Chloe, Woodland Academy


The Summer Law School is a fantastic way to explore the subject of law! The tutors are brilliant at ensuring that there is a friendly atmosphere right from the start so that everyone feels comfortable taking part. Moreover, the course itself is a lot of fun and it provides a comprehensive insight into what it would be like to study law at university. The debates, role plays and the mock trial are also great ways of consolidating the material studied in a way which everyone can enjoy – even those who do not wish to take leading roles. Overall this course is a must for anyone with the slightest interest in law. It is definitely worth the money; you will love it and meet some great people!

Tom, RGS Guildford


This summer school helps you not only decide whether law is for you or not, but also what areas of law interest you. The week was incredibly informative, intellectually stimulating, and a ton of fun. The tutors are approachable, engaging, and enthusiastic – always ready to answer any questions that you have. Anyone considering law should definitely attend.

Weishi, Stephen Perse Foundation


This is the most comprehensive, easy to learn, enjoyable way of getting your head round the most complex of career paths. One of the best academic decisions of my life which has given me a complete head start!

Yousif, Enfield Grammar School


This is a great way to learn about Civil Law in a fun environment and really helped me to decide wether I want to study law in the future. The atmosphere in the class is great and the tutors are very open and friendly.

Jonathan, Munich International School (Munich, Germany)


This course is a good way for you to discover some different areas of law and identify which areas interest you most. The course allows for discussion and participation and encourages learning. It also provided a good opportunity to make new friends who have similar interests.

Hannah, Zürich International School (Zürich, Switzerland)


I really enjoyed attending the Law Summer School. It was a great way to meet new people with similar interests to myself and I found the course really interesting. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone thinking about studying Law. I had a great time!

Izzy, Hurstpierpoint College


I attended this law course, and at first was not sure if it was the right thing for me. I had an interest in law, but had not done any proper research into it. This was not a problem- the tutors were all so friendly and gave excellent overviews on the wide range of topics, which they all somehow made very interesting. Although some of the sessions were challenging, the majority of my classmates were on a similar level to me with their understanding of law, so we were all able to help each other out if necessary. Overall it was a great week, highly educational and thoroughly enjoyable- a highly recommended course to partake in if you have an interest in law!

Mikki, Rookwood School


The courses were interesting, informative and fun. I met some great people and felt comfortable in joining in with discussion.

Poppy, Wycombe Abbey School


The Law Summer School was a very enriching experience for me and helped me to get a head start on modules that would be covered in a law degree. All of the tutors were very knowledgeable in the areas they were teaching and made sure that activities were well organised!

Jeffrey,  Sharnbrook Upper School


It was a really interesting week, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The teachers were really kind and friendly, the other people in my group were lovely, and I learnt a lot more than I thought I would!

Nuriya, The British School at Al Khubairat


I booked a place on the Law Summer School part one with a hope to answer my uncertainty as to whether  I wished to pursue law as a career. Needless to say, after the course, I am in no doubt. Not only did it open my eyes to so many aspects and areas of law but introduced students to court room etiquette and how to examine witnesses. Throughout the week, we debated and mooted and were able to debate personal viewpoints on the law as well as looking at cases and scenarios. The mock trial that concluded the week was invaluable experience which helped everyone to fully understand the role of a barrister. The tutors were exceptional; the students inquisitive so that throughout the week, you  learn from each other and the lessons detailed and fascinating.The quality of the course was exceptional and whether you are already driven to law or are uncertain as to whether the career path is for you, I highly recommend the course, for not only is it perfect to learn about law and the roles of lawyers but also to have an incredibly enjoyable week meeting others who share your interests and opportunities to have any queries that you may have answered. Do not miss such an invaluable opportunity!

Charlotte, Bournemouth School for Girls


I thoroughly enjoyed the summer law school program and it is definately one of the best things I’ve taken part in. It was fun all the way through and I met some interesting people from all across the country. I’d definately recommend it and encourage anyone interested in law to do it!

Savaan, Queen Elizabeth’s Boys School


The law course was fantastic with tutors and students alike eager to discuss ideas and take part in activities so as to create a stimulating and friendly learning environment. In a short amount of time we were taught memorably with infectious enthusiasm and the course provided helpful insight into studying law.

