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Debate Chamber offers students the opportunity to explore some of the fascinating subjects on offer at university, while experiencing an exciting and engaging seminar-style approach to learning. Our courses allow like-minded students to share their passion and enthusiasm for ideas in a collaborative and inclusive environment. We are strongly committed to creating spaces where students from a wide range of backgrounds feel comfortable and confident expressing their views and opinions. A relaxed atmosphere, with plenty of discussion, will help you to make new friends and discover new perspectives.

Debate Chamber prides itself on the quality of the educational experience provided through each of its courses. We are always looking for new ways to engage and inspire our students and highly value the feedback we receive. At the end of each course we ask students to write a short review to help inform others when deciding on which courses to attend. You can read the student reviews for each of our courses below.

‘It was incredible to meet such a wonderful variety of people my age all united by a passion for literature. Everyone was so engaged and we were able to have some really in depth debates. It was completely different from school as everyone genuinely wanted to be there. I had so much fun and I will never forget my amazing experience at Debate Chamber!’

Helena, Francis Holland School

Art History

The Art History summer course was fabulous. Over the course of the week we studied a wide range of periods and styles as well as a trip to London’s National Gallery. The intense nature of the course meant that one was able to learn a lot but also participate in many a discussion. Overall the course proved excellent and I would highly recommend it!

Katie, Burgess Hill School for Girls

This course was really useful as I now know that I definitely want to do History of Art at university. The teachers are really knowledgable and engaging, really making you look forward to the next day! The topics covered make you think, as well as securing the knowledge I already had, and filling in some gaps. I’d definitely do it again!

Alice,  Lady Eleanor Holles School

The Art History Summer School was really fantastic, covering a wide range of topics and yet covering each one in depth. The tutors were really friendly and had an infectious enthusiasm for their subject. Highlights included the trip to the National Gallery and the session on the visual uncanny. I would highly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in Art History.

Georgia,  King Edward VI School

History of Art with Debate Chamber was a great way for me to confirm that I wanted to study the subject at uni. Not only did I learn loads of new concepts but I got a taste of curating – something I would love to pursue as a future career. The course has made me excited about my academic future!

Amy,  Quinton House School

The Art History Summer School was a wonderful experience! The lecturers made the subject fascinating, and I really enjoyed learning about the many different areas of art history. I would definitely recommend this summer school to anyone interested in learning more about the subject or considering studying it at university!

Lizzie, St Dominic’s Priory School

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Attending the Dental Summer School was an enlightening experience and would recommend it to anyone interested in studying Dentistry. I felt significantly more knowledgeable about the subject as we were not only taught the scientific aspects of the course by experienced Dentists, but also how to handle patients, and the practical sessions were certainly enjoyable too.

Puja,  St Dominics Sixth Form College

I found the Dentistry Summer School really useful in helping me to get a better overview of the subject. It helped to improve my understanding of what being a dental professional is like; and the basics of dentistry and what is involved in many different specialities was also covered in detail. I feel it will definitely help with my university application process, and also increased my enthusiasm for the subject.

Shereen, Chelmsford County High School

Debate Chamber’s Dentistry Summer School is a fantastic way to be immersed into each of the branches of dentistry. The short lectures cover a multitude of information in a relaxed style and even allow for some hands on manual tasks.

Jay,  The North Halifax Grammar School

This Summer School is definitely worth the time and money. It allows you to try out practicals such as carving teeth out of wax and stitching techniques which are relevant skills for dentistry. Also the summer school enhances your knowledge and understanding of the dentistry field which assured me that I was definitely making the right career choice for me.

Emma,  Ashby School

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The week was thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring. The atmosphere in the group was very friendly and inclusive and the teachers were fantastic in their enthusiastic approach. They not only made it fun and interactive but also highly interesting and thought-provoking. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in the subject.

Rose, Stephen Perse Foundation

The Economics Summer School is an amazing experience. You’re constantly challenged to push yourself to think harder and more like an economist, all the while going through exciting topics with an extremely enjoyable style of teaching. Meeting other people as enthusiastic as you about economics is also fantastic, and bouncing ideas off each other again pushes you. I would definitely recommend!

