Young Lawyers Student Reviews


I really liked the teaching of this course, the tutor is super fun and made me very comfortable. I particularly liked how she gave the real life situations to help us understand new concepts better and they have helped me remember them very clearly. I think that this course was a perfect difficulty, I could follow everything and keep up while being challenged and learning a lot at the same time. Jeanie was very kind and the group activities were full of discussion.

Alice, Mayfield Girls School


The teaching style was ever so engaging and inspiring. Our Tutor is clearly passionate and dedicated to her subject and I found it really motivating as it sparked further curiosity for me to venture into this subject, whilst satisfying all my burning questions about the field of Law. The slides and interactive activities were so exciting and intriguing that I found myself enjoying every moment! I really enjoyed covering both Criminal and Contract Law, whilst delving into some Civil Law, as well. I think the content was at the perfect level of challenging for it to be rewarding when you come to complete a task. As someone who is not very comfortable with speaking aloud, I felt very comfortable to do so in the space.

Martha, Neston High School


The teaching was excellent – I think the teacher is great and that she is well experienced in her field. She is open to ideas, opinions and respects them, as well as the students themselves. The course content was both educational and interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think the difficulty level was just right – it was a new challenge that I had not yet experienced before. The community was made up of smart and inclusive people. I found it easy to ask about anything I was unsure of, and the teacher would explain the answers to our questions in detail.

Michelle, North London Collegiate School


The teaching was excellent, each class was in depth and it covered a lot of information in depth. It also ensured that everyone had a say and encouraged everyone to speak and give an opinion. It was very easy for everyone to contribute.

Patreeya, Bangkok Patana School


The teaching was amazing during this course, with previously not knowing much about law before this course, I now have a greater understanding! Any time that I needed to ask a question, it would get answered well, and I wouldn’t need to put any further questions. I think the entire course stood out positively to me. The course content was just about right, all at a good level, and if there were more difficult sections, they would get brought in a more gradual way to make it easier. The learning space was welcoming, and I could easily ask any questions, and I could easily contribute!

Demyan, Cottesmore School


The teacher knew all the information and could explain everything very well. She knew the facts and specific cases very well and was very helpful in answering questions. I thought it was hard but not too difficult – it helped me push myself into understanding more and I found it very interesting. found it very easy to contribute and ask questions with lots of points when we were given specific opportunities to ask questions and do things ourselves.

Eleanor, Lady Margaret School


I loved learning about criminal law, especially when being on the prosecution side and debating as to why someone was guilty. In addition, I particularly enjoyed discussing about contracts and their five important use as well as coming to an agreement with a partner when discussing our interests for a contract. Furthermore, I loved sharing my ideas and though I am not so great at putting my words in a sentence, the teacher understood what I was saying and explained it in other words.  

Stephanie, Ampleforth College


I loved every moment of it. I especially enjoyed the mock trial I found that so fun. Everyone was so welcoming and the games were so much fun.

Elizabeth, Bablake and Henry VIII School


I thought the teaching of this course was superb and I really enjoyed the mock trial. The course content was challenging, in a good way

Henry, Whitgift School


The course content was amazing! I am a beginner at law and would love to investigate, and it wasn’t too difficult at all. For example, some others knew stuff perfectly but it was well catered to them as well as they got the chance to explain concepts to us. It was perfect. The learning space was welcoming and inclusive. It was certainly easy to ask questions and contribute to the discussions.

Jil, Avanti House Secondary School


The teaching of this course was perfect and made hard subjects to understand very simple and easy and really got me interested into Criminal Law. I really like the court case and had lots of fun assigning the roles, and trying to help my team win the case. The course was just perfect, there was so moments that I found a bit difficult but after many examples i understood everything. The learning space was very welcoming and inclusive, the room was nice and cold during the hot temperatures, the tables were nicely set up so you could see the teacher, the board and everybody around you. It was easy to ask question and to contribute to the discussion as the teacher was always answering our questions all the time.

Julian, Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle


The course was taught very well and our teacher Jeanie was particularly kind and helpful on the first moments of the course. The mock trial was very fun as I liked preparing for it a lot. The course was also very understandable.The course was easily understandable and was a sort of medium level of difficulty.

Kevin, St Paul’s Junior School


I really like our teacher because she makes learning very fun but still makes sure that everybody is paying full attention to what she’s saying. I think everything in the course was challenging, but she explained it very well and I have a much better understanding of law because of this. The learning space encouraged everyone to be themselves and everybody was very nice because of this. It was easy to contribute to the discussion and our teacher made sure that everybody spoke and nobody spoke too much.

