Mathematics Student Reviews


Overall really beneficial and enjoyable. Friendly atmosphere and a small class so everyone got individual help. Lesson time not long enough to be bored or feel like its a chore. Very varied (changing topic every day of half day) so got the chance to explore many different areas of pure maths. Challenged me to think differently than I am used to doing in school and, though I had already decided to take maths at uni, I feel like I have a better idea of what to expect.

Anouschka, Notting Hill and Ealing High School


The teaching was very good. I enjoyed how it was structured between small breakout rooms where we could receive more individual support and larger group discussions. I enjoyed the content. I did find the second day (coding) quite tricky but other than that I felt like it was a good level. Everyone was very welcoming and supportive.

Lily, Herts and Essex High School


It was great. The teacher was very good at explaining mathematical concepts. I liked how we sometimes took our time with the more challenging topics. It was inclusive because it was easy to ask questions and to contribute to the discussion. I enjoyed going in breakout rooms to discuss questions with others.

Natalia, Trinity Catholic High School


The teaching was very, good and very much enjoyed the course. I thought there was a good distribution of difficulty. Everyone was welcoming and friendly.

Danny, Penglais School


The teaching for the course was really enjoyable! All the teachers were extremely warm and answered all questions we had and I like that the teachers changed because I got experience different teaching methods from each of them. The most positive moments were seeing how many of the facts we use in school without questioning come to be true and how they actually work.

Darshita, Hastings School


It was a very interesting week. Many of the topics covered were an extension of what you cover in the classroom, and it was very stimulating and thought-provoking. I felt very comfortable there, and me and the other students gelled together quite quickly. Overall, it was a really enjoyable week, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in mathematics.

Ciaran, Bishop Ullathorne Catholic School


It is a brilliant Summer school and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learnt lots of new material which will be very useful for me when continuing with maths. Massive thank you, it was truly an amazing experience.

Felicity, Francis Holland School


I would definitely recommend this course for anyone looking to study maths in university. It provides a good insight into what a first year undergraduate would involve. The sessions were enjoyable and covers a wide variety of content.

Melanie, Ousedale School


The teaching for this course was great. It was very engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My favourite day was the day on differential equations. The course content was a bit of a challenge, but this wasn’t a bad thing since I enjoy the mental stimulation I get from the problems. Everyone was friendly and the tutors were very inclusive and made sure you weren’t falling behind. Everyone also had their opportunity to contribute and answer the questions.

Hashim, Reading School


The teaching was good, very clear and the accompanying notes are very helpful particularly as the teachers laid out the working and equations very clearly. The breakout rooms were helpful and the teachers checking in were too as it enabled us to think independently with occasional guidance when needed. The teachers were very kind and the attendees were equally very open-minded. It was extremely easy to ask questions in the main chat and perhaps even more so in the breakout rooms as each teacher came round.

Zach, Reed’s School


The teaching was good. I felt the teachers helped to explain the topics really well and they were there to ask if you had any questions about the problem sheets. Personally, I feel the difficulty of the course was about right as it was challenging but doable

Ben, St Albans School


At first I was a bit apprehensive about devoting a week of my summer to a maths course but it was well worth it. If you are unsure whether a maths degree is right for you, or even if you have already made your decision, then this course will help confirm your decision. The tutors presented the material in a clear manner and the wide variety of topics covered ensured that everyone could enjoy the week. The location was fantastic –  being in the centre of London gave you a flavour of what studying in London would be like and has convinced me to apply to a London university. The course was challenging, some of the material we studied was university level, but this made the course even more rewarding.

Madeleine, Guildford High School


I found the Summer School really gave me a good taster of what my subject (maths) would be like to study at university as well as being something to write on my personal statement.

Alex, Elthorne Park High School


Debate Chamber will give you an amazing insight into new material, and you’ll get to meet people of a similar age with similar interests to you. Would definitely recommend!

Analysia, Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar, Malaysia


This Summer School will teach you new topics and also build upon those you may have encountered. Everyone is very friendly and will take your questions and are happy to stay behind through lunchtimes to explain any questions. Thoroughly worthwhile.

Lucy, Cynfigg Comprehensive School


The Maths Summer School provided a great opportunity to delve into many complex and interesting topics beyond AS level.

Jemima, City of London School for Girls


The Maths Summer School is great fun! Everyone is so friendly and I learned so much! It is a great opportunity to expand your mathematical knowledge beyond the current syllabus. I would definitely recommend it!

Tanya, Croydon High School


The week I spent at the Debate Chamber Maths Summer School was a really enjoyable one. I learnt lots of new skills and found out about topics that I had never really considered before. It was great to find out about university Maths and the tutors had a lot of advice to give about how to make the most of your learning at university. It was especially interesting to see the proofs of various things and to hear about ideas such as “the proof of proof by induction”! Overall, I would really urge anyone to go on this course if they have an interest in Maths – even if they are not necessarily going to study it in its purest sense at university.

