History Student Reviews


This Summer School is really useful to attend, the ideas taught are really useful in broadening horizons for the future. From doing this, you won’t just get new knowledge but a spark of interest for areas of future research. The classes we’re quite small, making discussions and debate easier and more fun and it allows you to get to know everyone there.

Jessica, St James School


A must go! It confirmed my passion and love for history which I now want to go and study at university. Plus it looks good, and you will have fun whilst doing it!

Mark, Wellington College


If you have any sort of interest in the study of history (particularly if you wish to study it for degree) sign up for this Summer School! And don’t worry at all if you feel like you are not equipped in knowledge of the content of the sessions. It is not about knowing everything, which greatly helped my confidence as the week continued. The tutors were very friendly and knowledgeable – as well enthusiastic, which I think is very important !! So take the plunge, you will learn so much and develop so much confidence in your ability to analyse texts, read swiftly and work as part of a team. Such a great experience and fantastic for UCAS as well!

Laura, Brentwood Ursuline Convent High School


I absolutely loved this course! Right from the start, our first tutor asked us interactive questions such as our favourite area of history or particular favoured time period and right away, gave us book suggestions! I was fascinated by his knowledge as well as all the other tutors. Additionally, this course gave me insight for university and all tutors were open to any questions on the Oxbridge interviews or personal statement. Would recommend!

Charlotte, Ecole Jeannine Manuel


All of the tutors which I had over the following week were very knowledgeable and passionate in their area of study. Even though I found certain topics difficult to understand, they were able to explain them very well. I particularly enjoyed the gender history and witchcraft module as well as aspects of the military history and post-colonial topic.  I found it to a very welcoming and inclusive environment where the tutor would ensure that every student had a chance to voice their opinion if they want to. 

Georgina, Queenswood School


The tutors were highly supportive and well-informed. I really appreciated the wide range of topics covered and the tutors were super welcoming and encouraged a lot of discussion.

Lara, Canford School


I learnt a lot from this course, I particularly enjoyed the individual research projects as it allowed me to learn about niche areas that I had never come across before. It was very engaging and welcoming, I was able to freely contribute to the program and join in on discussions.

Mira, Dubai College


The knowledge of the tutors was very impressive which meant that we could ask questions about a range of periods and themes of history and receive in-depth answers and feedback. I liked that there were many discussions within the class where the tutors engaged and expanded on the points and interests of students. It was a welcoming environment where I felt I could contribute and discuss ideas even when I had not covered the topics previously. I liked that we would be put into breakout rooms to also get the opportunity to discuss ideas before presenting to the whole class this also allowed me to get to know the people in my group to feel more comfortable contributing in front of everyone.

Olivia, Francis Holland School


The teaching was interactive and I enjoyed speaking about ideas with the group. The course content was vast and challenged me intellectually and I quite enjoyed the topic of military history. The learning space is welcoming and inclusive and it was easy to ask questions and contribute to the discussion.

Reese, Reigate College


Very good teaching. I liked learning about the theory and then seeing case studies of it. Was also good to have general discussions about history and the extracts were interesting too. It was difficult in the sense that one had to think and apply oneself properly, but this was not difficult and indeed, made it more rewarding.

Rory, Charterhouse


I think the teaching has been excellent, I have enjoyed the mixture of readings, discussions and presentations that we have done, it kept the course interesting! I found the course about the right level of difficulty. It was challenging enough for me to learn something new but equally not too difficult to make me feel too overstretched. Everyone was able to contribute to debates and discussions and they have been very useful and interesting. The variety of topics that we have engaged with has been amazing.

Yueshi, Mayfield School


I particularly enjoyed the breakout rooms, of which there were many. It was good to do projects and have discussions with the different people on the course, which also made it easier to engage in group discussions later, as you had already discussed your ideas once and you knew everyone already.  The hardest portion was definitely day 4 (Intellectual History). However, it was interesting, and I don’t think there is any way to make it significantly easier as it is important to the study of History and it is very content driven. It was hard but worth it. The group was very welcoming, all the tutors seem like genuinely lovely people who have a passion for their subject. They would push you to engage, but not the point of discomfort and learning was always able to be directed by the class, without constraints of timetables getting in the way. This made it easier to ask questions and since everyone had different knowledge of different subjects, no questions seemed silly to ask.

