Economics Student Reviews


It is an extremely useful way to deepen your understanding of a subject that you find interesting and I would definitely recommend it!

Rania, City of London School for Girls


The Economics Summer School is a great opportunity to get away from your school syllabus and explore different ideas and concepts in economics. It allows you to discus complex theories with highly competent tutors in order to get a grasp of what university economics may be like.

Abhishek, Reading School


This Summer School provided me with more than basic knowledge in many economic areas. I gleaned essential knowledge that I am sure to use in the future and am very grateful for the time that the tutors put into it.

Aura, St Paul’s Girls’ School


I personally found this course amazing as not only was the teacher very interactive, but her style of teaching made it very easy to understand the otherwise complex theory behind money and finance.

Jessica, Stroud High School Sixth Form


I have enjoyed this course and I think that it had a good balance between learning new concepts with notes and researching. I have especially enjoyed listening to real life examples such as the tulip asset bubble and the gamestop short selling trolling. There were times when I found some concepts difficult but after asking again and looking at it the next day I understand them now. The learning space was welcoming and inclusive and felt quite easy to discuss your opinion in.

Josie, St Helen’s & St Katharine’s School


I found the teaching really good, we covered everything in detail so everyone could understand. Everyone was easy-going and easy to talk to so it really helped when answering questions and contributing to discussions as you could air your point of view easily.

Charlotte, Plymouth College


The teaching was very good, the stand out moments for me were when the tutor was asked a question and was able to go into further depth about a topic than would usually be covered on the course. Very inclusive and easy to participate, good class size.

Joe Thompson, King Edward VI School


The teaching was excellent during the majority of the course, I particularly enjoyed the interactiveness of the course, as our tutor was always willing to answer questions thoroughly, which I found very helpful, especially the discussions about development aid. I thought that the course was actually really well balanced, between something that I was able to understand, and at the same time it covered some fairly complicated topics. Our tutor answered questions very well, and it was very open to contribute/ask questions.

Aditya, Leicester Grammar School


The teaching was fun, interesting and really entertaining. I was intrigued by this course and i hope to take part in more Debate Chamber courses in the future. The teacher was very nice and supportive. I think the level of the course was optimal for me as I took this course in order to make a decision about my a levels. It was easy to contribute and all the people were very nice.

Dhruv, Hastings School


The teaching was fantastic. I particularly enjoyed the multiple case studies throughout the course, which gave me a very strong insight into the real world. At times, school courses can feel too grounded in theory and not enough in practicality – this was great in that regard. The course content was appropriate – was a good balancing point between the A Level economics syllabus, real world application and introducing more complex elements for wider study. The course instructor was great, and all of the fellow students were very friendly!

Kush, Royal Grammar School


I particularly enjoyed doing the presentations – I thought the process of producing and presenting them was really engaging. I think the group size was just right so that I felt confident enough to contribute to discussions.

Nat, Esher College


The teaching was of a high standard – everything explained was clear and well thought out. The only particularly difficult section was when we looked at graphs. Otherwise, all the content was interesting and manageable. Our instructor made it easy to ask questions whenever you wanted to. The discussion was always ongoing and open.

Sasha, Watford Grammar School for Boys


Excellent teaching and very thorough. Provided a lot of detail on very interesting topics. Always ensured that the students understood each topic and answered the questions well. I enjoyed the course content, particularly about migration. It wasn’t too difficult to understand and it was a welcoming space.

Sheyna, Woodhouse College


The teaching was amazing, I understood everything and the pace was perfect. The course content had some challenging parts for me which was really good, and I understood it all by the end. It was extremely welcoming as I wasn’t afraid to ask questions.

Shreya, North London Collegiate School


The teaching part was excellent, the pace was good and contents were all well-constructed. Really intriguing, particularly the economic growth part.

Zhuoming, Cardiff Sixth Form College


I found the teaching on this course to be very fitting for my learning style with a good proportion of my learning being through the analysis of research carried out by myself and my peers. I particularly enjoyed the ‘Latin America vs The Asian Miracle’ research and discussion on Day 1 as well as the Democracy vs Dictatorship debate. I have found the course content to be quite unique – but it is for this purpose that I chose this course. I have found all aspects of the course reasonably easy to grasp although certain topics required more intensive research than others. I found the learning space to be both welcoming and inclusive. The ease with which I was able to make enquiries or ask for elaborations was a particularly good aspect of my experience.

Feran, Badmin School


Both teachers I had were very engaging and made class very interesting. Whenever I didn’t understand something, both teachers were able to explain concepts clearly. I felt the standard of the course was perfect: I was learning new things and felt challenged at times, however it wasn’t so difficult that I couldn’t understand the content. Everyone in the group contributed to discussion and it felt very comfortable to do so without being judged. This was perhaps the most important aspect of the whole course, as without the constant debate and discussion I certainly would not have learnt so much.

Edward, Dauntseys School


I really liked the teaching, and enjoyed how we got to learn university content at a deep level, and got to question points and use critical thinking. I also really enjoyed debates, especially the ones where we got to pick whether we were on the proposition or opposition rather than that being picked for us.  I found the course challenging at times, but not too challenging, in a good way as it got me thinking and kept me engaged.

