Young Thinkers Student Reviews


I found it extremely entertaining and interesting and a specially positive moment that I found interesting would be the teletransporter activity. I found it very welcoming and inclusive. It was 100% easy to contribute to discussions and ask questions.

Debarun, Sutton Grammar School


The teaching was incredible!  I particularly loved the level of engagement that we were expected to follow, and the wonderful thought experiments that we were introduced to.

Harper, North Bridge House


It was really interesting and it made me think and use my brain a lot more than I normally do.

Ella, Francis Holland Regents Park


It was very engaging, and our teacher was always prompting us to share our opinions which was good. Some of the content was new to me and at first hard to understand but I grasped all the concepts quickly because they were always explained well and thoroughly. It was easy to contribute because you were never told that you were completely wrong and everyone’s opinions were valued.

Mark, Aldro School


Although philosophy isn’t one of my favourite subjects I found the course engaging and interactive. The course enabled me to think about topics that are unthinkable, for example questioning what is real and whether our sensory experiences define whether we are in a dream or real-life. I found the course had a good balance between seminars, discussions and videos. I wasn’t scared to ask questions or to express my confusion at points.

Shakir, Haberdashers Askes School for Boys


Very interesting to think about many things that never cross my mind on a daily basis or even at school. It was a very welcoming and inclusive group and environment it was easy to make contributions and ask questions.

Sophia, Francis Holland Regents Park


I really enjoyed the summer school and it inspired me to get more involved in debating.

Maelo, St Dunstans School


Very enjoyable and helped me a lot with my debating skills.

Edie, St Pauls Girls School


Really interesting, intellectually challenging but a great experience. I would definitely recommend this to someone, no question.

Nicholas, Alleyn’s School


Young Thinkers is really fun with very nice teachers and interesting subjects. You should come!

Sophia, Lady Margaret’s School


The teachers were all really smart and nice. The acitivities were challenging but not too much otherwise it would have become unenjoyable. The debate subjects were fun and serious. I have learnt a lot and found it really fun. I would recommend it to everyone. Five stars.

Ryan, Queen Elizabeth’s Boys School


I think it was very fun and I learnt a lot as well as find out more about philosophy. Thank you!

Laura, Brigidine School of Windsor


If you like philosophy, expressing your opinion and ethics this is for you.

Daniel, Latymer Upper School


Overall it was very fun. I wish it was longer.

Ani, Willington Prep School


A great course for all students which includes certain key skills, such as ‘SExI’ arguments. And, most fun of all, formal debating!

Rex, Hazeley Academy


Very fun, enjoyable, very good teachers. Not too easy, not too hard.

Emil, Charterhouse School


The course is the most respectful of your views and helps you learn a vital skill in life. It is amazing.

Roni-Ann, Leytonstone School


This is a very useful and enjoyable course including philosophical theory, debating tournament and other fun things.

Charlie, The European School, Culham


Before I came, I thought it would be like school in the summer and I wouldn’t have any friends, but when I got here everyone was so friendly and outgoing. It is really interesting and 1 million times more fun than school. Also my debating skills have improved a lot.

Bella, Bedales School


This course, while mind-bending in the extreme, was still very enjoyable and in fact one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done all holiday.

Joseph, Dulwich College


Loved it so much it stretched my brain muscles.

Octavia, The Perse Girls School


An interesting course to think deeply about real-life matters and challenge your mind!

Aashni, North London Collegiate College


It’s a really fun course which presents challenges in a variety of philosophical, ethical and moral situations and lets you debate against others in a very fun environment.

Sophie, St Helen and St Katherine’s School


It was challenging, mind-blowing, difficult and fun all at the same time.  It was brilliant.

Charles, Sutton Grammar School


I really enjoyed this course and the number of mind challenging days was very well balanced with the easier days.

Kate, Surbiton High School


The Debate Chamber Young Thinkers Summer School was an extremely fun and useful experience.  It had so many fun activities but also lots of deep and challenging activities.

Sachin, ABA IB World School


It was very in-depth and challenging.  Also, it forced/enabled me to think about issues at home which, perhaps, I would not normally have been aware of, or inclined to think about, in depth.

Joseph, Sutton Grammar School


I would recommend this course because it was really fun, I learnt so much and it was really good to meet the people who are interested in the same things as me and the teachers are great!

Laura, St George’s School


A fun filled four days that stretches your mind muscles!

George, All Hallows School


Young Thinkers was an absolutely fantastic experience, an incredibly enjoyable four days which were richly challenging but also in a friendly environment.  It has enhanced my interest in philosophy, ethics and debate!

Robbie, Kent College, Canterbury


The Young Thinkers course made you think about things in more depth than you normally would. It was also very enjoyable and I would definitely recommend it.

Maia, Surbiton High School


You meet many new friends, while laughing and learning. When you go back to school, you’ll be much better without noticing. So come!

Alieonor, Cumnor House


Fantastic course, should do just for the debates, DO IT.

Alex, Sutton Grammar School


You explore different areas of ethics, focusing particularly on individual situations. We also develop many debating skills and are able to present confident, developed speeches at the end.