Nicole, Wellingborough School


I really liked looking at all the different schools of thought as for so long I had not realised that there could be such drastically different ways of viewing and writing history. I thought that despite the challenging extracts given they were explained really well and could be easily talked through

Becky, Rugby School


It was excellent, all the teachers had expert knowledge and helped with book recommendations and the like. Superb. The course content covered a wide variety of topics and was incredibly interesting. Witchcraft and gender history I did not think I would like but I ended up loving. The learning space was fantastic and there was a really friendly community around it

Max, St Benedict’s School


A great opportunity to delve into History further than offered at school. It was a perfect insight to studying History at university.

Meghan, South Hampstead High School


Before attending this course I felt unprepared to study History at University. I had little to no idea about different schools of History or Gender History. However, after attending this course I now have a full understanding of the types of schools of History. I also developed a love for Gender History as I find all the concepts regarding men and women and masculinity and femininity really interesting! What I learned on this course has been valuable to my understanding of History. The Tutors were all really nice and they were very helpful in explaining different ideas and concepts that as an A level student I hadn’t yet come across. This course has been amazing, I only wish that I could do it again! But I look forward to going to University to study History and I recommend any student considering studying History to do this course.

Harriet, Burgess Hill School for Girls


This course is great for thinking about the conceptual issues surrounding history- it takes the work you have done at school and really elevates it to the next level. It’s quite challenging at times but definitely rewarding. It’s also a brilliant way to meet like-minded people!

Laura, Dame Alice Owen’s School


I originally booked the Summer School based on other people’s recommendations and was initially very nervous! However, it exceeded all of my expectations. It was truly one of the most fun and interesting weeks I’ve ever had, and has refined my debating skills, given me greater confidence in my opinions, and I also managed to make some great new friends. I’d recommend the course for anyone who loves history, it will be a fantastic experience.

Rebecca, Woldingham School


This Summer School has a very fun and friendly environment that enables you to get a taste of what studying history is like at undergraduate level whilst also increasing your learning and passion for the subject.

Sophie, Channing School


I found this course extremely useful and interesting. It gave me an introduction to many different types of history that I never really knew existed, for example intellectual history involving different schools of thinking about history and why we study it. The tutors were great – so friendly and engaging and you can tell that each one of them is very passionate about their studies. My class was also really nice and everyone was about my age which made it much easier to make friends. Definitely returning next summer.

Grace, South Hampstead High School


In this course you will learn history from a perspective that you probably have never before come across in a university lecture style and then have the opportunity to apply almost all that you learn in interesting, interactive, and fun activities.

Filippo, Istanbul International Community School


I think this course gives you an advantage over those who perhaps haven’t done the course as it gives you an insight into how history works and the mechanics of it and I think in lessons at school it can be really beneficial if you apply those things. Also if you’re going to choose history as a subject at uni, it helps knowing what its going to be like. Even though I’m still doing my GCSEs, this course helped me understand history in a more greater depth. The tutors at this course are really easygoing so its a relaxed atmosphere and makes it more enjoyable, which is always nice.

Eza, Walthamstow School for Girls


I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the History Summer School and would most definitely recommend the course to anyone interested in broadening their historical knowledge. Thank you, Debate Chamber!

Ciara, Tormead School


It does what it says on the tin! The sessions are designed to provoke discussion and the thinking process will get you back in the mindset for school.

Oliver, Radley College


A great way to develop your love of history – or discover your love of history if you haven’t yet!