Olivia, Northampton High School


I thought the teaching was really good as the was a good mix of interactive and creative tasks alongside just simpler moments of learning and writing notes. Content was interesting and I didn’t think anything was particularly too easy or too difficult. It was very easy to ask questions and contribute thoughts and have those thoughts challenged and expanded on.

Sarah, St Edmunds College


The teaching was amazing – I had two different tutors who both structured the sessions quite differently. One tutor stuck to specific times which ensured we learnt the maximum in the given time, whilst another tutor was more flexible with the teaching, ensuring we could explore certain topics more deeply for a stronger understanding. The delivery of the teaching was exceptional – their passion for Economics was definitely contagious! It was very welcoming and inclusive – I could ask questions and contribute when I wanted to. Not being picked on too much was nice because I’m a learner that usually benefits a lot from observing and listening to others’ questions.

Bhairavi, St Helen’s School


Enjoyed the group work and our teacher was very knowledgeable on lots of examples from all around the world. I found the course content to be an appropriate level (I had not studied economics before).

Claudia, Nonsuch High School for Girls


The teaching style varies, which allowed me to sustain my concentration – for example, there was some seminar-style parts, self-study, video-watching and debate/discussion. The teaching was really interactive and I thrive with that kind of style. I learnt lots of new concepts, which I might not have had the opportunity to learn in school. Despite this, I feel that a lot of the content has supplemented my A-Level Economics course and I’ve therefore found the event really useful. All I had to do was raise my hand over Zoom and the teacher was always willing to take and answer my questions.

Florence, The FitzWimarc School


I liked how positive the teaching was and how interactive the course was. As a student that does economics A-level, I feel that that there were sections that extended from the course I study that were very interesting.

Isabel, Tanglin Trust Singapore


I thought the teaching was really good and I really liked how interactive it was and how we were all engaged and did many group tasks.  I really liked aspects that felt more like case studies such as the Subsaharan Africa session. I can’t think of any negatives, I thought everything was well structured and planned and I enjoyed group tasks in break out rooms. As I already take economics at A Level I thought it was really interesting going over things that I did at school but going deeper into and using real life examples which we are unable to do at school as there isn’t as much time. I thought it was the right level of difficulty and I like how we were encouraged to think beyond what we were taught in the curriculum at school. It was very inclusive and welcoming, from the start we had a message on Monday that was very friendly and already made me feel as though this was going to be an environment that was relaxed, enabling us to engage and be inclusive without feeling awkward.

Isha, Dr Challoner’s High School


I really appreciated the fact that our teacher was very enthusiastic over the zoom call, which in my personal experience is quite rare over online learning. Also she asked us at the end of everyday what she could do to improve, and the feedback she got, I could see, was implemented throughout the course which I thought was really professional.

Joshua, Cranleigh School


Great, very enjoyable great quality teaching. Very interesting moments of class discussion and more interactive compared to lecture type or exam type teachings. The course was enjoyable for I believe people at any economic skill set. As someone who takes economics at a level, I did not find myself bored in lesson and enjoyed the course thoroughly. It was very welcoming and inclusive. We were consistently encouraged to ask questions and encouraged to contribute in class discussion.

Szymon, Glenthorne High School


I thoroughly enjoyed the debates we did and the interactive aspect of the course and how everything we learnt was discussed through many points of view. Something that stood out to me was the number of case studies we learnt about and discussed as it provided real life examples to the theories we learnt which made it easier to understand. The course content was difficult at times as this was my first time properly studying economics, but the content was explained well and in simple terms so it was easy to understand. The learning space was very welcoming and everyone was actively participating  in discussions and asking questions comfortably.

Lana, North London Collegiate School


The teaching was clear and effective. I understood the new concepts well and my knowledge was extended beyond the school syllabus. The course content was at a good difficulty level and complicated content was explained well. I felt comfortable to contribute in class and I enjoyed interacting with other students.

Aaisha, The Abbey School


Very positive, I really enjoyed the content and we were always given time to digest the information and ask any questions to explore further. Something I felt was particularly nice was the constant encouragement to answer questions in class. The content was varying which was good, some parts were harder than other mainly because of what has already been covered in A levels. Very welcoming, I enjoyed being able to participate.

Ellora, Howells School Llandaff


The topics were very well explained and we had sufficient time to cover everything without feeling rushed. The course was very well selected as I do economics a level which covers a bit of the course. it was challenging in some topics but once explained I felt the level of difficulty was good. There were multiple opportunities to ask questions and everyone was friendly.

Keerthi, Royal Grammar School, Newcastle


Very good. I think it was taught in depth and at a good pace I thought it was very interesting and liked the fact that we spoke about things that wouldn’t normally be covered in school I also liked that it was a small class so it was much easier to ask questions.

Kene, Robert Gordon’s College


I loved every aspect of this three day course. From group activities to debates and deep, lengthy conversations for each topic, this course was really interesting and fun. I specifically enjoyed the one hour study time we were given as it helped to bond with the other students and apply our knowledge of the topics we were learning in the course. I have always been interested in economics and done lots of research and studying for the topics that were covered in the course, but it was still an amazing opportunity to learn and grow and gain deeper understandings of the topics. It was a very comfortable environment and the discussions were really fun and interesting.

Arnav, Royal Grammar School Guildford


I very much enjoyed the teaching, I thought the teacher was engaging and informative at all times. I never felt bored or overly challenged.  I thought it was very welcoming, the people in the session were very open to asking questions and speaking, which made me feel more comfortable to ask and answer questions in the sessions.