Rebecca, Headington School


If you are considering taking a maths related degree at university in the future, this week-long Summer School provides an excellent taster of what you can expect. The course opens your eyes to intriguing fields of mathematics you may not be familiar with, and the tutors do a great job at making sure you understand the topics.

Michael, The Ilfracombe Academy


A very interesting summer school, with advanced topics covered thoroughly. Definitely would recommend.

Arvind, The Grammar School at Leeds


It was a really valuable, interesting week. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about new areas of mathematics then applying this knowledge to problem type questions, as oppose to the usual answering the same question ten times just with different numbers. As it was presented in the style of university level maths it is perfect for anyone considering studying maths at university and has confirmed that that is what I want to do.

Katrina, Tormead School


If you are not sure if you want to study math at university or just want to expand your knowledge of mathematics, this course is right for you. The teachers are all very educated and present things in a clear manner.

Tim,  Klasicna Gimnazija Poljane


An extremely interesting course and a great introduction to what maths will be like at university. I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering studying maths after school.

Caroline, St Lawrence College


A great opportunity to expand one’s mathematical horizons under the instruction of teachers who really love what they are teaching.

Henry, Winchester College


This summer school was such a great choice for me, because I learnt about topics I wouldn’t learn about in college. It was a super experience with good company.

Eniko, Leyton Sixth Form College


The Mathematics Summer School was extremely useful and also challenging for all of the students. The teachers were especially good and made the material, problems and many class activities interesting and engaging.

Matthew, Dubai College (Dubai, U.A.E.)


Over the five days, I was presented with different topics that I had not come across in my A Level Mathematics course. This experience has helped me to learn new skills and techniques as well as getting ahead for the Further Mathematics A Level. I throughly enjoyed the Computer Science element of Maths and is a great introduction for my university course that I will pursue in Maths and Computer Science. I would definitely recommend this course and I am delighted to have taken part in this experience!

Helena, Tiffin Girls School


Attending the Maths Summer School allowed me to explore a variety of mathematical concepts not covered at school. I was given an opportunity to learn about multivariable calculus and differential equations from a physics graduate, predicate logic and Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem from a philsophy graduate, and linear algebra from a mathematics graduate. All of my tutors were very eloquent and clear, and I’ve learnt new branches of mathematics to give myself a slight headstart going into university. However, what Debate Chamber taught me most of all was how to appreciate mathematics and its infinitude of uses. From studying how Google works to looking at the very fundamentals of the subject, I highly recommend Debate Chamber to anybody looking to gain insights into their course, learn about some of the most interesting aspects of a subject that you might not have been taught, and ask students (not your teachers!) what studying the course at university is like. Thank you Debate Chamber!

Chris, Caterham School


I am very glad that I chose to attend this summer school. It provided some extremely valuable insight into the logic and intuition of mathematics which is usually skimmed over at A level.

Elena, The Grey Coat Hospital School


I found this Mathematics summer school after searching the web for a short and affordable summer school and after looking at several different summer schools, I felt that the summer school at the Debate Chamber would be my best option. I do not regret choosing the Debate Chamber summer school as I thoroughly enjoyed it. I met some very pleasant and interesting people who share the same interests as myself. But most importantly, the course introduced me to some degree level Mathematics which was incredibly interesting and enjoyable and this course has completely confirmed my desire to study Mathematics at University.

Fabio, Langley School


If you’re still in the process of deciding whether or not to study Mathematics at university because you don’t know if you’ll enjoy it or if you’ll be able to cope with the content of the course, I highly recommend attending the Debate Chamber’s Mathematics Summer School. It takes you through a variety of topics – some of which you may have encountered before, some new – and you’re bound to learn something new at each stage. For me, it was the perfect opportunity to help me decide what I want to study at uni because it showed me that there are other branches of Mathematics which I really did enjoy and it also showed me that with the right attitude, I would do well at this subject and I would be able to make new friends. Overall, a great experience!

Zahra, Wallington High School for Girls


It was a fantastic opportunity to discover new areas of maths that I would otherwise have not been introduced to through the A Level syllabus. I enjoyed the course and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in approaching more challenging maths problems.

Katie, North London Collegiate School


Attending the summer school was a well worth experience that will be remembered in years to come. Being surrounded by like minded people in a warm and pleasant atmosphere was not only fascinating but exciting to learn about the subject. Learning topics outside the A level curriculum gave me a head start to my further studies and an insight to university life. The tutors were helpful, inspiring and passionate about the subject, which made the work more appealing and satisfying – a well worth week.

