Mathematics Summer School

“Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty cold and austere, like that of sculpture, without appeal to any part of our weaker nature, without the gorgeous trappings of painting or music, yet sublimely pure, and capable of a stern perfection such as only the greatest art can show. The true spirit of delight, the exaltation, the sense of being more than Man, which is the touchstone of the highest excellence, is to be found in mathematics as surely as in poetry.” 

Bertrand Russell

The Mathematics Summer School is an opportunity for bright students to explore some of the most exciting and challenging ideas in contemporary mathematics. Each course consists of a structured 5-day programme led by a team of expert tutors. As a general structure, students will develop a theoretical understanding of a particular area of mathematics in the morning session, before exploring the practical applications of these theories in the afternoon.

Mathematics Summer School – Part 1 focuses on Number Theory, Algebra and Geometry and is open to students aged 15-18. Topics will include prime numbers, Riemann-zeta functions, polynomial equations, non-Euclidean geometry, group theory, statistical methods, probability theory, algorithms, Turing machines and code-breaking. As part of this programme, students will explore some of the most fascinating and famous unsolved problems in mathematics, including the Riemann Hypothesis, Goldbach Conjecture and Twin Prime Conjecture.

A full schedule for the course can be found here.

Mathematics Summer School – Part 2 focuses on Calculus, Proofs and Infinities and requires that students have completed a minimum of one year of A-level study in Mathematics (or equivalent) at the time of the course. This programme offers a university-style approach to the topics of linear algebra, modular arithmetic, limits, multi-variable calculus, mathematical induction, set theory and cryptography, including some very exciting real-world applications of the mathematical theory. 

A full schedule for the course can be found here.

Please note that, although both courses complement each other, they may be treated as independent events and there is no requirement to have attended Part 1 in order to attend Part 2. Part 2 of the course will offer an undergraduate approach to learning, helping students to make informed decisions about continuing in the study of mathematics, as well as bridging the educational gap between secondary school and university.

Classes are small, typically containing twelve to fifteen students, all of whom should have a passion for mathematics, a curiosity to build on their existing knowledge and be keen to embrace and exchange new ideas. An expert Tutor will lead each session in a seminar format, but learning will be largely student-led wherever practical, creating a comfortable environment for students to share ideas amongst their peers and to progress from their existing knowledge toward more challenging material.

If you have found yourself hoping to push the boundaries of your pure mathematical knowledge, or curious about the ways in which mathematics can be used to further our understanding of subjects such as physics, philosophy or computing, you’ll be given the chance to explore your ideas at the Mathematics Summer School.

This Summer School is particularly appropriate for students who may be considering further study of mathematics at undergraduate level, or who are interested in related disciplines such as physics, computing or engineering.

‘The course gave me invaluable insight into Mathematics at university and more complex subjects. I found solving problems very helpful and would definitely suggest anyone considering doing a Maths degree should attend one of these courses to expand their knowledge and experience the more challenging topics that are studied at university.’

‘It was a fantastic opportunity to discover new areas of maths that I would otherwise have not been introduced to through the A Level syllabus. I enjoyed the course and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in approaching more challenging maths problems.’

‘You won’t regret it! If you love the subject, you’ll love the entire week. It gives an unparalleled taster into university mathematics and allows you to explore some absolutely fascinating concepts – some of which will be almost entirely alien to you! The teachers were excellent and the friendly atmosphere ensures that everyone has a great time. I wish I could go again’

Practical Details

Part 1 of the Mathematics Summer School is open to all students aged 15-18, and Part 2 is open to students who have completed a minimum of one year of A-Level study in Maths (or equivalent) at the time of the course.

Part 1 of the Summer School will take place 22nd – 26th July 2019.

Part 2 of the Summer School will take place 29th July – 2nd August 2019.

The venue for this course is the University of London, Bloomsbury Campus, Central London – you can see more venue and travel details here.

The cost of the Mathematics Summer School is £495 per student for five days, or book both Parts of the course (if eligible) for £895. Please note that accommodation is not included, and must be arranged independently if required.

Debate Chamber offers a limited number of full and partial bursaries to students who could not otherwise afford to attend. If you are applying for a bursary then please complete the ‘Bursary Application Form’ here.

To book a place or places at the Mathematics Summer School, or if you have any further questions, simply call on 0845 519 4827, email, or book online.

Booking Form

Debate Chamber offers a limited number of full and partial bursaries to students who could not otherwise afford to attend. If you are applying for a bursary please do not complete this form, but instead complete the ‘Bursary Application Form’ here.

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