Atharva, Sandringham School


The course was taught very well. I was happy with the focus given on class engagement. Some sections going over very basic principles were easy but overall the content was at a good level of difficulty and relatively expansive.

Charlie, Eton College


The style of teaching is really good as it the teacher worked with us through the aspects of economics and then kept it active by asking us the students. I enjoyed that in the economics course that we were able to get through how economics impacts other countries other than just Britain, also I liked how it incorporates both the history of economics and how economics is integrated in the problems of today. I found it easy to ask questions and discuss matters because the teacher was frequently asking questions throughout the course, which made it easy to ask questions of your own.

Dhruv, The Grammar School at Leeds


Very good over all, the teacher was very supportive, engaging and enthusiastic. It was hard but wasn’t extremely hard to get it.

John, Sherborne School


I found that the teaching was very good. Very clear and conveyed in an interesting manner. My favourite moment was drawing the graphs during the microeconomics section. I thought that the contents of the course were well laid out. We learnt the basic necessities within economics whilst also diving into more interesting topics of conversation.

Kate, Wycombe Abbey


The course was very well taught at a reasonable pace. The tutor was very nice and willing to explain things again and in a different way. The way the course was taught meant it was not only very educational but also interesting. The content was new to me however most of it was easy to grasp when explained.

Rishita, Wycombe High Grammar School


The teaching was very engaging and it was easy to understand the content that was being taught. The course was at a perfect level. It was all very interesting.

Robert, Oundle School


Overall the teaching was great, however no particular moments stood out The course was a good challenge nothing too easy and nothing too difficult. If I did not understand anything I could just ask. It was very inclusive and very easy to contribute to the discussion

James, Charterhouse


I enjoyed delving into a variety of case studies such as the issue with deflation in Japan. The exposure to different types of economists that I usually wouldn’t be introduced to under the curriculum such as Barbara Bergmann was also insightful. I already do economics as an A-Level so some parts were too easy however I understand that this is due to the course I chose and it was good to bridge the gaps in my knowledge, or go over things I hadn’t delved into due to it not being on the curriculum. It was incredibly engaging and I loved the anecdotes used.

Maryam, Kingsley Academy


The group size being small meant that it was less daunting to contribute in class. It was easy to contribute without feeling nervous, there were also a lot of different opportunities to share our opinions and present work.

Tia, Putney High School


This Summer School is a great introduction to a subject you might want to consider studying in your future.

Gabriela, British School of Brussels


A brilliant week where you can learn a wide variety of subjects. Learning about the world in a fun way whilst understanding everything. 1000% recommended.

Keishia, Tonbridge Grammar School


The Economics Course has been an eye opening opportunity for me, allowing me to develop and expand my knowledge in the subject beyond the AS syllabus. The atmosphere was friendly and inclusive and I would highly recommend this course for anyone with an interest in Economics.

Coco, Old Palace of John Whitgift School


I highly recommend going on the course- whether you are unsure of taking the subject or are keen on the subject and want to study it in more detail- it will suit both personalities. It is an extremely informative and enjoyable course that has managed to spark a new future career choice for me!

Jack, Cranleigh School


If you are not entirely sure whether you want to study a particular subject further (e.g at university) or just want further learning opportunity, I would recommend this summer school. It goes beyond the school curriculum and looks more broadly at the subject as a whole, helping to find the specific area that you like.

Oore, Westcliff High School for Girls


The Economics Summer School taught me far beyond the standard curriculum without ever overcomplicating it, the tutors show you new ways of thinking and allow you to learn things in your own way, I would recommend the course to anyone with any interest in Economics.

Henry, Aylesbury Grammar School


The week is thoroughly informative and enjoyable. It is a brilliant way to expand your knowledge of economics beyond an A-level syllabus.

Sian, Rochester Grammar School


The enthusiasm of the teachers for their subjects is contagious – it is an opportunity that certainly should not be missed!

Angela, St Catherine’s School


I couldn’t recommend this course enough! It was interesting and really inspiring and I couldn’t be happier that I spent a week of my summer attending.

Daniel, King David High School


The course covered many different topics ranging from intricate details of Economics, to the political and then the maths side of the subject, which meant the course played to everyone’s strengths.

Iola, Cranleigh School


Very interesting and informative economics courses for any A-level students considering taking Economics for university.

Kazal, Jumeriah College


For me the course was very informative and made me more much more interested in the topic, all of the tutors were very engaging and seemed very passionate about economics and the specific topic that they taught.

Joshua, Wellingborough School


Debate Chamber’s Economic Summer School was an overwhelmingly enjoyable experience. Whether it was a crash course in the 2008 Financial Crisis or pretending to be the IMF, the course managed to stay topical and entertaining despite teaching me way more than two years of Business Studies GCSE.

Luca, King Edward’s Senior School


The Economics Summer School is great course for those with an interest in the subject, but no formal education in it. I immensely enjoyed being taught by tutors who have degrees or jobs in the area, and having the opportunity to work with other people on a similar academic level as myself.

Andrew, Mary Hare School for the Deaf


I had a great week and it gave me an insight into the course I would be choosing to study at University. It has made me realise that I find the subject fascinating and I definitely want to pursue economics as a degree. The course as a whole was friendly and engaging and I have made friends with people who I am likely to cross paths with again.