Liliana, James Allens Girls School


This course is great and has inspired me.

Alex, Rutlish School


I enjoyed Young Lawyers Summer School a lot. It’s a great experience for everyone even if law isn’t your thing.

Aliyah, Radnor House


Had a great time, learnt so much and met some GREAT people.

Rachel, Guildford High School


It was fun and interesting and the debates were the best bit.

Matthew, Alleyn’s School


I think the course was good and helped me increase my knowledge of law and trials. I found it interesting and I thought the games were helpful.

Tinuke, Latymer School


The course was really fun, and I learnt loads.

Hadeel, West Kirby Grammar School


It was a fun way of learning about the law and it was fun meeting new people!

Jack Radnor House


This course is extremely informative and gives each person a chance to learn about law, discuss and even put their newly acquired skills into practice.

Helen, St Pauls Girls School


The Young Lawyers school is very interesting and effectively teaches students about the law in a fun and friendly way. The tutors are very nice and good at explaining the intricacies of the law.

Sophie, North London Collegiate School


If you are interested in pursuing a career in law, then I would definitely recommend the course to everybody.

Sasha, Howells School


This course was a fantastic way to get an introduction to law where you can experience and take part in a real trial. You also go into detail on all types of law and do activities to learn more. I loved it!

Lottie, West Kirby Girls Grammar School


The course was very interesting and taught me lots about law and lawyers. This course wasn’t too difficult and the tutors were very nice.

Jemima, Lady Margaret’s School


The Young Lawyers course was amazing! I made friends very quickly and enjoyed learning about law. I learnt loads and have now learnt different types of law in detail I didn’t know. I enjoyed it very much.

Leonie, Cranbrook School


It was so good and fun. Just the right difficulty. I met great people and gained confidence in Law. I definitely want to become a lawyer/solicitor and I want to come back.

Ella, Simon Langton Girls Grammar School


It is a really good course that introduces you to law in general and gives you a taste of what a trial in court would be like. I would recommend it to someone wondering whether they want to take up law or not.

Hannah, South Wiltshire Grammar School


The course is great, you learn a lot of things that you did not know and it gives you a good taster of the law experience.

Jakub, Radnor House


A fun, educational course that is very interesting. You learn a lot and make new friends.

Annabel, The Perse School for Girls


Overall the course was very well done and provided an excellent taste of law and its many disciplines. The level of work was the perfect mix of challenging situations and fun, and I enjoyed it immensely.

Seren, YGG Rhydywaun


The course was fantastic – the tutors were very good, and the material that they covered was interesting, engaging, and comprehensible. The material was at a suitable level for a wide range of people. The majority of the students were willing and eager to learn, and the mock trial was very well run, and the contributions were good. Overall, very enjoyable!

William, Comberton Village College


It was really good, covers a lot, I would do it again and recommend it.

Monica, City of London School for Girls


It was very enjoyable and informative – I would definitely recommend it to others.

Hannah, Westcliff High School for Girls


It’s a great course that’s inspired me to become a lawyer.

Evely, Ellis School, Pennsylvania


Extremely informative, interesting and enjoyable, well structured and excellently run.

Sarah Millward, Hampton School


The course was really useful and fun to complete.  It influenced my career choice and now I definitely want to go into law!

Josh, Madeley Academy


The summer school is a course with very helpful, knowledgeable teachers who love their subject.  I was apprehensive that I knew nothing about law before but I had nothing to worry about – no one did and the teachers are fantastic so you will learn about this great subject.

Raveena, Bromley High School


I really liked this course, it was fun yet challenging at times and I loved every second of debate camp Young Lawyers.

Emily, St Phillip Howard High School


I thought the course was really good, if you’re interested in law or doing law in the future.  To conclude, it was fun and enjoyable yet educational.

Rushil, University College School


It was a really enjoyable course and I like the way that graduates taught us, making it all the more fun and easier to listen.  Thank you!

Helen, Sutton High School


Very very fun and you learn a lot.  The teachers are really nice and funny.

Tom, Royal Grammar School, Guildford


The course is very interesting and you get to learn about different types of law.  You also do lots of debates which are very fun.

Sejal, Watford School


This Young Lawyers School was an amazing experience.  I would recommend it to anyone!

