Philosophy Student Reviews


I really enjoyed it. I went in with no real study of philosophy before, just having been interested by the ethics side and enjoyed it a lot. It was so mentally stimulating and I feel I’ve learnt so much in a week! The people are all so friendly and the classroom environment was great, the tutors were lovely and engaging and it was really nice to makes friends with people with similar interests. For anyone considering it, go for it!

Betsy, Guildford High School


The teachers were all really great, you could feel how knowledgeable they were about the subject, and their enthusiasm for it. Difficult concepts were explained effectively, and questions and debate was always encouraged. All questions were welcomed, both by the teachers themselves and the other participants. Discussions were also welcomed, and flowed easily, with everyone contributing ideas.

Isabelle, John Of Gaunt Sixth Form


I really enjoyed the breadth of topics that were covered. I think it was well-rounded an included all the fundamental sides of philosophy. Even some topics where I have come across in lessons I enjoyed how I was able to gain a new perspective and understanding of the topic during the course. Everyone had the chance to give their opinions, since there was a lot of questions constantly being asked. The teachers were also there to challenge our arguments which I thought was very insightful and made me think more deeply about the topics being discussed.

Jessica, North London Collegiate School


Fantastic, the teachers were definitely the highlight of the week. Real professionals who know how to keep students engaged. The level was perfect, varying difficulty with some days being easier and some being harder (phenomenology).

Konstantin, Tonbridge School


The teaching of the course was brilliant, very engaging, thought-provoking and enjoyable. The course content was great as it introduced me to the areas we haven’t studied at a-level that I have encountered whilst researching uni courses.

Thomas, Tonbridge School


I thought that the teaching was really good, everything was explained really well and taught in a really friendly manner The content was difficult and some aspects definitely challenged me a lot but they were still enjoyable. I felt very comfortable in the space

Viktoria, City of London Freemen’s School


I really enjoyed this course a lot and I thought the teaching was great. I really liked how interactive it was and how we were encouraged to speak on our thoughts and everyone was inclusive.  

Isha, Dr Challoner’s High School


It was really good. The tutors were very interactive and were clear and easy to understand, even when explaining difficult concepts. I thought the difficulty level was just right – it was definitely challenging and made you think, but not too difficult to have made you want to give up. Such a small group size was great; there were just enough people to allow a good discussion but few enough to allow everyone to be heard and for people to ask questions and get feedback whenever they needed it.

Joseph, Queen’s College


I really enjoyed learning about different thoughts of power and gender studies. Each day was unique and taught me new perspectives. The sections were hard topics but easy to understand once we looked into a certain philosopher’s ideas and discussed them.

Mia, City of London School for Girls


The Philosophy Summer School was very insightful and addressed topics that are not typical of an a level curriculum, which was especially good for expanding my knowledge. The teachers are helpful and engaging, and being in a class with people who have a genuine interest in the subject made the course more welcoming and enjoyable.

Lilymae, Bishop Stopford School


I found my time at the Philosophy Summer School to be incredibly enjoyable and educational.  Seeing as I had never formally studied philosophy before and was considering studying it at university I thought it would be wise to have some formal teaching to make sure the subject was for me.  The summer school did just that and has greatly motivated me and cemented my choice of university course.

Abigail, Hurtwood House


I really enjoyed the Philosophy Summer School, the debate and the topics were always interesting and it helped to further establish my want to study philosophy at university.

Lucie, The Abbey School


Attending the Philosophy Summer School at Debate Chamber was one of the best experiences ever! The topics gave a really solid introduction to philosophy and the discussions were really fun and exciting. The tutors were excellent and were helpful with giving advice about studying philosophy at university. It was a really enjoyable and unique experience that was both informative and engaging!

Karina, Francis Holland School


I would recommend Debate Chamber because you are not only taught the specifics of a topic by experts, but you get to experience how older students are treated and how courses are run, which can provide you with the experience and insight needed into choosing subjects for the future.

Harold, Kew House School


I think the main purpose and goal of the Philosophy Debate Chamber course is to inspire interest in certain aspects of philosophy. Each session only gives you a brief synopsis of a specific topic, but discussion is so lively and exciting that you will walk away with a deep desire to learn more and immerse yourself in the topics that you have covered. In fact, after every day of teaching I found myself on the top floor of the five storey Waterstones next to the teaching site, reading up on the philosophy that I had just encountered. Do not go on the Debate Chamber course expecting to learn a lot of Philosophy. Instead go if you want to ignite a deep interest in Philosophy and be inspired to learn more.