Jessica, St Albans High School for Girls


This course is very good for introducing you to what is involved in economics and would recommend it to anyone else.

Eleanor, South Wiltshire Grammar School


The Economics Summer school was a great experience for me. I learnt new things and it was a fun week which I would strongly recommend to anyone who is considering taking economics in the future.

Paul, Brentwood School


This course is great fun and you really learn a lot about economics. If you enjoy economics this course really helps broaden your horizons in the subject.

Ben, St Pauls School


Builds on the Economics learned at school but is completely different at the same time. Challenges your economic, philosophical, political and moral perspective and gives you tastes of different aspects of Economics all in a friendly, informal atmosphere.

Charlotte, St Albans High School for Girls


It was a really informative and enjoyable, a great way to discover topics in a subject you like which you might be interested in researching into more

Isabella, Highgate School


For anyone with even the slightest hope in their mind of doing economics at A level, but aren’t quite sure, then this is the course for you. With tutors dedicated to ensuring you completely understand advanced economic concepts, you will learn something new every day, session, hour, minute and second.

Mohamed, Mossbourne Community Academy


Value for money for sure. Gives you an insight on what university lessons are like.

Huseyin, The Bromford’s School


The Economics summer course is both highly informative and great fun, offering a great way to either start learning economics or to further your knowledge. It’s also a great way to meet other like minded people who you get to know really well. Overall, the course is a great way to spend a week in summer and gives a taste of less formal learning.

Murali, Bancrofts School


Very worthwhile. Mostly graduate material covered and very useful for general economic enrichment.

Jamie, Radley College


Way more than expected and great fun, all the teachers had a good laugh but new the subject inside out, being thrown in straight with university economics work made it more challenging but better as meant we hadn’t done much/any of the course and also gave a much more rounded picture of economics for me.

David, Lewes Old Grammar School


The Economics Summer School was a valuable experience and further stimulated my interest in economics. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in economics.

Em, Partmiter’s School


This is a great insight for beginners who are interested in Economics. The sessions were really engaging and I also made a lot of friends as well.

Eashan, St Pauls School


This was a fantastic course which really gave me a good grounding in finance and economics. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone with even a vague interest in the topic, or even someone who wants to find a good way to spend a week!

Shrey, Haberdashers Aske’s School for Boys


I recommend this to students as it offers a good blend of lecturing by a well qualified teacher and discussion with the rest of the class, ultimately resulting in an engaging and interesting lesson.

Deniz, Queen Elizabeth’s School for Boys


Gives a brilliant insight into various key topics of economics, you definitely leave with a feeling of achievement and personal gain.

Georgia, Sir John Deane’s College


The Summer School was such a good experience and really helped me to develop my interest in economics in a friendly and engaging atmosphere.

Naomi, Highworth Grammar School


The Debate Chamber Economics Summer School provided a strong foundation in economics, covering a plethora of content from different fields within the subject. The material presented was not only covered in depth on the whole, but in an engaging and enjoyable manner. I would fully recommend the course to any prospective university student, or to anyone who want to learn more about economics.

Oliver, Portsmouth Grammar School


This course definitely confirmed to me that I would want to do A level economics, and possibly look to doing it further, at university. The course really helped give an overview of what an economy is and how some countries are more developed than others. It also gave an outlook to real life situations and how many economies are struggling, Greece, for example. It’s nice to know that I now understand their financial situation and am able to hold a conversation with someone about it. The course is vey informative and covers a wide range of topics within the subject ‘economics’ so there is something for everyone, whether that be, the history of economics, economists and their theories themselves, or the up to date financial market. Overall, an enjoyable and very informative course, with great people met and fantastic tutors.

Laura, The Abbey School


It was great to expand my knowledge. I feel like the course means that I’ll have an advantage going into A2 next year and for writing my personal statement.

George, Reading Blue Coat School


This course is a great opportunity to dip your toe into a unknown subject, where you will find both excellent teaching and nice people to share the course with. I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone who are in the slightest bit curious about a certain topic/subject.

Joscelin, Cranleigh School


This summer school really opened up the subject for me – everything we learned about was so much more exciting than the AS syllabus, and it has given me lots of interesting areas of economics to pursue in my further reading.

Valeria, Loughborough High School


Definitely sign up! The course content is spot on and delivered very well by passionate and enthusiastic academics.

Tom, Oundle School


Honestly, one of the best courses with amazing tutors who create a fun, comfortable and interactive environment. More importantly the sessions gave me insight into the type of economics I’m interested in and would like to pursue in the future!

Yasmin, Downe House


To anyone interested in attending this event I would highly recommend it. Providing insights into the world of micro and macroeconomics, this course was thoroughly enjoyable.

Callum, Reading School


The week was thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring. The atmosphere in the group was very friendly and inclusive and the teachers were fantastic in their enthusiastic approach. They not only made it fun and interactive but also highly interesting and thought-provoking. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in the subject.

Rose, Stephen Perse Foundation


A wonderful taster of what university economics is like and a great opportunity to meet new people of similar age and interest. A definite must if you’re undecided on what to do at uni!

Ilya, The Perse School


I came to this course with an interest but not formal background in Economics – I wanted to find out if it was a subject I’d like to study at A-Level. It is! I liked the way the course linked real-life examples (particularly the financial crisis) to economic theory, and the way we were challenged and encouraged to offer our opinions as to what was going on. The tutors were interesting and passionate about their subject and gave us plenty to think about. A really enjoyable week.