Mutasim, Heathcote School


Was a very interesting and thought-provoking experience.  It was a fantastic opportunity to be intellectually challenged.  Overall, a brilliant four days.

Saoirse, Hipperholme and Lightcliffe High School


I really enjoyed the Law School.  The teachers are nice and I have met so many new friends.  It has opened my eyes to what law is like and I have really enjoyed being here.  I wish it could go on for longer.

Unique, Warford Girls Grammar School


This course is brilliant!  You learn loads about different types of law and the mock trial was really fun.  It’s great if you want to be a lawyer, judge or juror, or if you just want to learn something new.

Edward, City of London School


I would recommend this course to everyone who is interested in debating, law, or just learning.  This is a lot of fun and very interesting.  The course has been made for the students to enjoy themselves and this endeavour has definitely succeeded.

Eef, Marymount International School


The summer school gives great opportunities.  You learn about many types of law and make friends, who could be future apprentices!

Korina, Nonsuch Girls School


It is very enjoyable and you learn a lot about law which gives you a good insight on whether you want to pursue a career in law.

Priya, Fleet School


We learned a lot.  The course was helpful but it wasn’t boring – it was very interesting.

Eleanor, Longsands Academy


We learned a lot but the course was still fun and interesting.  It was very helpful in deciding whether law is what you want to do.

Hannah, Longsands Academy

This experience has helped open a new window of opportunity and has helped me to find out more about Law and has helped decide what I may do in the future so thank you!

Olivia, Ellesmere Port Catholic School

I found the Young Lawyers Weekend educational and enjoyable.  It helped me look more into the career that I want to pursue and it gave me more insight into law and the justice system.  It has also helped me realise what aspect of law I want to pursue.

Grace, Ellesmere Port Catholic School


Young Lawyers Weekend was very fun and educational at the same time.  Everyone is nice.  I learned a lot and I want to Prosecute in the future.  Overall this is the best course ever and I recommend it to anyone who loves and wants to learn about the Law.

Shaan, Little Ilford School


It was really interesting, answering questions about legal jargon and procedures without being too complex or overbearing.  The quick flow of learning allowed the sessions to be fun, and were never boring.  The Mock Trial gave a really great opportunity to test out skills in law and rhetoric.

Jacob, Latymer School


The weekend has helped me to understand all the different bits about the British Justice System.

Jake, Ellesmere Port Catholic School


It was a great experience as it helped me learn about how a Court runs and about different crimes.  It really opened my eyes to how the Law is different from the movies!

Borote, Little Ilford School


The Young Lawyers Weekend is great.  It is very informative and it’s a great opportunity to meet people with similar interests to you.  Not only do you learn about Law, but you also experience what it’s like.  The course is very age-appropriate and you cover a wide range of material.

King Alfred’s School


This is an information-packed weekend which teaches a lot of information on all you need to know about Law.  It exposes you to different aspects of Law which are neither too hard nor too easy.

Francis, Little Ilford School


I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering Law as a career, as it is informative and really enjoyable.  I discovered a lot of new information and am more interested in Law as a profession than I was before the course.  The Mock Trial was my favourite part, and it was hugely enjoyable.

Hannah, North London Collegiate


Very enjoyable experience.  Extremely informative and interesting.  Mock Trial was very fun and gave a good idea what being a barrister was like.  Very good all round.

Nicholas, Longsands Academy


Although I was apprehensive about coming, I am glad I did.  The weekend greatly expanded my knowledge on law, and different topics surrounding it.  The tutors were very helpful and the lessons were interesting.  They covered a wide variety of information in a short amount of time.  The Mock Trial in particular was a real eye opener as to how a trial works  I got to speak and received good feedback which will helpfully help to improve my technique.

Holly, Longsands Academy


The Mock Trial was interesting as we learned about what would actually happen in Court.  During this course I have learned many details about Law, and if I did become a lawyer, what work would be like.

Ella, Ellesmere Port Catholic School

The course was very enjoyable and intense. The tutors and other people were very friendly. You learn a lot about law and what happens in a course.

Maryam, Walthamstow School for Girls


I have really enjoyed this course. It has given me a great introduction to law, and it has deepened my understanding of Law as a whole.

Sam, St George’s School


This course was amazing and I would thoroughly recommend it.

Jeremy Dempsey, St George’s School


I would definitely recommend this course, it was very enjoyable, and I learnt loads about the law & criminal justice system.