Holly, Lady Margaret School


If you are unsure about whether History is the right subject for you then attending the course is perhaps one of the best things you could do. It was such an enjoyable week as studying with people who are so enthusiastic about history, whilst being taught by tutors who are both experienced and engaging when discussing their subject is so refreshing! It honestly doesn’t really feel like school as despite the course being quite focused and intensive, the atmosphere is so relaxed and informal that you feel so comfortable to express your ideas and debate about things! It was such a worth-while experience and I actually learnt a lot about myself as well as making some pretty amazing friends. Even if you approach the end of the week realising that this subject perhaps isn’t for you at university, you will have learnt so much and had such a good time that regardless, you will be glad you came. Personally, it has informed me that I would be suited to this subject at university and for that, I’m so grateful! If you have any reservations, just go for it: you’ll love it!

Tania, Lady Eleanor Holles School


It was a fantastic week which enabled me to engage in many new historical ideas and approaches, and consider certain aspects of the subject in a completely different way from school. Not only was there an introduction to these ideas but there were also detailed chances to debate and discuss it with other passionate historians as well as apply them, which you don’t get from just reading historiography – for instance using sources to write the history of a made-up revolution, arguing from either a Marxist, Annales-school or Whig approach. I would highly recommend this if you are considering applying for history at university.

Joseph, Jewish Free School


I first booked to go on the Debate Chamber History Summer Course to learn a bit more about studying History at degree level. Before coming, I expected to enjoy it, though I was concerned that I might feel a bit out of my depth, having just finished my GCSEs compared with students who had completed their AS levels. I had no idea I would enjoy it as much as I did. The atmosphere with the other students was fantastic, the pace was challenging but not too fast- I felt I could contribute my ideas, and being able to debate with leading academics was an invaluable experience. It made me challenge my own views and develop my historical skills and knowledge. I can honestly say it was one of most enjoyable and most informative weeks of my life. I loved History before I came on the course, though this course has allowed me to discover which particular areas of history I am most interested in. Not only was I able to cement my plans to study History at university, but I met a group of lovely, like-minded people who share my interest in history, who I plan to keep in touch with in the future. I think I am in a better position to start my A level History course after this week, and I feel so much more informed about studying history at university that I would not want to study another subject without doing a similar Debate Chamber course to see what it is really like at university. Overall, I cannot recommend this course strongly enough to anyone who enjoys history, who wants to see what a history degree is like, or just wants to make new, like-minded friends.

Jenny, Nottingham Girls High School


Debate Chamber is a really relaxed environment where you are free to express your interest in a certain subject and learn in an entertaining and inclusive manner.

Susannah, Sevenoaks School


A really interesting and engaging course that only increased my interest in a subject that I already loved!

Tom, Lancaster Royal Grammar School


The History Summer School was great fun – a really engaging and useful introduction to historiography and topics in history that I had not yet had the chance to study!

Jane, The Tiffin Girls School


The History Summer School was an extremely enjoyable and intellectually stimulating event. The week for which I attended the school seemed to pass far too quickly and by the end of it, I was definitely prepared to stay another week or two. The teaching was fantastic and the atmosphere in the groups was very enjoyable and friendly. I believe it has definitely helped me with my history and will continue prove useful in upcoming years. Definitely worth it!

Niku, Francis Holland School


Attending the History Summer School was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone who has an interest in the subject! I left feeling like my mind had been broadened and my understanding of how history is studied increased considerably. Although each day has an intense schedule, the tutors are brilliant at keeping your attention presenting materials in an interesting way; sources, videos, presentations etc. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the course and found the course book we received at the start very useful and a good souvenir to take away. I also want to be emphasise how friendly and supportive the classroom atmosphere was- something I did not expect and felt very relieved by. No matter how much history you know or level of study I would definitely recommend attending as I made so many new friends and studied such a range of topics and ideas.

Alice, Royal Grammar School Newcastle


I learnt an incredible amount on this course! Before this Summer School, I wasn’t sure how to form and present a unique opinion on periods of history. But now, I feel more confident and thirsty for knowledge than ever! The tutors were welcoming, clear, always willing to reexplain anything and exceedingly knowledgeable! The course covered a range of both historical events and also historical methods and approaches which I had never encountered before. JUST DO IT – YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

Claudia, Francis Holland School


I advise anyone to do the history course even if you don’t think you want to do a history course at university. You learn about very important people and actions that changed history. It’s always nice to learn new things even if they might not be useful in the future. Most of all you get to meet new people and have fun doing history!