Tom, Magdalen College School


I attended the Economics Summer School 2013, and found it incredibly useful. The tutors were engaging, and displayed clear, and contagious enthusiasm for their specialist areas. Explanations were clear, and there was a lot of new information that, whilst linking into previous economic knowledge, added a considerable amount to what students already knew. A wide variety of economic topics were covered- financial markets, institutions, history of economic thought, micro- and macro-economics, game theory, monetary policy and crises. Each branch was thoroughly explored, guided by the tutors, but allowing students to really connect with the topics. Extra information and resources was always given – particularly useful for university! Students came from a wide variety of backgrounds and countries, and I made some excellent friends – group activities, and introductory discussions each morning meant everyone knew each other well, and quickly. Overall, I would recommend the course to anyone, because it was intensive, thorough and exemplary! It was productive and highly beneficial.

Laura, Southend High School


It was a great experience and I highly recommend it to everyone. This course gives you a great perspective on the world around you and what incentive drives people to make some actions. It also studies the history of the political and financial system to explain how we got here. The tutors were exceptionally clear and could answered any questions to a level where we all understood clearly, and the class discussions work very well as we work with people with the same interest as us to solve problems and can be very fun when we all share ideas. All the sessions were engaging and actually really interesting. The level of teaching was to a high level as well and they take further step to what you would learn at school. I hope you find the time to take this course because I believe 100% no one will regret it!

Emmanuel, St Thomas More College


The week’s economics course was tailored suitably to the level of our class, as it was the first time for our entire group to be studying the subject. With a variety of seminar style and interactive lessons, the small teaching groups really allowed us to get the most out of the week, including making some great friends. It was a broad based course; from the fundamentals of supply and demand, to the History of economic thought and even Game theory. The knowledge and expertise of the tutors, the enthusiasm and interest from the rest of the group as well as your own thoughts and contributions, could not leave you expecting anything more from a fun and insightful week into the subject of economics.

Hannah, Lady Manners School


I was undecided as to what should be my fourth A level, so I thought I would attend the economics course, as I had minimal knowledge in this area yet I was intrigued about the continued debate about wealth, poverty, the economic crisis and fluctuating house prices. Once at the Debate Chamber I found that the teachers were engaging and passionate on their subject. Subsequent days covered topics such as financial markets, the history of economic thought, the IMF (international monetary fund) and game theory. I even found myself recounting the financial crisis to my friends and was met with approving nods from business men and women on the tube! I am seriously considering studying Economics next year and would highly recommend one of the debate forums.

Raphaela, Cheltenham Ladies College


I learnt a lot in just 5 days. The summer school confirmed that I had made the right decision to study Economics at University. I had the opportunity to engage in interesting discussions and the chance to make contributions. I also had the opportunity to study a mix of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Through the Economics Summer School,I was able to cover some Economics undergraduate material. I also had the opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds. The experience was rewarding.

Precious, Sacred Heart School


The economics course was very interesting and when I first applied I was worried I wouldn’t understand anything because I hadn’t studied economics before, however I had nothing to worry about as all of the excellent tutors explained everything really well and didn’t mind explaining things again if it didn’t quite sink in the first time. The course was very interesting and has made me want to study economics at A level. One of my favourite parts of the entire course was that after learning about economic ideas and principles such as the IMF, we were given the opportunity to put these ideas to use when we acted out economic scenarios that economists at current world leaders are currently debating. The course was very interesting and enjoyable and Ii would definitely recommend to anyone interested in economics as you will learn more about economics and have the chance to realise if it is something you wish to study in the future. Ii would also recommend this course to absolutely everyone even if you don’t think you will be interested in economics because I am pretty sure that by the end of the course you will be.

Eleanor, Walthamstow School for Girls


The Economics Summer School is a really good opportunity to learn about topics outside the A-level syllabus and enhance your understanding of topics within it. The tutors were very engaging and presented the topics in an understandable and interesting way. It was also great to have the opportunity to meet other people interested in economics, many of which were applying to similar courses at university as I am. I would thoroughly recommend the summer school as it not only gives you a greater depth of understanding of economics but also develops your interest in the subject.

Anna, Parkstone Grammar School


The Economics Summer School was a fantastic opportunity for enthusiastic students who are interested in this subject and want to delve further than the A Level syllabus taught at school. It was incredibly insightful and challenging as it offered a vast range of topics to be covered with substantial depth where you can gain new knowledge as well as learn specific skills and theories to support the ideas you have already learnt. The teaching was of an exceptional standard which really makes economics all the more fascinating to study.

Kaman, Tiffin Girls School


I loved the Economics Summer School, it gave me a great level of basic knowledge which made further reading much easier. The range of topics covered was very broad and I got some great ideas for my Personal Statement. The week also helped me to confirm my interest in Economics as a choice of degree.

Henna, Loughborough High School


It was great as it allowed me to study economics in a much broader context than A levels Could ever do. This gave me knowledge in many branches of the subject and has spurred me on to take economics at university

Samuel, John Henry Newman School

The quality of teaching on the course is exceptional.  I found the lessons both enjoyable and stretching, as well as setting you up well for university Economics.  A must.