James, Haberdashers Askes Boys School


Well worth your time – a great way to spend the summer, with interesting tutors and other students with the same interests as you

Finn, Cheadle Hulme School


It’s such a good course to really spark an interest in the subject. Not only did I learn some key philosophical arguments, I also developed the ability to find the flaws in them which is invaluable.

Simon, Trinity School


The tutors are all very friendly. I think it is an experience that every student should have. The subjects were presented clearly and in a really fun way. The tutors know how to draw your attention to the subjects and interest you. Completely wonderful I never wanted it to end.

Kayla, Near East College


I cannot compliment this course enough. Within the philosophy course you will be greeted with a friendly group of tutors who make the knowledge on paper come alive in the form of deep thought-provoking discussions. You will meet a wide variety of people with differing opinions and this makes the course a fantastic opportunity to discuss freely about ancient and modern philosophical problems that remain in our lives today. Not only will you come away with a brand new outlook on the world and philosophy, but, personally, I have walked away with an invaluable friend who I continue these discussions with even outside the classroom. Choosing this course was the best choice I made all summer and the urge to go back and attend it again next year has already grown in my mind. Philosophy is a great subject and Debate Chamber does it fantastic, unparalleled justice.

Neville, Merchant Taylors School


Very engaging, taking place in a beautiful area, if you enjoy learning then this Summer School is a necessity.

Dafydd, Cynfigg Comprehensive School


If you are worried that this course is out of your depth, don’t be, and read this review. I attended having never studied philosophy, only having read philosophy books, but many others had never even done that. The subject titles may seem daunting, but it will all become clear during the sessions because it is explained so well. The tutors are very accommodating. It sounds so cliche, but an important part of the experience was that I made friends with the other students, and I was really very sad to leave them. When you’re in a room of 13 others who have also chosen to give up a week of their summer holiday to do philosophy, you immediately have something in common with everyone. You will absolutely learn something new, and it will be valuable whether you wish to pursue philosophy or not. Take my advice: just go for it. It was a phenomenal week.

Annabel, Kent College


The philosophy course gave me a great insight and introduction into the topic, giving me a taster as to whether I would consider such a subject at higher education. The sessions are very informative and knowledge is easily gained as a result. The class gave other students and me the social platform to voice our philosophical opinions in a discursive environment and participating in the heated debates aided me in building my confidence. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone interested in philosophy or looking to pursue such.

Fatima, Walthamstow School for Girls


The Debate Chamber Philosophy course is an amazing introduction to the world of detailed philosophy,  extremely knowledgeable teachers, thought provoking discussions and interesting material all contribute to a welcoming atmosphere and an amazing learning environment perfect for providing a taste of university style philosophy, whilst being equally helpful to a more advanced philosopher hoping to extend their knowledge.

Sacha, Eton College


The Philosophy Summer School is an amazing course. It covers a wide range of topics, allowing you to find out what most interests you. Great friends are made and the week is thoroughly enjoyable. I’d recommend this course to anyone considering studying philosophy at university in some respect, or in fact to anyone interested in the subject.

Robert, Emmanuel School


It was a very enjoyable and engaging week which covered a lot of topics in a fair amount of depth. If you enjoy the subject and are willing to be involved with it you will have a really good time.

Edward, Joseph Rowntree School


This event is extremely detailed and informative and I believe everyone who attends it or is going to will benefit from the knowledge it offers an individual. The tutors are extremely friendly and no one is ever left out.

Henna, Salendine Nook High School


This course is very helpful in deciding whether or not you wish to pursue philosophy to a higher degree. Before attending this course I was unsure whether or not I should do Philosophy A-level whereas now I know that it something I wish to pursue. Thanks to the insight I gained here I can now be confident that i am making the right decision in choosing philosophy. The material you go through is presented in a fun and engaging manner and all of the sessions are very relaxed with great enthusiastic tutors.

Nikhil, Manchester Grammar School


As someone who knew very little about philosophy, this course demonstrated how to approach and tackle philosophical issues and ideas. I found this teaching incredibly interactive and enjoyable. Without a doubt a wonderful week!

Alice, Benenden School


Good opportunity to learn the foundations of Philosophy which is not only fascinating and useful if you want to study Philosophy further but also eye opening about the way you form opinions and think about issues in other subjects.

Samuel, Dauntsey’s School


Wow – your brain might ache at the end of this but you will have learned a lot!