Eliza, Newport Girls High School


The topics were fab and the teaching was great. It felt great to burn up my energy by debating in a positive way and feel able to share my opinions with people who listen. Everyone was really friendly and I had a great time. I would really recommend this day to any of my friends!!

Florence, St. George’s School


I think this course was really useful and fun as I got the opportunity to learn and contemplate new mind-boggling philosophies which are absolutely fascinating and I will carry on throughout my life. I also was given the chance to voice some of my views, which I don’t usually have elsewhere or even at school, which built up my confidence and ability to debate! The teacher was great and really friendly. I would recommend this course for everyone!

Louise, St George’s School


We explored aspects of medical ethics, then we formed our own island states (with laws).  Finally we explored the ethics of Harry Potter.  It was really fun!

Zack, Jewish Community Secondary School


The Young Thinkers’ Workshop was an in depth look in to debating and Philosophy, each task was well suited to me.  I would recommend this course to students who want to learn about these topics as it has broadened my mindset.  I hope these courses continue.

Manhattan, King Edward’s Grammar School


It was really good and it makes you think and it challenges your views.  Amazing!

Joshua, Jewish Community Secondary School


It was enjoyable.  Just listen carefully and you will understand everything.

Lihwen, Watford Girls’ Grammar School


A really enjoyable experience.  A good way to learn and talk about different topics.

Mustafa, Bishop’s Grammar School


If you want to learn about ideas you previously had not thought of, or want to be challenged on the ideas you already have, you should attend the course.  It is really enjoyable, challenging and you will learn a lot.

Raphael, Jewish Community Secondary School


You learn about debate skills and general tips to have.  It’s fun and friendly and its very enjoyable.

Seth, Burnham Grammar School


Very good, well structured teaching.

James, Lancaster Lane Primary School


The teachers here were very kind and let everyone have their turn in speaking.  It really does make you think.

Pin-Wen, Watford Girls’ Grammar School


We discussed some of the great moral questions in life, everyone was really supportive and I feel like I’ve learned a lot.

Ariane, St George’s School


It was really enjoyable, and really gave the potential to discuss and discover the opinions and issues that define our lives, alongside people who will listen and want to respond.

Jacob, Latymer School


It was enjoyable, because you meet very genuine people and debate and discuss extremely interesting subject areas.

Alec, Parmiters School


This day has been very inspiring and has really got me thinking as to what I want to do as a career one day. It has made me feel more connected with the other people on this course so I can communicate with them better and made me feel very productive. It is a place where anyone can get their personal opinions across and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a challenge.

Jamie, Bowhunt School


It has been extremely enjoyable and has shown many parts of philosophy in a fun way and I would highly recommend this workshop.

Sophie, St. Helen and St. Katherine School


People often wonder where we all came from, why we are here and what we can do in life. If you want to find out, in just one day (or at least receive an overview) then the Young Thinkers course is for you! They will let you express your view and understand its consequences, a unique experience that can help everyone.

Sarina, Loughborough High School


This was a great course! I had so much fun and learnt a lot. I would really recommend this to other students.

Emily, St. Paul’s School for Girls


I think this course is very worth attending as there are a wide range of topics and the teachers are very experienced. It not only answers questions but also makes you ask questions. Thank you.

Elsa, King Alfred’s School


I really enjoyed the day as a whole since it incorporated many aspects of not only philosophy but general perception too. It was interesting to discuss ideas and proposals for governing countries, medical ethics and just whether pink is a real colour?! A very eye-opening experience. Thank you!

Elizabeth W, St. George’s School


Very enjoyable, clever, funny, interesting and made me think. Great tutors!

Henry, Wallington Country Grammar


I think that the Young Thinkers is an enjoyable experience and that other students should take the opportunity to do this.

Georgina, St Teresa’s School


It was amazing and I made lots of new friends!

Katherine, St Teresa’s School


I really enjoyed it!

Eloise, Wycombe Abbey School


We covered arguments and discussions from the past and the present. It was very interesting and I loved hearing everyone’s views.

Eleanor, St Teresa’s School


Its definitely worth doing! Very helpful.

Rajin, Royal Grammar School


I found the experience at the Young Thinkers workshop very fun whilst learning new skills.

Kristjana, St Teresa’s School


I loved the debating and the questions about whether we should kill one person to save many lives.

Alexander, Westminster School


This course was really good fun, the people are so nice and you make friends easily. You learn a lot but not in a boring way, its really fun and I recommend it.

Jess, Beacon Community College


The classes were well taught, with humour injected effectively. Lots of information was covered and it was taught in a comprehensive manner. I would highly recommend this course even if you think now that debating is not for you.

William, Comberton Village College


Enjoyable and intellectual, and definitely useful.

Dev, North Bridge House


It was enjoyable and I learnt a lot.

Advik, North Bridge House


Helpful, educational, fun, enjoyable and useful!

Sophie, St Teresa’s School


It was really useful, and taught me a lot. It made me consider many ethical points. Really worthwhile and you make lots of friends.

Ellie, St Teresa’s School