Jack, Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys


It was an interesting and thought-provoking course in which I was able to study topics outside of the school curriculum and understand new and old topics in greater depths.

Riana, North London Collegiate School


The course at Debate Chamber is extremely useful for people aiming to study Economics at university, as it is up to date, interesting, interactive, and the tutors encourage you to think more deeply about your subject.

Abhi, Woodford County High School


Would recommend to anyone considering doing a degree in Economics – very useful and far more interesting than the A-level course.

Amy, Berkhamsted School


It was a very good experience.  I really learnt a lot, and it also gives you a feel of what Economics would be like at University.

Mayowa, Sir Roger Manwood School


The Summer School was more than expected.  I came away with new friends and new knowledge.  Completely recommendable to anyone who has their doubts on Economics.  It’s all very well structured and  organised.  Will definitely help, and if you’re interested in the subject, very good at explaining some very relevant issues.

Tomas, Cheltenham College


The Economics Summer School has definitely inspired me as I now have a better sense of what actually goes on in the economy in terms of real life examples without being constrained by the A-level syllabus.

Elma, Latymer Upper School


The course is really enjoyable and very interesting.

Jaspreet, Langley Grammar School


I would highly recommend this course to anyone.  You get the opportunity to be taught by excellent tutors, cover interesting and up to date topics, and discuss and debate these topics with other students.

Georgina,  Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School


To sum up the course I would say, ‘current and interesting topics, alike students and engaging teacher’.  It was a great experience that confirmed my decision to study Economics at University and will certainly add to UCAS.

Murray, RGS Guildford


I am really glad that I attended the Debate Chamber Economics Summer School.  All the lessons were extremely engaging and interesting, and the range and depth of topics covered was extraordinary given the duration of the school.  The teachers were excellent and always made sure you were enjoying the content.  I would recommend it to anyone thinking of doing Economics at University.

Anna, City of London School


It is very helpful if you want more in-depth knowledge of Economics.  Very good preparation for University.

Zijing, Downe House School


The greatest investment for yourself. At first, I found it quite challenging, but throughout the course, I could understand the ideas that the tutor was talking about, and the different opinions from other students. I just thought it was the most helpful, useful day in my life, and I am looking forward for other great opportunities that Debate Chamber will offer me.

Clare, Roedean School


I found the masterclass very informative as it covered areas I never explored before, would recommend to anyone considering a career in finance. Tutors are excellent and have a wide range of knowledge

Matteo, Lampton School


If you want a glimpse to what studying Economics at university is really like, Debate Chamber’s Economics Summer School does exactly that.  Previously, my only real exposure to Economics was through the AS syllabus, which although had confirmed my interest in the subject, was not enough to make me confident about studying it.  The Summer school elevated my understanding of concepts I had already covered, and explained the concepts I was eager to cover in a very engaging, relaxing and enjoyable way.  I very much enjoyed the company of the other students, who after five dayd, I was sure I wanted to keep in contact with.   I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Ross, Highams Park School


Great course, teacher was great and really funny. Just a good experience all round.

Prohad, Bishop Stortford College


I enjoyed attending this course because it was very thought-provoking and interesting. It did not matter that I had not studied economics before, as the explanations were very clear and easy to follow. This course is probably useful for all students even if they are not considering doing fincance or economics.

Yuki, Haberdashers’ Aske’s Girls School


Highly recommend, learnt a lot more in one day then over a few weeks of college.

Jessica, Bacon’s College


I have learnt a lot of new ideas and information about the financial markets in one day. It was a good session to widen my knowledge in various areas on financial markets. At the beginning I had minimal knowledge of this topic but now at least I have an overview of different aspects of the financial markets.

Ivan, Caterham School


I found this course very useful that I could learn more about financial markets which the school economic course does not teach in depth. I am confidence that I can say I know better about financial markets than other students who are just doing economics in school. Overall I think this course is really good for students who are willing to work in the financial markets in the future, and I can now understand better about financial markets in the news or books or any other sources.

Seul-ie, Roedean School


The Financial Markets Master class was very helpful and gave me a good understanding of the markets not just financial but we also looked at housing, currency and derivatives.

Nicholas, Gloucester High School


A-level students who are keen in economics can get together, through discussions and the guidance of our tutors, new ideas are stimulated. It is a very useful lesson to consolidate the knowledge I have learnt in school, information from articles of the Economists and other books.

Peony, City of London School for Girls


The course was a great way to expand my knowledge on the current economic climate and to gain further insight into economics which isn’t usually covered on the A level syllabus

Gursheel, Brighton College


I thought it was incredibly enjoyable, very informative, and helped me realise that Economics is the career path I would like to follow.

Megan, Chetham’s School of Music


Invaluable – particularly to anyone who intends to apply to a university which interviews.  There are few other ways to prepare a thorough knowledge of current economics which can compare.

Anthony, Bishop Stortford College


Extremely interesting and helpful, definitely worth going on!

John, St George’s School


It was a great chance to delve deeper into the issues you see on the news and to go further into the subject than you do at school.

Emily, Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School


It was great to get to grips with the credit crunch and current Eurozone crisis, I learnt so much and it really opened my eyes to the importance of economics.

Sophie, Sutton Valence School


I have learnt so much from the Economics Masterclass and it was a brilliant experience. I find the topics covered were very useful and throughout the day, my knowledge about economics was enhanced greatly.