Miriam, Royal Masonic School


I attended the 2015 Philosophy Summer School, and found it hugely enjoyable. There was a wide variety of topics and they are all covered with a good amount of depth. It was very fast-paced and it challenges your thinking a great deal. The tutors were all very friendly and the group sizes are reasonably small, so getting to know people was easier then I expected.

Laura, Dame Alice Owen’s School


The Philosophy Summer School cemented my decision to study philosophy at university. The discursive nature made us develop our points to gain deeper understanding into our own position on philosophical questions. We covered a variety of questions, most of which I had never thought about before -leading to me viewing the world in a different way. This summer school is a great way to enhance your critical thinking skills whilst of course getting a head start on the key philosophical issues of our world. With all the excellent tutor help, you will leave each session with full understanding of the challenging texts. Overall, it’s highly recommended.

Moiz, King’s College School


The small class size and friendly, relaxed but stimulating environment allowed me to really begin to understand the ‘essence’ of Philosophy. I wanted to come to the summer school to see what it would be like to study Philosophy at university; the course allowed me to realise Philosophy is the discipline I wish to pursue. I had a great week meeting new people and discovering new theories and ideas – the tutors were really inspiring and I highly recommend this course!

Polly, Burgess Hill School for Girls


This course was fun, the ideas really interesting, and my classmates supportive and challenging. I have a much better understanding of the different branches of philosophy and what kinds of questions and material they look at. I enjoyed the work especially because the tutors made the ideas come alive so we could play with them and make them our own. Thank you.

Ryan, St Luke’s High School


The course is a really great experience, as you learn about topics that you probably haven’t before; and in much more detail. Especially as I had barely done any philosophy beforehand, it was great to basically try something new. As well as this you make great friends, and the atmosphere is really comfortable.

Holly, Francis Holland School


A fantastic course for understanding the different areas of philosophy. The different teachers you have will show you different ways of looking at some of the most “popular” philosophical questions whilst broadening your understanding and stretching your mind to the possibilities. As a group you bond over your philosophical beliefs and justifications.

Elsa, Streatham and Clapham High School for Girls


The Philosophy Summer School was really interesting and helped me to decide whether I wanted to pursue it at university. The teachers were really passionate and made complex subjects easy to understand. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in Philosophy.

Iona, Christ’s Hospital School


Do come along to a Debate Chamber Summer School if you can; the experience is invaluable. I learnt a lot more than I thought possible in five days purely because I was surrounded by like-minded students that sparked animated discussion, led by the very enthusiastic graduate teachers. It was nothing like school; I feel I received a very good taste of what university will be like. And it was brilliant fun!

Anna, Bristol Grammar School


The Philosophy Summer School was an excellent learning experience, and one I’d highly recommend. The teachers were highly passionate about their subjects and the pace was such that we covered a lot, but still had time to explore wherever our thoughts led us. The class size (14) was perfect for having extended debates and a wide variety of view points but also allowed for the sessions to be quite friendly and intimate: everyone knew everyone else. All in all, I had a fantastic time.

Adam, City of London School


Best experience of the summer. The tutors and the course was fun and very interesting, as well as giving an excellent overview of some of the major topics in philosophy.

Benji, Charterhouse School


I would recommend this summer school to absolutely anyone interested in philosophy. Every teacher was of a very high quality and I have now gained a really good head start in my philosophy and ethics AS level. It was definitely a brilliant use of my time.

Katharine, Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School


Before this course I had never studied philosophy before and never expected to have understood and learnt so much after only five days!

Phoebe, Royal Alexandra and Albert School


This course was really useful for me because it gave me a clear insight into what Philosophy is like at degree level; I learned the standard of work we would be going over and got a feel of how demanding it would be. Importantly, I learned the areas of philosophy that appeal to me and this will aid me in my university research, as I have a much clearer idea of what to look for. Notably, the teachers were brilliant; they were young, enthusiastic and fantastic at explaining and engaging with the class. They both challenged and encouraged you. The booklet we received at the start with all the information we were to cover was invaluable, as it meant I could concentrate on what was going on without the need to make countless notes. It will be useful to reference back to, especially if universities interview. A great week. Thank you.

Katie, Tormead School


The Philosophy Summer School was an incredible insight into the discipline of Philosophy. It was incredibly varied, and left me wanting more at the end of each session. It really does not matter if you have not previously studied philosophy; the summer school lays a greater foundation that cannot be paralleled to A-Level lessons. The tutors and the other students were incredibly supportive; the emphasis was not on what you knew, but how well you tackled what you didn’t know. Never have I learnt so much but felt like I knew so little. If you want to develop your mind this is for you!