Suey, St Pauls Girls School


A great week. Has made me more convinced I want a career in Law. The tutors made the whole thing interesting and it was great to meet new people.

James, Sancton Wood School


Absolutely brilliant. More than anything else, this was a chance to meet like-minded people from all different walks of life. The people I met, I hope to stay in contact with for a very long time. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to do law, but this course gave me an insight that actually positively encouraged me to continue working towards law. Absolutely brilliant.

Natasha, Steyning Grammar School


One of my friends actually recommended Debate Chamber to me, and at first I didn’t think much of it, how wrong I was! When I arrived, I was interested in law but embarrassingly ignorant. If they can get somebody as unknowledgeable of the law as myself to understand points made, they can get anyone to understand. The atmosphere is delightful. On my first day I turned up nearly an hour early, and had a delightful chat with one of the teachers. Debate Chamber is a great way to meet new friends (or old ones) and a great way to see London. I now know my way (vaguely) around Euston, but I still wouldn’t trust myself to be able to get around without finding myself hopelessly lost! I met some fantastic people at Debate Chamber, people who can read a speech and say that their only problem with it is grammar. It was seventh heaven! I would recommend Debate Chamber in a heartbeat, it is so useful and a fantastic opportunity. You meet some fantastic people, and you really develop your skills, especially debating, which has never been my strong point. Debate Chamber is fantastic, and I urge anyone interested to sign up.

Samuel, Reading Blue Coat School


This course was so fun! You learn so much but it’s genuinely fascinating. The tutors are lovely and if you get a nice group (like I did) you will have an amazing time! I definitely recommend it.

Sruti, King Edward VI High School for Girls


If you are unsure whether Law is the career path for you, I would recommend this Summer Law School whole-heartedly.  I learnt such a great deal about the law as well as the possible careers paths one could take after finishing their degree. The tutors were fabulous and made each area of law as engaging and informative as they could in order to enlighten us to how the law is actually implemented in real court cases. It really was an unforgettable week and was entirely worth it.

Nikita, Burgess Hill School for Girls


This was a great opportunity to discover the legal world. We learnt about different areas of law in an entertaining and interactive way. The quality of the tutors and of the lessons were great!I would definitely recommend this summer school to anyone interested in reading law at university.

Geraldine, Lycee Francais Alexandre Dumas de Moscou


This course is really user-friendly, a lot of the tutors help you understand the really complicated law, and it’s really fun the way in which you learn it. The trial is treated properly, so you get a real feel for the pressures of a courtroom, and it really does give you a flavour of what studying law at university would be like, and what a barrister/solicitor’s careers are like.

Luxika, Bancroft’s School


\Fantastic. In my opinion, attending Debate Chamber’s Summer Law School is the best thing an aspiring undergraduate law student can do over their holiday. From the trip to the RCJ to the mock trials, this Law School is informative, thought-provoking and, most importantly, very enjoyable.

Joshua, Watford Grammar School For Boys


Personally, I found the course to be one that encouraged public speaking and the opinion of its students: two elements which made the course particularly enjoyable. Whereas my preconceived idea of studying law for a week was that we’d be knee deep in difficult case studies and discussing law theory the whole time, I now realize that the focus was on covering as many aspects of law as possible in 5 days.There was also the social side, I made many friends over the week.

Johny, Clifton College


I thought the course was really useful in terms of learning about the law. It was all also really engaging because you are able to interact a lot by drawing up contracts, doing debates and a mock trial at the end. It was always exciting and fun. I’m glad I went.

Dahaba, The Tiffin Girls’ School


This law school is fantastic because you meet lots of other interesting new people who you can then stay on to be friends with. The course itself is very interesting with insightful upbeat tutors. The course is also very dynamic and has given me a very clear direction in that I would like to become a solicitor. Thank you Debate Chamber!

Maddie, Kent College Pembury


I thoroughly enjoyed my week at the Debate Chamber. The other students were incredibly friendly, the tutors were brilliant, teaching was top-class and most of all I had such a great time!