Joycelin, Brighton College


It was a really interesting and unique experience; I particularly enjoyed having the opportunity to discuss contentious issues with likeminded students and learn more about apsects of the economy which aren’t coveered by the A level syllabus.

Sophie, The College of Richard Collyer


I thought the economics summer school was a great experience that I would definitely recommend. It is great value for money and really stimulating with great quality teaching. It’s so different to school in that you are constantly challenged and never bored.

Ruth, King Edward VI High School


It was one of the best experiences I have had, a real learning experience and a truely interesting content. I would strongly recommend it for any AS level Economic student.

Jessica, Bradfield College


The Economics Summer School was a great starter for a beginner at economics. I hardly had any knowledge of economics, however I have gained a fruitful amount from this course.

Eric, Harrow School


Gaining an insight into new areas of Economics was extremely beneficial, and being amongst students of similar interests and abilities to me made the experience comfortable and enjoyable.

Matthew, Preston Manor High School


Excellent, Engaging course which explores the most interesting areas of the subject. Very useful for those who want an overview of fundamental topics within economics.

Ashwin, Wolverhampton Grammar School


I enjoyed my time on the course. I found it incredibly useful and would recomend it to anyone plaing to study economics at university.

James, Harrow School


If you are a person contemplating on studying Economics or Business or Accounting and Finance at university or later in life this course is extremely valuable. It gives a great insight into the background of economics and how it has developed and changed through different economists view points, like Adam Smith, Keynes, etc. There is also the chance to meet new people and talk to them about their background and what they are studying and want to do later. I would thoroughly recommend this course especially to economists but also to everyone because it is so useful!

Charlotte, Stephen Perse School


It was a really great experience that enabled me to extend my knowledge far beyond what I’d learnt in the classroom!

Harriet, Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Girls


I really enjoyed this experience and I think I learnt a lot of material which will perform as a sound base to further my knowledge of Economics. It was useful to be introduced to topics to think about for university (Oxbridge) interviews and to meet other people who are thinking of applying to the same courses at university.

Somin, Wycombe Abbey School


The Economics Summer School was excellent, the staff and the learning environment was infectious and you leave with the knowledge of how to apply economics to the real world.

Hameem, Stockport Grammar School


I found the Summer School a great experience, the information covered was engaging and the tutors were very friendly and helpful. It also provided an opportunity to meet a range of people with similar interests and aspirations. I felt over the week I built up a comprehenive knowledge of fundamental economics.

Miranda, City of London School for Girls


The level of teaching was insane! It will prove extremely useful in my A2 year and has given me a ground view of economics at university level.

Jamie, Churchers College


Attending the Economics Summer School is a great experience, where you will learn much more about the economics covered in university. You will also cover much more than at AS-Level.

Morten, Sir John Lawes School


Brilliant! Very useful and enjoyable experience. The tutors are extremely helpful and it gives you an insight of what it is like to be in university.

Guy, John Port School


This course is extremely useful in todays climate as you come out with a much better knowledge and understanding of how the banks and government are dealing with the recession and how the crash may have happened. This course encourages participation and debates between students but also allows everybody to learn at their own pace. As a beginner who had never studied economics before this was extremely reassuring and allowed me to quickly get to grips with the basic concepts and start applying them in real life situations. Thank you Debate Chamber for a wonderful week!

Eleanor, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School for Girls


I found its an excellent way of broadening what I had learnt from AS-level Economics, with real life application and exploring the modern problems the Economic society faces. It also gives a taster to Economics at university and reinforced my plans to study Economics.

Ben, King Edward VI Grammar School


I had little prior knowledge in Economics before coming to Debate Chamber’s Economics Summer School, and naturally you’d wonder whether you will understand what is going to be taught. From Financial Markets to Modern Economic Thought, the lessons were delivered by tutors expertly and clearly. The classes were moderately sized so everyone had the opportunity to contribute throughout the sessions. Moreover, you get to meet some fantastic people who are roughly at the same level as you and situation as you! Attending the Summer School had given me lots of ideas on what to write on my Personal Statement, and I know enough to believe that I will enjoy studying it at university.

Leon, Dr Challoner’s School


The Economics Summer School gave me an insight into the world of economics that any A level course restricts you from. It was extremely interesting, fun and has given me the motivation to study economics at A2 and University.

Jason, The Jewish Free School


I thoroughly enjoyed the Economics Summer School, it exposed me to new and interesting sides to economics that I had never come across before. I came away enlightened having acquired a better understanding of the world we live in today.

Natalie, City of London School for Girls


The Summer School was fantastic. I learnt so much and was engaged whilst learning. The tutors made it exiting and engaged the class in debates. I would recommend the school to anyone who has even the faintest interest in economics because after this course, they will be sure to want to study it at university.

Joe, Dollar Academy


An enjoyable course which will allow you to debate economics as a subject in much more depth.

Jonathan, The Oratory School


It was an very enjoyable week, where I was given the chance to go beyond the A-level syllabus, whilst also having the opportunity to debate with others on current issues.