Agatha-Christie, Sacred Heart RC School


It was excellently presented with a high degree of professionalism, the content was challenging yet rewarding and really surpassed any similar study done at school eg, philosophy and ethics A level. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone, whether they were thinking about reading philosophy at university or not.

Cameron, St Aidan’s Sixth Form


I found the five days very rewarding, challenging and interesting.  The tutors were all enthusiastic and the tuition was pitched at exactly the right level. I have been considering studying Philosophy at university but my school does not offer it as an A level option.  I wanted to find out what the subject would involve at degree level and the summer school certainly provided an excellent introduction.  As a result, I will definitely be applying to study Philosophy when I start the university application procedure next term.

Andrew, The Piggott Wargrave


I attended a Philosophy course with the Debate Chamber before, so I eagerly anticipated this course to be just as good. In hindsight, I would comment that the course was informative, albeit hard to follow at times. The specifications of the week’s learning differed completely from previous experience, but that was quite nice, in honesty. It was refreshing to be given an accurate taster of Philosophy at higher education. I loved the copies of Plato’s The Republic we were issued with, and it was great that we were allowed to keep them. I found the tutors helpful for the most part and easy to talk to. They made the sessions enjoyable and the games they incorporated were intuitive and fun. I felt that I could think independently and craft my own responses and opinions intelligently and in a stimulating environment. Having said this, I sometimes felt put on the spot slightly and unsure about how to initially communicate my ideas. The work is difficult and requires thought, but it wasn’t taxing. I enjoyed the experience, and I feel awakened and enlightened because of it.

Alannah, Walthamstow School for Girls


It was really interesting, and I had lots of fun. Some bits of it are confusing at first, but the teachers are really good at explaining things and understand how confusing it can be. Really recommend it!

Laura, City of London School for Girls


I found the tutors inspirational and enthusiastic and the lessons were thought provoking. A valuable experience that I would recommend to anyone with an interest in philosophy.

Annabel, The Abbey School Reading


Although I had studied some philosophy previously, attending the course at the Debate Chamber gave me a real insight into topics and branches of philosophical thought I had not encountered before. In particular, the chance to read some continental and political philosophy was really enjoyable and still accessible, despite being fairly new! I felt able to share my opinions and listen to others and how they respond to philosophical problems. The most valuable skill I have gained has been in tackling original texts and drawing meaning from quite confusing language. Overall, it’s been a great experience!

Harriet, Bennett Memorial Diocesan School


The summer school was very interesting and informal, and based around discussion. By the end you really felt you knew everyone in the group, and it is a great way to meet people. All the tutors were very knowledgable and it wasn’t really like a ‘school’ at all.

Rebecca, Wycombe Abbey School


The Philosophy Summer School has been a hugely insightful taste of what Philosophy at university level might be like, and has given me a fantastic chance to explore both areas of philosophy I’d studied before, as well as areas I’d never even heard of! I felt privileged to be taught by such enthusiastic and knowledgable tutors, who made the week hard not to enjoy, as well as being in a good-sized class (about 14 of us) with people who shared my interest in philosophy, but had so many different ideas, which led to many a debate. I would definitely recommend this Summer School to anyone looking at reading Philosophy at uni, or anyone who’s simply curious – it really is worth a week of the summer!

Rachael, Walthamstow Hall, Sevenoaks


It was a fantastic way to meet new people and learn some philosophy too. The teaching was fantastic, enthusiastic, yet they made you think, a fundamental element to philosophy. A great week.

Nicholas, Tonbridge School


I really enjoyed the Philosophy Summer School, the tutors were great, and the topics were interesting. I would recommend it to anyone who is genuinely interested in philosophy.

Hannah, Haberdashers


Really enjoyable experience. Challenging and interesting course with inspiring tutors and engaged students. Lots of thought-provoking discussion.

Mariella, North London Collegiate School


Fantastic course, fantastic teachers, fantastic people.

Alex, Sutton Valence School


The debate chamber surpassed my expectations. The tutors challenge you, the students are all enthusiastic and the atmosphere is relaxed and informal yet still lively. I left every day with my head buzzing with brand new concepts and ideas. I would highly recommend it to anyone, particularly if your not scared of a friendly argument!

Torin, Parkstone Grammar School


I really enjoyed this course – it was a brilliant opportunity to find out about different areas of Philosophy and to obtain a good insight into what the subject is like at university. It also helped show what Philosophy might be like at A-level, which was helpful to me as a Year 11 student. I found the material very interesting, and the tutors were brilliant. Overall, I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in or curious about Philosophy.