Drew, Walthamstow School for Girls


I’d really recommend the History Debate Chamber. You get exposed to things which you never do at school and discuss these with like-minded people who also love History and really enthusiastic tutors. You cover so much in a week and the work is in a range of formats so the whole thing is really engaging and memorable.

Laura, Wimbledon High School


The History Summer School is a very good way to experience a different form of teaching from the GCSE history syllabus and school teaching in general. It offers a taste of what the style of teaching would be at university. You have the opportunity to take part in interesting debates with many people on historical issues and you also learn about the philosophy of history and the significant figures in history such as Machiavelli. Overall it is an excellent way to stimulate your mind and experience new and initially quite intimidating ideas in a friendly environment with engaging and very clever teachers.

Kate, Putney High School


A great way to explore History completely off syllabus. A relaxed atmosphere that sparks fun debate. Especially useful to clarify your thoughts on the subject before a university application.

Catherine, Wimbledon High School


Fantastic course, I relished being given the opportunity to learn in a more sophisticated university style.

Alex, Epsom College


This course provides a detailed insight to many areas of history. You are challenged to think of answers to questions that you would have thought were unanswerable, however this is good as it sparks debate. The staff are extremely helpful and cooperative.

George, Reeds School


This is a really interesting school with brilliant tutors and interesting lessons and has convinced me that history at university is what I should do. I recommend it to anyone interested in history.

Catherine, Lady Margaret School


My Debate Chamber course was crucial in finalising my decision to study history at university, and improved my confidence in debate and argument, whilst at the same time being thoroughly enjoyable and a great atmosphere to make friends.

Alix, Hills Road Sixth Form College


The History Summer School confirmed my passion for History and that it is definitely what I would like to pursue at university. Although I live almost 3 hours away, and took a bit of arranging, it was worth every second and I am so glad that I took part in it. I would recommend any of the Summer Schools to anyone with a passion for their subject as it is a fun-filled, interesting week that I learned a lot from and made lots of new friends that I am still in contact with!

Laura, Tewkesbury School


The week was extremely informative and I found myself enjoying topics that I had previously brushed aside. The tutors were extremely knowledgeable in the subjects that we were taught and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Katharine, Lord Wandsworth College


You just really need to go, it has changed my outlook on History and increased my passion for the subject ten-fold!

Kerris, Peter Symonds College


I would certainly recommend this summer school to anybody interested in studying history further. The five days covered a large range of subjects and the tutors were very informative fantastic at helping everyone be involved in discussions. There was a great atmosphere in the sessions and I felt comfortable contributing. I am really glad I attended.

Rani, Clitheroe Royal Grammar School


I cannot encourage you enough to attend the Debate Chamber Summer School. It was a fantastic opportunity to explore History in more depth than at school and learn about approaches to studying history. It was also lovely to meet some very friendly and like-minded people and be able to have discussions and debates with them about history!

Olivia, Lady Eleanor Holles School


History Summer School was absolutely amazing, and really, really useful. I found it immensely enjoyable and eye-opening, even to the extent of being enlightening. The opportunity to learn about so much history – the ideas and writings as well as the events themselves – was truly fantastic and I can earnestly say that I feel like a more fulfilled and understanding person. I would highly recommend History Summer School to anyone – being interested in history to start off with was helpful, of course, but I found that Summer School stimulated my interest in areas of history that I had previously thought to be the most boring thing ever, and made me even more passionate about my initial areas of interest. The tutors were all excellent, and really ‘knew their stuff’. I found myself amazed at how they would simply reel off facts about events that I had never heard of, and come up with some very difficult but nevertheless thought-provoking questions. History Summer School has firmly cemented my plans to study History at university, but also to pursue other subjects at the same time, such as Classics and Politics especially.