Emily, Kendrick School

For whatever economics background you may have, whether it is GCSE, AS or none, the Debate Chamber economics summer school is extremely useful in opening doors to a huge range of economic topics and issues. It is a great bridge towards university level economics and is a very enjoyable experience. I would recommend to anyone with even a pinch of desire to study economics further!

Surya, Reading School

The Economics Summer School was an exciting and insightful experience. Having had no previous experience of the subject this course provided a perfect introduction to Economics! All the topics were thoroughly enjoyable whether it was learning about the Financial Markets or even the Game Theory! I thoroughly recommend this to anyone considering Economics in the future!

Hanishaam, North London Collegiate School

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English Literature

I absolutely adored the summer school- it was completely inspiring and I enjoyed every second of it! I would have done the week over and over! I would recommend to anyone interested in literature, no matter whether experienced or not because you will, without a doubt, come away from the course with a passion for literature that will never leave you!

Isla, Royal High School

Thoroughly enjoyable as I now have friends with an interest in literature as much as my own, they are great at recommending books to read for me which I previously would be oblivious to; it has confirmed for me the fact that I want to study literature at university. Due to Debate Chamber I am now reading a greater variety of texts, which will help prepare me for my further studies.

Gemma, Graveney School

Great overview – with some in-depth reading and ideas (particularly different forms of criticism) that have made me feel much more prepared for uni. Tutors fantastic – knowledgeable, clearly passionate, and willing to give up their own time to help you with your interests. Amazing!

Lydia, Withington Girls School

The English Literature Summer School gave a great introduction to periods of literature and society which I hadn’t even considered before. The atmosphere is so relaxed and everyone in my group was so friendly and just as up to discuss everything in the course.

Holly, Westminster School

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The History Summer School course was one of the most academically enriching events I’ve ever been to; the course not only was interesting but as a result of it I was left wanting to learn all about every topic that we covered. The tutors were engaging and the debate amongst the other course members was thought-provoking and fun. The atmosphere was great and I’ll be definitely coming back for another course next year.

Ish, St Albans High School for Girls

This course was a fascinating insight into university history with some really kind, welcoming and interesting tutors who made the learning fun and engaging. It was exciting to be around so many like-minded people and I had a lot of laughs as well as learning about such a complex, wide and interesting subject as history.

Constance, Clifton College

I really enjoyed participating in the history course – knowledgeable tutors, really friendly and funny people in your classroom, interactive exercises that brings out the best of you. I didn’t think my brain was going to be challenged this much during the holidays, but it was worth it ! Studying History beyond the usual facts is really interesting as well and brings a new perspective into studying History in general and at undergraduate level.

Julia, Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle

The course is perfect for anyone with even a small interest in history. Over the course of the week we covered a large variety of interesting and stimulating subjects. The tutors are both knowledgable and approachable and the sessions are all conducted in an inclusive and friendly environment. I cannot recommend this course enough.

Max, Magdalen College School

Would recommend this to anyone who is interested and wants to explore history outside of their prescribed GCSE/A Level curriculum. Whether you definitely want to study this subject post-secondary, or are unsure and considering it, this course will provide you with the clarity you are seeking.

Eneko, Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form & College

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International Relations

The International Relations School is highly informative and a great learning environment. The resources provided are extremely helpful on giving you a good handle on current situations and you are given many opportunities to put the knowledge you obtain into practice.

Anoushay, High School of Dundee

I could not recommend the International Relations Summer School enough. Whether you’re already planning to study international relations at university or are still unsure, the base knowledge gained from attending will really give you an advantage from the very beginning of your future studies, whatever they are.

Benjamin, JFS

The International Relations Summer School is a well-rounded, well-taught and, most importantly, enjoyable introduction to a subject not often taught before university level. As well as learning theories of international relations you will be treated to activities involving negotiation, legislation and globalisation – here you will need the art of persuasion to come out on top. Overall, it is a wonderful week for anyone interested.