Sophia, Kenilworth School


I would definitely recommend this course even if you don’t know a lot about philosophy, it covers a range of topics for you to try out, and offers a unique opportunity for interesting discussions with other students, as well as introducing me to new ideas which have made me look at parts of the world and my life very differently.

Stephanie, Cheam High School


I would really recommend this course, I enjoyed it a lot as it was really interesting to cover lots of topics I have not done before.  They were all interesting and gave me an idea of which areas I would like to study further. I would recommend it to anyone wishing to study Philosophy at a higher level to gain a better idea of what they are in for!

Ella, Kingston Grammar School


Amazing! I wish I could repeat the whole week again… The tutors and the pupils were all great fun, can’t believe how much I learnt in just 5 days, it was one of the most enjoyable weeks of my summer! The course helped me decide that philosophy was definitely what I wanted to study at university. Thanks Debate Chamber!

Farah, Bolton School


I’d definitely recommend Debate Chamber to anyone who wants to get a broader understanding of a topic they want to study at University. I felt the course gave me a real advantage as it effectively introduced me to topics I’d begin studying a year from now, giving me a chance to look at them before university began.

Andrew, King Edward VI Grammar School


I had a great experience – the teaching were so enthusiastic and animated, the material really stretched me and the atmosphere was awesome. Thank you!

Khushali, Parminter’s School


If you are considering reading Philosophy at Degree level, then the Philosophy Summer School is an excellent opportunity to experience the key ideas explored on most courses. The class discussions are very enjoyable, especially with other enthusiastic students.  The small group allows for interaction without pressure being placed on any individual. You are never left behind and the teachers are really friendly and encouraging. It is well worth five days of your summer holiday – I actually wish it were longer.

Reuben, Leicester Grammar School


A brilliant week – the tutors were all so enthusiastic and engaging and all the other students were really nice and great people to work with – I’m so glad I went on this course.

Fenella, Kings Canterbury School


It’s an intensive course, but really enjoyable and you learn loads. Also it’s the kind of thing that looks great on a personal statement and also gives you the grounding you need to study the subject at university. Well worth doing.

Leo, QEH Bristol


I would thoroughly recommend this course to anybody and everybody who is interested in philosophy – you don’t have to have any past experience in studying the subject, just a keen enthusiasm to learn. Each tutor was excellent in that they were able to explain concepts clearly whilst keeping the discussion alive. We covered a wide range of topics meaning that each day was quite different from the last. Overall – a 5/5 experience!

Bryn, Watford Grammar School


The Debate Chamber Philosophy Summer School has been a fantastic way to allow me to see what university level philosophy will be like, along with all the challenges and excitement found along the way. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the course with brilliant tutors and an insight into the mysteries of philosophy, I would highly recommend this to anyone with an interest in the subject.

Thomas, Whitchurch High School


This course was brilliant! All the tutor were great and we covered so much in just 5 days. I was looking for a course which would act as a taster of different topics in philosophy and would give me an insight to what philosophy would be like in university, and that is exactly what I got!

Emma, CSA New Tech


The Philosophy Summer School was fantastic! Lessons were interactive and fun, and philosophy was made incredibly accessible. We covered a variety of philosophical topics, leaving each session with a good grasp of lots of philosophers and their theories. Go for it!

Bismah, Bradford Girls School


The course is both insightful and highly enjoyable! I went into each class with feelings of apprehension and excitement; there is never a dull moment as you are always learning something new. The discussions were heated and the questions raised during debate were limitless. I felt privileged to be in company of such knowledgeable, experienced tutors and within such a diverse group of students. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in pursuing Philosophy, or just to anyone with an inquisitive mind and is willing to ask those questions which most people try and avoid!

Jasmine, St. Helens and St. Katherines School


I found the whole week incredibly useful and enjoyable. This was down to the combination of the tutors who were both knowledgeable and engaging and the other students. Being surrounded by people who shared my enthusiasm but not all my beliefs led to a range of interesting (and somewhat heated) debates that really made the course the great experience it was. I only wish I had done one sooner.

Elizabeth, St Paul’s Girls School


The Autumn Philosophy School was a great experience. It allowed me to improve both the depth of my philosophical knowledge and my debating skills. I now have a good grounding in the main areas in philosophy and I think the course will prove invaluable when I apply to philosophy at university.