Charlotte, South Wilts Grammar School for Girls


The History Summer school is fantastic for discovering a whole realm of historical knowledge and skills outside of the limiting school syllabus. I found it really stimulating and exciting and I really recommend it to anyone considering History as a possible University option. There is so much more to History than I ever considered before!

Rosemary, Taunton School


Before the History Summer School, I had no idea what studying history beyond the facts could be like. After the summer school, thanks to the brilliant tutors and the challenging curriculum, I have a much more in-depth knowledge of the various theories behind historical study and what it is like to further study history. I’d recommend this Summer School to anyone who has even the slightest interest in history, it was probably the most informative and interesting 5 days of my life!

Hugo, Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe


I enjoyed every minute of this summer school and would recommend it to anyone who has a passion for history! Also, I was able to learn about parts of history which I had never encountered before. The variety of topics and the fantastic tutors definitely made the course worthwhile.

Annabelle, Charters School


How History should be taught. A fantastic introduction to a multitude of new approaches, periods and historians.

George, Ampleforth College


I found this a very enjoyable and interesting experience. I was able to look at various aspects of history, including under-looked at parts. This included what history is according to writers, alternative sources, Political ideas, gender history and conflicts. The finale where we debated as nations was an interesting look at international politics. Overall I would recommend this course to anybody interested in history.

Felix, St James Boys, Ashford


For me, this course was originally planning to be a sort of wake up from the summer. However, the five non-stop history filled days that we were given meant I didn’t just turn on my brain, I excited it: critically looking at intriguing sources. Due to the huge scope of the course, no matter where your interest is you’re bound to come away with a new one. Then too, the lecturers/teachers provided entertaining and enlightening commentary on the sources and historical events that we covered. Discussion amongst the group was always flowing and I was always left with something bubbling in my mind at the end of the day.

Megan, Notting Hill and Ealing High School


The History Summer School provided me with a tantalising insight into the subject at undergraduate level, and has made me even more certain that it is the discipline that I wish to pursue at university. The tutors were infectiously enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable, and we explored a diverse range subjects from witchcraft to Machiavelli, and Socialism to a mock post-WWII conference! It was an incredibly rewarding intellectual challenge, exposing me to areas which the school curriculum has neither the scope nor depth to include. The only drawback was that I left the course longing to go to university now rather than in three years’ time! I would definitely recommend this course to anyone with an interest in History and the way in which it is approached as an academic subject; for those considering studying it at university, it is an invaluable experience.

Julia, Sherborne Girls School


The Summer School was both stimulating and interesting. All of the tutors were very knowledgeable and made the days go really quickly – I came away knowing a lot more and thinking more widely about history.

Phoebe, The Tiffin Girls School


This course was absolutely fantastic involving great group discussion concerning challenging intellectual concepts within History acting to broaden the mind in an enjoyable environment.

Harry, Reigate Grammar School


I thoroughly enjoyed the week with Debate Chamber; not only were the topics stimulating but each teacher helped galvanise the group and guide us through some of the tough new ideas and principles that we encountered. It was genuinely a well spent week of the summer holiday and I’d recommend it to all who wish to pursue History at an academic level beyond the confines of an A-level course.

Harry, Haberdasher’s Aske’s Boys School


I couldn’t recommend this course enough – it was a lot of fun to be a part of, and both the quality and depth of the content that we looked at each day was very interesting, something for everyone! And the standard of the teachers were also very high – certainly left a lot of avenues of research I’d want to look down!

Oliver, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School


This was an extremely helpful experience. Being able to consider different aspects of Historical study at a university level in a university environment with university graduates as tutors. It enables students to become inspired and intellectually stretched.

Hugh, Felsted School


If you are interested and passionate about a particular subject I really encourage you to sign up to a Debate Chamber Summer School. It really broadens your horizons within your specific field; you will gain much knowledge away from the generally dry GCSE and A-Level syllabus. The Tutors are fantastic and really enjoy what they do.

Gus, Bradfield College


I found the course mind broadening and fun. There was not a single day when I did not leave without being in deep thought about a new idea I had been exposed to.