Nicole, Tolworth Girls School


The Summer School was an excellent opportunity to give me a feel of what maths at university may be like. I would recommend it to anyone planning to study maths or related subjects at university.

Rima, King Edward VI Grammar School


The Summer School was really good. It opened my eyes to new areas of Maths and was really stretching. It’s best to have some knowledge of the A-Level course, though!

Ankur, Drayton Manor School


I enjoyed the Maths Summer School, as all the students and teachers were very freindly and welcoming. The maths covered was, for the most part, more interesting than school syllabus mathematics. This made the course much more exciting and less tedious than school.

Anthony, Latymer Upper School


Enjoyable experience to learn from top tutors at leading universities who are on top of their game.

Mujahid, Barking Abbey School


I enjoyed the Maths Summer School as it was a casual environment making it easy to learn and be introduced to new concepts.

Aashi, Forest School


This Summer School helps sixth-form students decide whether a Maths degree is for them, and if they decide they’d like to study it at university, participating in the Summer School becomes invaluable for putting on your UCAS application and talking about the subjects discussed.

Lucas, Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital School


The Maths Summer School offered is ideal for anyone who has just done AS, and are ready for some. more advanced mathematics.

Sam, Forest School


I found this course very enjoyable and would definitely recommend it to anyone who doesn’t find a-level maths very challenging!

Adam, Lingfield Notre Dame School


Though the price may seem steep, the course was well worth it, and gives a very good insight into first year elementary mathematics topics. The tutors and ‘students’ are also really friendly and all in all I would recommend this to anyone seriously looking to apply in a mathematics related field.

Anujan, Latymer Upper School


The Maths Summer School was a great experience, we got to learn from tutors who were very passionate not only about their subject but also wanting to share their knowledge. Everyone you meet is helpful and friendly.

Lasse, St James’ Senior Boys School


The Maths Summer School has helped me to understand what it would be like to undertake Mathematics at University. The course allowed me to participate with other mathematicians; experiencing different mathematical techniques and learning how to approach harder mathematical problems.

Elizabeth, Notre Dame School


An excellent 3 day experience of Mathematics at a high level. It gives an insight into university mathematics particularly but also engineering and physics. Definitely worth attending if you enjoy maths.

Leigh, Lady Eleanor Holles School


It was a great experience to have. It gives a real taste of what university courses are like. Many individuals visit university open days, however they can not fully grasp on what the tutoring will be like. This course also allows a mathematician to see their future potentials.

Viveque, Pimlico Academy


Even if you don’t plan to do an actual maths course at university, this course still highlighted how useful the subject can be across the board of scientific and logical disciplines.

Ross, Bishop Stortford School


During the course we explored several different topics beyond the A-level sylabus. On the first day, we looked at differential equations and used them to solve a problem involving the motion of a pendulum. On the second day, we work on proving Euler’s Theorum about graphs and worked on prooving the maximum number of colours needed to colour a map. On our thrid day, we learnt about Chaos and Fractals and rules that help govern these parts of maths. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their maths beyond A-level.

Jonathan, University College School


The teaching was excellent & all the topics were interesting even if they were not directly related to what I was doing. It was a great preparation for my A level Course.

Andrew,  St Benedict’s School


The course was very interesting, and extended my knowledge and interest of mathematics even further than it was already.

Alexander, Therfield School


Certainly worth going on to see the sort of maths you will do at uni, and to be challenged learning something you’ve never seen before.

Jake, Alton College


I have found the Maths Summer School to have been an incredibly useful and enjoyable experience. The tutors all showed a true passion for maths and they were excellent at explaining all of the concepts. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in maths, and especially to those who are considering maths at university.

James, Norwich School


Brilliant course, well run, fascinating talks, I would definitely recommend to anyone wishing to try new and exciting branches of maths.

Greg, The Judd School


This was a really good course, covering loads of different topics, all of which were very interesting. The tutors were great, I had a very good time!

Rebecca, Devon Park School


Great exploration of maths beyond A-level!

Tom, Aylesbury Grammar School


I attended the maths summer school because I thought it would be a good experience and give me a feel for university life, it ended up giving me this and much more. I learnt a lot of maths and I feel this will prepare me for university as I have already been taught parts of the course.

Yasmin, Cleeve School


Overall a great experience which is enjoyable and educational! I learnt a lot of new theories and experienced maths outside to that taught at school.

Shayna, St Catherine’s School


It’s a good course and worth going on. You’ll encounter stuff you haven’t seen before and everything’s very well taught.

Pete, John Hampden Grammar School


Brilliant tutors and fascinating topics – you’ll work really hard but it’s absolutely worth it!

Naomi, Stephen Perse Foundation School


Fantastic and honest insight into university mathematics.

Kush, Trinity School