Freddie, Sevenoaks School


The course is brilliant in that it introduces you to the side of Philosophy that we don’t really touch upon at A-Level. It made me realise how broad and diverse Philosophy is, as well as how it overlaps and intertwines with other subjects, such as English and Maths. It also made me realise that by studying Philosophy I am opening myself up to a whole world of philosophical thought and that I will not be restricted, as is often the way in subjects such as science or languages. I found the course fun, challenging and wonderfully educating, as well as the opportunity to meet others who were as equally interested as I am. Brilliant!

Cecelia, Bryanston School


The Autumn Philosophy School was a unique way to experience philosophy as it is practiced in higher education, with a healthy emphasis on discussion. The value of discourse was well coupled with teaching of particular topics, which although perhaps seeming at first familiar from previous study, were presented with a fresh insight. Regardless of whether you have or have not studied philosophy before, this course allows anyone to engage in philosophy actively, providing a challenge for all.

Alexander, Christ’s Hospital School


I would definitely recomend taking this course to anyone interested in philosophy. Everyone was really nice and the course material was fascinating.

Charlotte, Dean Close School


It was a brilliant experience with both great tutors and great fellow students; I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in philosophy.

Edward, Winchester College


Philosophy summer school is the best way to get introduced to the subject, and great for those with limited experience of it, as it will deepen your knowledge and give you access to new ideas which you can explore on your own.

Samantha, Aylesbury High School


It was extremely helpful in deciding whether I’d enjoy studying philosophy at university (I will!!) I would wholeheartedly recommend students attend one of Debate Chamber’s courses if it is anything like the philosophy one! As a whole, I found it very enjoyable and enriching.

Will, Sollihull School


The Philosophy Summer School was both interesting and informational. The course consisted of mostly note-taking, debating and listening to the tutor explaining the philosophy. The debating really helps you to get your point across and to learn of others’ opinions, which can be just as thought-provoking as the thoughts of actual philosophers. I left the course with a much better understanding of how philosophy is carried out, and has been carried out for hundreds of years. Also, it has helped me to get a better understanding of how learning is done after GCSEs.

Ellen, Walthamstow School for Girls


I can’t reccomend it highly enough, the atmosphere was really relaxed and welcoming, and all the tutors were so lovely and approachable, I never felt intimidated or unsure about asking a question or speaking to the group. I took the course unsure about whether I wanted to take Philosophy for A-level, now I’m sure it’s what I want to study at university! I’m so glad I did the couse, it really opened my eyes to what a fascinating and varied subject Philosophy is. The quality of teaching was brilliant, all the topics were explained clearly and the class discussions made the event really exciting and engaging, I can’t believe how much I learnt in five days!

Laura, Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School


My brain has never been so stretched before and I loved it. It seems intense to try and cover ‘Philosophy’ in 5 days, and it really is but the way it’s done is interactive enough and the tutors so enthusiasitc that you feel as though you are actually philosophically engaged in the process. The other people were also wonderful; I don’t think I’ve ever got to work with such an interesting and interested group.

Sophie, Reading Blue Coat School


I really enjoyed attending the Philosophy Summer School; it gave me a great feel for the subject, and it was fun being engaged with students who shared a similar passion for the subject. I would really recommend it to anyone who is curious to learn more – the teaching has been great, and with the wide number of topics discussed there is definitely something for everyone!

Rukmini, Godolphin & Latymer


Fantastic atmosphere, to be doing something you love with a dynamic and interesting group of people is definitely an experience to recommend!

Alex, Churchers College


A great taster for doing Philosophy at uni. Great fun and a good experience.

Tom, Aylesbury Grammar School


I took this course purely out of curiosity. Now it’s changed the way I see the world.

Masahiro, Nada High School (Kobe, Japan)


I am pleased that I took the time to attend the Philosophy summer school as it was an inspiring, worthwhile opportunity. I was intrigued by the discussions focused on ethics and moral philosophy and learned that anything can be turned into a philosophical debate! By the end of the sessions, I didn’t want to leave; the week left me eager to pursue philosophy further and grateful for the brilliant sessions held by tutors from Oxford University! I enjoyed every single minute of the week!

Rachel, Walthamstow School for Girls


I really enjoyed the time I spent at the Philosophy Summer School, not only was it an extremely useful introduction to many areas of philosophy it was also really good fun.

Kate, St Swithun’s School


Great tutors. Great students. Great sessions. Overall, one of my best experiences I’ve had so far in this summer.

Linzi, Freiherr-vom-Stein Gymnasium (Munster, Germany)