Michael, RGS Guildford


I really enjoyed the course, as we were able to cover lots of different aspects of law rather than just focusing on a few. Also the tutors’ experience was a real advantage as they could share stories and knowledge about law at university being followed through to a career. Overall it was very informative.

Emma, Sacred Heart High School


The Summer Law School was an exhilarating and unforgettable five days. It gave me great insight into the theories of Law and how they are implemented in real court cases; and also provided me with the opportunity to meet other young people with similar interests to me. This experience should not be missed for the world!

Leah, Loreto College


I found the Summer Law School a fantastic way to work out whether law was the right direction for me; and it helped me reach my answer, yes. The course is very well structured and gives you a taste of many of the different types of law but also gives you the chance to put them into practice. The tutors are all engaging and good teachers, and are also very helpful if you have any questions you need answering. I would greatly recommend the Summer Law School if you’re undecided or unsure if law is the right thing for you. Thank you debate chamber!

Aurelien, Winchester College


I feel the course provided me with a really enjoyable and interesting introduction to law. Before the course I had no previous knowledge of law and I felt nervous about being the only one in this position, however once on the course I found both the students and pupils approachable and easy to talk to. All the topics we covered were interesting and the tutors made complex ideas seem much easier to understand. The highlight of the week was definitely the mock trial – it tied in everything we had learned during the course and we got to wear the wig and gown and feel like a real barrister!

Nicola, Dr Challoners High School


It was a fantastic course with great teaching and really friendly tutors. The tutors made it easy to learn complicated topics and gave good advice for university and careers.

Emily, North London Collegiate School


The Debate Chamber Law Summer School was an amazing experience. I loved learning about the different types of Law, and looking at cases where I really had to think to work out what the outcome would be. It was a good balance between challenging me, and ensuring I was able to grasp the concepts. It’s helped me to make my mind up that I want to do Law at University! Thank you Debate Chamber!

Aoife, Sacred Heart High School


I chose this course in order to get an idea of what studying law would involve. I found it was really well-run and engaging, with interesting material covered. I felt that I got what I wanted out of the course as well as more unexpected benefits in the way of a little confidence boost and mixing with people from lots of different backgrounds. I got a lot out of the course and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

Stephen, Birkenhead Sixth Form College


If you are interested in potentially studying law at university or becoming a lawyer, this course is definitely worth attending. The tutors are brilliant, the atmosphere is friendly and you will leave with a much clearer idea of what studying law at university will be like.

Rebecca, Sir Roger Manwood’s School


Having not been previously taught law, the Summer Law School allowed me to gain knowledge in a subject that I did not know much about. The lessons were interesting and enjoyable. I now feel more confident in my future plans to study law at university and more prepared to go ahead with my application.

Nisha, Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls


The law summer school was a phenomenal experience that helped to dispel some of the myths surrounding legal practice.It was both intellectually stimulating and great fun.

Iranga, Sir George Monoux


The course was excellent, everything covered was done so with clarity and at the right pace and level. The teachers who delivered the lessons were passionate about the areas of law they taught and also very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to know more about law.

Bharat, Queen Elizabeth’s High School, Gainsborough


An interesting course, with entertaining exercices, which gives you a good idea of how a trial works and how to prepare it, with the mock trial.

Alexander, François Magendie Bordeaux


I really enjoyed attending Summer Law School because it gave me a really good insight into what is involved with law and the type of work a barrister or solicitor would do. The teachers here were also really friendly and encouraging, and were able to answer any questions I had. I would highly recommend attending Summer Law School because you learn so much and have such a great time doing it as well!

Rosie, Luckley-Oakfield School


I felt that I gained a real understanding of Contract and Tort law. I attended the session knowing nothing, but I left with great knowledge about the two. I loved the role play, where we got to actually construct a contract and also decide wether a client would be able to make a claim under the law of tort. I would really recommend you attend these Masterclasses, as not only do you learn about the specific laws the day is dedicated to, but you are given a chance to ask any questions about any other laws as well. I was even able to ask about law at university as well. it was also a great chance for me to meet new people who are interested in the same things as I am whereby I was even able to learn things from them. Overall an excellent day! Money well spent.

Lois, Westcliff School for Girls


It was truly a great experience and very helpful in choosing which aspect of law to pursue. It also helps confirm whether or not you wish to pursue law. I will definitely be attending future courses.