Rupert, Royal Grammar School Guildford


An excellent introduction to serious historical debates and a very useful medium for discussion in preparation for university entry. If you’re bringing strong opinions, feel ready to defend them: a tiring but rewarding intellectual challenge.

Grace, Alleyn’s School


The History Summer School was absolutely fantastic! The wide range of historical topics were extremely enjoyable to learn about, and I found out so many intriguing things about the subject. I feel that the knowledge I have gained is key to understanding History as an academic subject, and thus ensures my enthusiasm for History will continue and advance. The tutors were brilliant at encouraging us all to think, and at introducing ideas and possibilities that I had not considered. I also loved the engaging debates I had with students who share my interest in History, and made some good friends in the process. I would strongly recommend attending the Summer School; for me it delivered so much more than I expected.

Rachel, Chigwell School


The course was challenging enough that for the whole week I never felt that I was bored or wasting my time. We studied topics that we have never even touched on at school and the tutors were wonderfully friendly so we all felt we could contribute to a relaxed and stimulating discussion.

Anna, St Helen and St Katherine School


The course was fascinating as it delved into questions that are left unexplored in school History lessons. Each day ventures into a new area or approach to History, and the tutors are of an extremely high calibre! Of particular interest was Intellectual History and philosophical intepretations into the discipline. I left the course wishing it lasted longer!

Jayna, North London Collegiate School


The History Summer School will test every ounce of your historical knowledge and broaden your range on not only different events throughout history but also how these events are documented and recieved today.

William, St. George’s School, Harpenden


It was a really rewarding experience, which managed to present previously inaccessible areas of history in a manageable format, enhancing the skills I’d learned at school whilst also presenting me with new ideas that the A-level syllabus doesn’t leave scope to include.

Alex, Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls


I think the summer school is a great experience which has been essential for my understanding of history. It has allowed me to develop skills I had never explored and above all it was very much based on pupil interaction which meant that we were able to learn from each other as well as the tutors.

Georgia, The Lady Eleanor Holles School


The history summer course offers an invaluable opportunity to develop your historical skills and apply them to a range of histories. The fact that this is arranged in small classes creates a great opportunity to debate and formulate structured arguments. It always helps that the tutors are more than willing to answer questions about historical study at university! Overall, a highly useful and unmissable experience!

Oliver, Bishop’s Stortford College


It was incredibly valuable to be faced with totally new material and engage with it. Not only were the tutors a lot of fun but they challenged you to think across a new plain of thought.

Madeleine, St George’s VA School


I really enjoyed my week at the History Debate Chamber this summer – all the material covered was extremely useful as it deepened my understanding of topics that I have already covered at school, and introduced me to new areas and concepts. The debate and discussion with tutors and other students really helped me and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in history.

Annie, Benenden School


The history summer school was a brilliant experience! Consisting of a mixture of lectures, debates and plenty of group discussions, our tutors encouraged us to speak and participate at every opportunity. The teaching was excellent and I certainly believe that we made the best possible use of the time that we were there. Overall, I would definitely recommend the history course to anyone considering studying history at university or to anyone simply interested in learning more about the study of history itself!

Priya, North London Collegiate School


The summer school was incredibly helpful to me as it has enhanced my skills in studying history as well as teaching me about things I did not know. The atmosphere was brilliant and the freedom in the discussions made it much easier to learn.

Samuel, Stamford School


The history summer school is fantastic; the university style seminar structure and pace and variety of content further confirmed my passion for history and my desire to study it at a higher level.

Sophia, Beaconsfield High School


The History Summer School is more than something to put down on a form. Students learn about their subject in spades and walk away thinking about it in new ways. I could not recommend it more.

Harmish, Watford Grammar School for Boys


A fantastic experience, one which is useful for all and is great fun!

Shahram, Barnhill Community High School


I thoroughly enjoyed the Summer School. I found the topics covered highly interesting and challenging to study, with the tutors encouraging us to engage the topics head on, whilst also providing help where needed. Overall, a highly enjoyable and educating experience which I would recommend to all with a desire to study history!