Alpesh, Queen Elizabeth’s Boys School


I was quite hesitant in going on this course, not knowing anybody, not being sure about whether or not I’d be good enough and was also worried about this being a lot of work. But from day 1 all the way to day 5 each teacher had a different technique in teaching us, some parts were more interesting than others but we all managed to get through it, we all got on and I have definately learnt a lot more about Economics, there would always be some laughs here and there so overall the experience was very enjoyable and I would highly recommend it to anybody who knows that this is a subject which they find  very interesting and which they are considering to pursue later on in life.

Tess, St Benedict’s School


I would recommend others to go; it really broadens your knowledge of the subject and having discussions with other people your age helps you develop your own ideas.

Jessica, Henrietta Barnet School


Amazing. A great opportunity to expand your knowledge of economics. Definitely worthwhile.

Bansaree, St Helen’s School


This course is perfect for anyone interested in studying an economics related course at university. It’s a useful change from lessons at school and starts off perfectly with looking at where and who modern economic thought has come from. In 5 days, I have learnt more than I learnt in a year of economics lessons at school and my perspective of economics is so much clearer! Now, articles from The Economist aren’t such a blur anymore!

Giarda, Surbiton School


Before I started the course I was slightly apprehensive about attending a summer school for 5 days! But once I was there I found it really enjoyable and learned a lot. All the tutors were very helpful and nice. It didn’t feel like a school week at all – everything we covered was interesting, and also taught in an fun and engaging way.

Emma, King Edward VI School


I enjoyed this course while improving my knowledge in economics and expanding my mind to the application of economics in everyday world. It also changed the way I thought about economics which will be much more useful for university.

Eleanor, Alleyn’s School


Brilliant! A great use of my Summer holidays, it helped me expand my knowledge about economic theories and concepts not on the school syllabus. Also, it gave me a chance to discuss and debate my own opinions.

Saajidah, Watford Grammar School


It was a fantastic course which covered really useful topics. It could help you to gain more knowledge than a normally class in school. also the teachers are really friendly and helpful. I would say, I had an excellent experience from the course, and I’d like to attend next sessions as well.

Kailing, St Alban’s Catholic High School


You will come away from Debate Chamber far better equipped to consider and challenge others’ opinions on pressing economic issues! The Economics Summer School allows you to enter the more interesting world of economics not covered by the restrictive  A-Level syllabus. Your teachers have an extensive and deep knowledge of the topics and issues they introduce you to.

Elliot, Royal Grammar School Guildford


I had a great time at the Economics Summer School and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about economics, it’s a very interesting subject and the teachers are fun and can explain concepts very well. There’s an excellent atmosphere amongst the people in the class which helps make it even more enjoyable.

Rahil, Sevenoaks School


The class was smaller than what I imagined, which was excellent. The teachers were good, the course contents were enjoyable and the location was easy to find.  I would recommend this course to people who wants to find out more about economics, the discussions in class were great.

Meixi, Colchester County High School


Fantastic week! It was interesting learning about the history of economics and I learned lots from the debates.

Thu-ha, Bacon’s College


I really enjoyed the Summer School.  Once the group got to know each other debates were interesting, and sometimes heated!  I have learnt a lot, not just from the teachers, who are great and teach beyond familiar topics, but also from the fellow students.  I would really recommend it –  and not just as a CV filler!

Genevieve, Colchester Royal Grammar School


I was not sure what course I wanted to study at University, but after attending this and receiving a bursary for it too, I now know for definite that my career and education path lie in Economics. The lessons are intriguing and exciting. It will leave you at the end of everyday buzzing with knowledge and when you switch on the news at night, you will understand everything they are talking about in the business section! It is such a amazing feeling!! A worthwhile course. Definitely one of the highlights of my summer!! and I would recommend it to everyone.

Samira, Claremont High School


I went into the course liking economics and left loving economics. The teaching was clear, engaging and relaxed which helped me feel comfortable so I could ask questions and participate actively in the group. After day one in which I was just getting used to people, I soon found out that I had a lot in common with the people around me. The debating was very enjoyable particularly on current issues like the euro debt crisis and America defaulting. Perhaps most significant i feel that i now have sufficient grounding to go out and learn more about economics in the financial sector.I would definitely recommend it.

Fortunate, St Columbas Boys School


My experience was absolutely wonderful. I met new people and I learnt a lot. I also learnt about the subject I want to continue at degree level. I would recommend this to any student considering a degree in economics as it is an opportunity that cannot be missed! It will help you a lot, in many ways other than learning just economics; it helps boost your confidence and makes you realise the immense competition out there, increasing your motivation to do well!

Vrunda, Greenford High School


As soon as I arrived at the venue for the course I was welcomed by Debate Chamber staff and felt at ease. My fellow classmates were also all very welcoming and friendly, and so too were the tutors. The tutors were fantastic in their execution of lessons and how they taught the material, giving brilliant explanations of all economic concepts students didn’t understand fully. During lessons tutors allowed students freedom to discuss and debate particular points between each other, giving students an opportunity to share their own thoughts and opinions on the subject. As well as students being free to express their opinions, being able to debate is something I had never really been exposed to within school, so made the summer school all the more beneficial. Overall I found the Economics Summer School fantastic, with the material covered superb, the level to which it was covered perfect, the tutors excellent and their delivery of the material brilliant. A wonderful five days of learning, and I could not recommend this course enough to future attendees.

Zachary, Chessington Community College


The debate chamber is very useful not only for learning different aspects of economics but also the group discussions are very stimulating and enjoyable.

Jamie, The Royal Grammar School