Diamond, St Michael & All Angels Academy


I found it very useful, and it helped me gain an insight into an area of law in which I had no previous knowledge. A well spent day!

Eshaa, Sevenoaks School


I cannot recommend this course highly enough. The fabulous teaching and entertaining activities made it a thoroughly enjoyable day, as well as an extremely informative one. I have come away feeling enthusiastic about the idea of studying Law further.

Nikki, Watford Grammar School for Girls


This course gives people a clear indication as to whether law is the right career for them. You meet other people who have the same interests as you which is helpful and the tutors are eager to answer any of your questions and if Law is a career you are considering then I strongly recommend this Law Masterclass (Criminal & Family).

Natasha, St Michael’s School


A wonderful experience, not only did it cement the knowledge about my chosen career path, the course was well structured, interesting and very enjoyable. The teachers do justice in teaching their own interests in their career to all students.

Zainab, Henrietta Barnett School


It is a friendly atmosphere which has encouraged me to definitely aim to take law at university.

Sarah-Jane, Queen Anne’s School


I was in a group with 14 other young people with similar interests to myself, we worked and learnt well together and I found the course very beneficial and would definitely recommend it!

Gabriella, Henrietta Barnett School


One of the best things about the Masterclass is the people you meet. This was my second debate chamber course and I have made many friends out of the courses with whom I’m still in contact  today. I also learned a lot about my preferred area in law and it gave me a better idea of what I want to do.

Ava, Emmanuel School


The Summer Law School is a great experience for someone who is either exploring their interest in law or has their heart set on studying/practising it. The sessions were fun and varied and taught by tutors of the highest calibre in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. I really enjoyed my week at Debate Chamber meeting loads of interesting people and inspiring me to practise law.

Oliver, The Royal Grammar School Guildford

The course was great! If you’re looking into going for Law at university its a good way to see if its actually for you. Each of the topics covered were done in a way you will be able to understand as the tutors make it really accessible and interesting. A definite must if you’re interested in Law!

Maddie, Dr Challoner’s High School


My experience at the Summer Law School was really excellent. I met a lot of new people with similar interests; this made it easy and enjoyable to work with them. All of the tutors were really relaxed which created a calm and enjoyable working atmosphere. This school covered all of the main topics and gave a fantastic overview of what kind of things you would study if you were to pursue Law further. Overall, a very worthwhile experience.

Chloe, Tiffin Girls School


At first it was quite daunting, but at the end I wished it wasn’t the end! Everyone was really friendly, the advice was very helpful and all the topics were really useful as it gave you a sort of overview of all the different branches of Law. I would definately recommend it to someone not sure about doing Law at Uni!

Stephanie, The Abbey School


Law is a subject that is more difficult to experience while you are still at school. It is often very hard to know what it would be like to study the subject academically or work in the profession. The Debate Chamber course was fantastic in giving me insight into an area which I had very little prior knowledge of. All the sessions mixed teaching with practical activities and lots of debate! All the tutors and other people I met were great fun and really inspirational. I had a brilliant week.

Lucy, Dame Alice Harpur School


I think this was a fantastic course. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in pursuing law or who just wants to find out more about the law. The tutors were all brilliant and very approachable and the tutor groups were a good size. I was given a great deal of support and individual help with many tutors spending time discussing things with me individually, debating opinions, giving advice and recommending reading. The topics were taught in a lot of detail and explained at great length with lots of opportunity for debate and discussion. It gives you a really good overview of what law is like from an academic perspective and it is a great experience to meet like-minded people to question opinions and to share ideas with. The course itself is a great deal of fun and opened my eyes to a completely new and fascinating world! Thank you debate chamber!

Neha, Haberdasher’s School for Girls


The Summer Law School was a great expierience, with extremely good tutors and engaging topics. I thoroughly enjoyed my time, especially during the mock trial and the tour of the RCJ. It was a memorable week with great people and comes with my highest recommendation.

Stephen, Churchers College


The Summer Law School has given me experience which I believe cannot be found elsewhere, and has confirmed my belief that the law is the profession for me.