Gideon, Ballymena Academy


The History Summer School was a perfect supplement to A Level history. It gave me the opportunity to explore alternative approaches to writing history and periods of history which aren’t in the school curriculum, which made me question my own assumptions about how history should be studied. It was also incredibly constructive to discuss with other historians opposing theories of historical enquiry and analysis, which provided me with a valuable insight into how history is studied at university level.

Lucy, Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School


I thoroughly enjoyed my week at the Debate Chamber History Summer School and would highly recommend it – the tutors are enthusiastic, positive and immensely knowledgable. It helped me to develop my views and awareness of various areas of historical study which will prove particularly useful in my final year at school. Thank you.

Lauren, City of London Freemen’s School


I first arrived unsure what to expect as I have never previously been on a course like this before. However, I soon thrived on being in an environment where other students share the same interest in history and the opportunity to learn from one another. Being tutored by people with such high academic achievements resulted in challenging and thought-provoking discussion and work. I found this course provided the opportunity to study history in a more general and challenging approach than at school which is a good experience for University. At school you are confined to one or two topics but this course helps to broaden your historical knowledge by investigating various different topic areas and gaining a better understanding of what history actually involves rather than just describing historical events.

Aaron, Charters School


The course material was informative and easy to grasp in no small part due to the excellence of the lecturers who appeared enthusiastic and knowledgeable throughout. The focus on discussion between students added a level of energy and focus far greater than conventional school lessons. A very worth while experience I would recommended to any prospective history students.

Alex, The Grange School


I have got to the point where I am deciding what subjects to take for A Level and university, this course really cemented for me the decision to take history and made me realize how much passion I have for the subject. A lot of the subjects on the course are not even touched upon in school and by going on the course I was able to learn about the things that really interest me and get a flavour of what studying history at university would be like. In addition, I was around people whose passion for history was at a similar level to mine and I was enabled to really enjoy what I was learning about without having to worry about asking too complicated a question or going outside the main topic.

Guinevere, Kent College Pembury


I found the History Masterclass incredibly enjoyable but also very interesting and great fun. The relaxed atmosphere ensured that the day did not feel like another regular school-day and the frequent discussion and debate ensured that new ideas and concepts were being  introduced all the time. The teacher was very friendly and welcoming and ensured that everyone had the opportunity to participate in every activity. Overall it was a great day and I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to broaden their understanding of what history is, as well as engaging in some of the debates that surround the study and presentation of history today.

Rachel, North London Collegiate School


I decided to go on this course because I wasn’t sure about whether studying History at University would be the right step for me, and if I am honest I wasn’t expecting that much, but I was blown away by the relevance of what the course was teaching, and actually how much I enjoyed the day. I thoroughly recommend going, even if you are unsure, because I had a great deal of fun, and I learnt about things I had never even considered. You don’t need to know anything outside of what you are already studying, this course just embellishes the foundations for knowledge that you already have, so don’t feel intimidated, because the tutors are very nice – they don’t bite! And all the other people who attend are budding historians who share some of the same passions as you do, so there is nothing to worry about.

Evie, Dr Challoner’s High School


The teacher initiated lots of very interesting discussion which the students then continued and expanded their ideas upon. The teacher was very engaging and I found the day both useful and enjoyable.

Rebecca, Channing School


The support, advice and debate were all exceptional. I cannot recommend it enough. Everyone could benefit from attending: those with only a slight interest in history would be stimulated, and those with greater interest refreshed and intrigued. I wholeheartedly commend it.

David, George Heriot’s School


The History Masterclass was an extremely enjoyable day which provided me with a whole new range of skills and large amounts of knowledge which I know will prove very helpful both for my A Level course and at University application. Our tutor was lively and welcoming, the format of the tutorials relaxed and interactive. It made me consider history in a whole new light and certainly outweighed any doubts I had about studying history at University. I would recommend debate chamber to anyone and look forward to doing more courses in the future!