Tara, Walthamstow School for Girls


I really enjoyed this course. Apart from helping me learn LOADS more about law I had loads of fun participating into the mock trial and the debates.

Fiona Walthamstow School for Girls


It’s a great course in which you can meet new people and learn new things.

Sebastian, St Benedict’s School


It is really helpful and there are many useful and interesting ways to learn about the law. It has made me realize that this is all I want to do.

Sierra, Kingsmead School


It was fun, involved, informative with great teaching mechanisms and, indeed, great teacher.

Joseph, Dulwich College


This course was brilliant because I learnt so much about law. When I started, I hardly knew anything but after 3 days, I feel that I have quite a lot of knowledge. It was also great because I made lots of friends and the course was good fun. The cases used in the mock trial were interesting and realistic and so it was very enjoyable when we did the trial. Amazing!

Robert, Suttom Grammar School


I thought this course was both fun and very useful. I now have a much better understanding of different laws, and how to become a lawyer. This course has greatly helped my decision to become a lawyer.

Lavinia, William Borlase’s Grammar School


It’s a really good course for learning new things and building confidence. It is also very good for making new friends and learning to work in a team with people you don’t know. And all the teachers were really good and friendly.

Grace, Kingsdale Foundation School


I went from knowing very little about Law and the different types such as Family Law to feeling like I knew quite a lot! The teachers were very friendly and informative, and most importantly, made learning fun! I will definitely be coming back to more Debate Chamber courses! Thank-you!

Amy, Lady Eleanor Holles


This course is great if you are unsure whether law is for you or if you just want to have some more experience before you go to university. You will learn a lot, meet a lot of different people and really discover if law is the right career path for you. You will also discover more about whether you think initially being a solicitor, barrister or neither is for you.

Rebecca, Churcher’s College Petersfield


This course is very enjoyable as you learn a lot about law and have a fun mock trial at the end.

Tamara, Cheltenham Ladies College


We learnt about many different aspects of law and the skills one needs to be a successful lawyer. At the end of the course everyone gets to take part in a mock trial to use their skills. Overall this course has really shown me what being a lawyer is all about and I think that I have found a great profession for the future.

Alysa, St Pauls Girls School


I thoroughly enjoyed this course and I found it interesting too. I want to become a barrister because of this.

Manhattan, King Edward’s Grammar School


The Young Lawyers Summer School is a really interesting, fun and enjoyable course that gives a great insight into the law and what it is all about. You learn about all different kinds of law and get a chance to experience what preparing and taking part in a real trial is like. You also meet lots of interesting people and make many new friends. I would recommend this course to anyone, even those who do not necessarily want to go into the law as it is great for learning about how the law works, and for building up your confidence about public speaking and sharing your views in public.

Sophia, The Perse School for Girls


This course has been informative, interesting and gave me a great insight into the law. The open and friendly style of the course makes it easily accessible to everyone allowing the added benefit of making new friends and having a good laugh!

Tom, Reading Bluecoats School


It is really enjoyable, you get the chance to meet new people and you learn lots of new exciting things.

Tanjina, Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Girls


The course was very enjoyable and very useful for later life!

Ewan, Westcliffe School for Boys


A really fun way to find out about law and life as a lawyer. I was surrounded by lovely people and have had a chance to express my views and listen to others. I now have a clear perspective on law and can see which parts I would enjoy and which parts I would like to work in in the future.

Abigail, The Perse School for Girls


A course full of laughs and enjoyment yet deadly serious for the trials, where competition was high!

Louie, St Benedicts School


It was brilliant. I had so much fun and I learnt a lot. I have now narrowed down possible career paths. I got along with everyone and made so many friends. If I could I would do it again.

Amina, Sydenham School


A very informative, exciting and fun course which really gives you a taste of law and is helpful in deciding career paths. The teaching was really good and helpful, and the discussions and debates were very enjoyable.

Ellie, Sir William Perkin’s School


Very enjoyable, I learnt lots about law in a fun way and it’s a chance to make new friends!

Shannon, The Perse School for Girls


The Young Lawyers is a really fun course for those who are interested in law. All the areas were presented very well and it has made me very eager to pursue a career in law.

Georgina, Aylesbury High School


A brilliantly thought out and thoroughly enjoyable course covering a wide area of law in detail, but made easy to understand.

Rosanna, Simon Langton School for Girls