Thomas, Loreto College


I am so glad I decided to do this course, I had such a brilliant experience and met some great people.  Everyone was so welcoming and the content was really useful and interesting.  I loved being able to take part in discussions and eventually stand up and speak, something which I found more difficult before hand.  At the Summer Law School they encourage you to think about things and practise public speaking which was very useful.  I wish I could do this course again and again.

Phoebe, St Helen and St Katherine’s School


The whole experience was very useful and fun. We got the chance to get a really good insight into Law and also meet lots of new people. It’s something I’d definitely recommend.

Sukanya, Wallington High School


Attending the Summer Law School was one of the best desicions of my summer as it introduced a whole section of careers in the law which I had previously been oblivious to. The tutors were friendly and knowledgable creating a completely different environment to that of school. Definitely commit to this course even if you don’t think you want to be a lawyer because the chance is after the five days you will want to be one!

Mary-Alice, Wycombe Abbey School


I really enjoyed the Summer Law School: it was a fun way of learning about what Law at university would be like, and I especially appreciated the emphasis on advocacy and the mock trial involving everyone.

Amy, Henry VIII School


This has been an invaluable experience as it clarified aspects of the law I was unsure about and covered everything in helping my decision to study law at university. I would strongly recommend it to anyone considering taking law.

Eugenia, Godolphin & Latymer School


I was thoroughly impressed by the Debate Chamber law course.  It provided a great introduction to law in an enjoyable, interesting fashion.  With the RCJ visit and mock trial, the course felt it had purpose and structure.  Well worth going on if you’re interested in law!

Jack, King Edward’s School


It has definately been the most useful week of my life. It certified that I want to study Law and has greatly improved my understanding of Law and I can’t wait to start university so I can learn some more about Law.

Ross, Dame Alice Owen’s School


The Summer Law School was a thought provoking experience, where budding lawyers meet and discuss the complexities of the Law and make great friendships. I had an amazing time this year, and met some wonderful people. Our tutors were well-equipped with a immense amount of knowledge to answer all of our strange questions and ‘what if’s! The fact that I came for the law courses at the Debate Chamber twice, proves that I truly did find the courses engrossing!

Kiyara, Colombo International School (Sri Lanka)


The Summer Law School was an extremley insightful experince. I learnt many things that I would not have known and I feel more confident that law is he path I want to take now. The course explained the different areas of law you study at University which gave me a good overall idea of what I would be studying. Also, the talks with the barrister and solicitor helped me to understand what a career in law is like.

Shaili, Wallington High School for Girls


An enjoyable week that provided overviews of the major areas of the law, plus an opportunity to watch the Royal Courts of Justice in action. And have lunch in the Middle Temple, one of the Inns of Court. At the end of the week, the mock trial was a chance to work as a team in front of a judge. As I am thinking about applying for a law degree, this course provided insight into law in action and real value to me.

William, Bedford Modern School


It was good fun with a laid back atmosphere were everyone were given different opportunities. You have plenty of chances to ask questions and get a better understanding of law. It was also a great opportunity to make new friends with the same interests as you for a good working environment.

Ana, Emmanuel School


Overall, I have found the course very useful and enjoyable. It is a rare opportunity to actually try out a mock trial wearing a wig and a gown, and I think for all of us, that was especially memorable. I found it helpful that for each part of the law(criminal, international etc.) covered, we always had a chance to debate and discuss about issues. Although some students may have had more of a chance to talk, I think there is a lot you can learn from also listening to others. Also for international law, I found it exceptionally helpful that we had a chance to actually read and dig into the actual history (ie Lebanon War). The summer school was quite intense but every day I have learnt something new and interesting.

Yoon, Purcell School


This Summer Law School was extremely helpful and useful in deciding whether or not to persue a career in law, and all of the teaching was very good and all of the topics were very enjoyable. Everyone on the course is very friendly.

Alex, King Edward VI Handsworth School


It was very useful for me to find out more about law and whether it is what I want to do in the future. To have talks from lawyers was particularly good as it gave the opportunity to ask lots of questions in detail, and it was interesting to learn more about different types of law. The mock trial was really fun and a great experience!

Poppy, Wycombe Abbey School