Charles, Sutton Grammar School

The International Relations Summer School offers the opportunity to study a variety of interesting topics that are rarely covered at school. Classes are relaxed and highly informative with very knowledgable tutors encouraging frequent participation. I had a fantastic time at Debate Chamber and it has only further encouraged me to study international relations in the future!

Hazel, Withington Girls’ School

This course was an entirely enjoyable week in which my knowledge and understanding of international relations improved considerably. The tutors were so nice and I made some great friends. I definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested in international relations.

Dan, Cowbridge Comprehensive School

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I attended the Law summer school on a partial bursary, which I had worried about applying for. I am so happy that I did as I learned so much and gained the opportunity to try new things such as a mock trial, with great tutors and people that I have kept in contact with and who all became very close in our time on the course. If you are deliberating about going, or applying for a bursary, please go for it!

Heather, Cardinal Newman College

If you’re interested in applying practical wisdom and evaluative skills to complex aspects of the Law, this course is for you! With engaging tutors and the development of your ability to convey your own opinion through class debate and a mock trial, this course combines all that is invigorating about studying Law and will undoubtedly give you a lasting positive impression of university level learning.

Alex, Whitgift School

If you are interested in law, then this is the course to do. You will learn so much about it in a friendly and engaging environment. All the tutors are extremely knowledgeable about law and are willing to talk to you at great length about how to get into a career in law.

Imogen, St Swithuns School

The Summer Law School provides an excellent opportunity to get some real insight into the way in which Law is taught at university level, and whilst this can be challenging at first, the tutors teach effectively and create an inclusive and friendly atmosphere in which to learn.

Anoshamisa, Shenley Brook End School

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The Mathematics Summer School is a great introduction to maths at university. During the five days I was presented with a variety of new topics in mathematics which had not been covered in the A level course. I would highly recommend attending the Debate Chamber Summer School, as it gives you a great opportunity to look at other areas of maths.

Jessica, Sacred Heart of Mary Girls School

I really enjoyed the week I spent at the Debate Chamber Maths Summer School. It provided me with an excellent insight into how maths is studied at university. Learning about topics that are not covered in the A-level course helped me to develop my problem solving skills. Overall, I am delighted to have taken part in this experience and would recommend it to anyone else who has an interest in maths.

Phoebe, Kings College School

This is a great event as it gives you lots of exposure to university style teaching and ideas, really testing your knowledge and dedication to your subject. The tutors guide you through it, pushing you to your full potential but in a fun and engaging manner. This course is define it’ll worth taking part in.

Helen, Sutton High School for Girls

If you love Mathematics and are thinking of taking the subject beyond A-level do not hesitate to attend this course. I came away from this week with crazy enthusiasm for maths as well helpful guidelines and knowledge to support my career in the subject. I made some great new friends and met inspirational maths-minded people who I will never forget!

Annabelle, Bancrofts School

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I am at the end of Year 10 and am considering Medicine as a career option. I found this course has further stimulated my interest and has made me more certain about doing a Medical degree (the tutors also gave us good practical insight into what it is like being a Medical student). I would highly recommend this course to anyone at a similar stage to me.

Eleanor, Oxford High School

The Medicine Debate Chamber was really interesting as you got the chance to extend the knowledge you already have further and link it to real life situations. You also get the chance to learn about patient interaction and how to best communicate with patients to come to a diagnosis.

Hadiqa, The Abbey School

I would totally recommend the Medicine Summer School. If you’re having doubts about whether to pursue this profession, your qualms will disappear because of the amazing atmosphere this course provides. Do not be afraid of signing up, it’s definitely value for money.

Kazim, The Beacon School

It was really fun and informative. It was really great to meet other like minded people I especially enjoyed being about to talk to current Med Students as they all held a wealth of helpful information. It was also good that we were able to pick which parts of the course we were interested rather than having to attend all 5 weekends.

Lucy, Sir Roger Manwoods School



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Philosophy and Cultural Theory

I found my time at the Philosophy Summer School to be incredibly enjoyable and educational.  Seeing as I had never formally studied philosophy before and was considering studying it at university I thought it would be wise to have some formal teaching to make sure the subject was for me.  The summer school did just that and has greatly motivated me and cemented my choice of university course.

Abigail, Hurtwood House

The Philosophy Summer School was very insightful and addressed topics that are not typical of an A level curriculum, which was especially good for expanding my knowledge. The teachers are helpful and engaging, and being in a class with people who have a genuine interest in the subject made the course more welcoming and enjoyable .

Lilymae, Bishop Stopford School

Attending the Philosophy Summer School at Debate Chamber was one of the best experiences ever! The topics gave a really solid introduction to philosophy and the discussions were really fun and exciting. The tutors were excellent and were helpful with giving advice about studying philosophy at university. It was a really enjoyable and unique experience that was both informative and engaging!

Karina, Francis Holland School

I would recommend Debate Chamber because you are not only taught the specifics of a topic by experts, but you get to experience how older students are treated and how courses are run, which can provide you with the experience and insight needed into choosing subjects for the future.

Harold, Kew House School

The tutors are all very friendly. I think it is an experience that every student should have. The subjects were presented clearly and in a really fun way. The tutors know how to draw your attention to the subjects and interest you. Completely wonderful I never wanted it to end.

Kayla, Near East College


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This was by far the most informative, productive and enjoyable week of my summer holiday. It was an incredibly well balanced and finely tuned course, which not only expanded my knowledge of physics, but my skills in applying it to unfamiliar problems. Chilled atmosphere, tutors approachable and engaging; couldn’t recommend this course more for aspiring physicists.

Kulbir, Merchant Taylors School

Definitely come to this summer school to learn about first year physics at university, it offers an insight into the awesome theories and maths which you will do and also it provides knowledge from the tutors and they tell you about their daily jobs and what they do.

Alexander, Dulwich College

Anyone considering Physics at University level should seriously consider the Physics Summer School. Having attended myself, I now have a much clearer impression of what studying this fascinating subject at University is like. Moreover, the Summer School will help you decide which branch of Physics to pursue.

James, Merchant Taylors Boys School

The Physics Summer School really fuelled my enthusiasm for the subject, and gave me an overview of different topics which makes me feel more secure for my university interviews. It was great being able to delve further into the details than we get the chance to at school, and the tutors were so helpful at answering all our questions! Overall, it was a fantastic experience.

Catherine, Wycombe Abbey School

I would thoroughly recommend this summer school for anyone interested in studying physics, as it not only added to my own interest in the subject, it challenged my understanding and gave me an opportunity to learn physics concepts not taught until past undergraduate level. A great addition to any cv or personal statement!

Sabrina, King Edward VI Grammar School


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The Politics Summer School covers a wide range of topics so there is a session for everyone. On top of that all the tutors are very helpful and make sure all sessions have an equal balance of learning and debate. Whether you are certain you want to study politics or not this course will help you make up your mind or at least provide an amazing week you won’t forget!

Poppy, Brooke Weston Academy

Attending the Politics Summer School was an incredible experience. It was interesting and triggered a lot of thinking and debates about the way we organise our society. The teachers were effective and supportive. Since I’m an Italian student, the summer school was also an occasion for me to know a different way of teaching, to exchange ideas and experiences with the english students and to make some good friendships. I become a more conscious citizen.

Giorgio, Liceo Classico Visconti Roma

Politics Summer School is great. I don’t do politics in school and I know nothing about politics but I came out of the summer school like I had done politics all year for my AS. I understand more about my local constituency and where it lies on the political spectrum. It’s an awesome experience and I think it would be useful for anyone thinking of doing PPE at university.

Lauren, Sir Roger Manwood School

The broad range of topics and areas of politics covered in this course ensures that, whatever your particular interests, it will be an enjoying and fulfilling experience. Furthermore, the engaging and enthusiastic tutors help make things you would not have thought interesting or accessible to you, very easy and enjoyable to grasp.

Edward, St Olave’s Grammar School

For me, the best part was simply getting to meet other people who shared my interest in and passion for politics- there was certainly no shortage of debate! The tutors were excellent and I was encouraged to consider some of the broader aspects of politics such as human and civil rights and the art of campaigning. I would certainly recommend it to others at my school.

Lucas, James Allen’s Girls School

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