Phillippa, Queen’s Gate School


Debate Chamber offers something which you won’t get anywhere else: a taste of what history is like, in it’s most fundamental form. With engaging tutors, and a relaxed environment, I highly recommend debate chamber to anyone who enjoys History for what it is.

Ross, Highams Park School


I would recommend this course to anyone who is on the borderline of deciding whether to do history or not, or if you have decided that you are going to do it at a level I think that it will help you a lot. the analytical skills you learn and the more complex concepts such as Annaliste historiography are explained in way that is easy to understand.

Tom, Allynes School


The History Masterclass was a truly inspirational day which far exceeded my expectations. It showed me History in a whole new light and I learned that there are so many more ways of understanding and interpreting historical events than I previously thought. It made me realise that even just the concept of History as a subject can spark numerous questions and debates and I also realised what some of my own answers to those questions would be and what I would argue in those debates. If you are at all interested in History I would definitely recommend the History Masterclass as a thoroughly enjoyable and extremely thought-provoking day which will fuel your passion for the subject and will leave you inspired and wanting to learn more.

Rosie, Dr Challoner’s High School


The History Masterclass was great. I really enjoyed it and I feel it will benefit me greatly. We were able to cover topics in such detail despite the little time we had.

Makhan, Barnhill School


It was very useful and informative regarding the nature of history itself, which is something rarely discussed at school.

Flora, Westminster School


It was a great experience because it gave me a chance to discuss and debate with other people who are considering doing history in the future. The course covered topics which wouldn’t necessarily be covered in school lessons so helped me gain a better understanding of history as a subject, instead of just one aspect. The course was definitely worthwhile and I would recommend it to anyone who has a particular interest in history!

Ru, Watford Grammar School for Girls


It’s a very helpful exercise if you’re considering studying history at university. It helps you to understand the different approaches to history!

Sophie, Sutton Valence School


It was interesting – introducing and exploring new aspects of history. Also, it gives a tiny taster of what history would be like at university. Overall it was a fantastic experience.

Jayne, Dr Challoner’s High School


I thought it was an excellent opportunity to see whether history would be a potential subject to study further. It helped me decide that I would love to do history beyond AS level and I learnt a lot about technique which will really help me in class.

Eleanor, Lady Margaret School


It is an exhilarating and enjoyable experience. I knew no one else on the course, but with a shared passion for history I felt comfortable right away. Seriously recommend if wanting to study history, or just find history interesting and want to broaden your knowledge on the subject.

Emma, St Edward’s School


The course was very enjoyable and I would recommend it because it makes you look at the subject from a new and interesting perspective.

Charlotte, Charterhouse School


The History Masterclass taught me a great deal about other approaches to studying History, many of which I had never before encountered. I also met a group of intelligent, like-minded students who could offer me help and advice. It felt as though I was working alongside the next generation of historians.

Jack, Sir Roger Manwood’s School


Amazing course! Recommend it to anyone who’s debating studying history at university to persuade them and see if it’s really for them! Also just generally useful to help with the dreaded exam at the end of the summer! I really felt that the day broadened my knowledge as it was something that I definitely wasn’t likely to study in the classroom.

Emily, St Mary’s Ascot School


Really good insight into what history is like at university, with some really interesting and thought-provoking topics covered. Good environment where you felt comfortable debating and discussing views with other people who enjoy learning about history as much as you.

Amy, The School of St Helen and St Katharine


An interesting introduction to concepts not usually taught at school and a chance to engage with graduates about historical issues that concern experienced academics.

Matt, The Royal Grammar School


History Summer School helped me to approach history in a way that I hadn’t though of before. Its was really worth attending and I really enjoyed it!

Sami, North London Collegiate School


I didn’t really know what to expect from the course apart from the obvious impression that I would be studying history. It turned out to be more than that. The tutors took us through everything that needed to be explained and I came to realise there was more to history than I had first assumed. It made me more certain that history was what I wanted to study at university.

Beth, The Maynard School


I had an enjoyable few days discussing history with other enthusiastic young people on a complete variety of different historical periods and different issues of history. I would encourage as many people as possible to attend the course.

Freya, Benenden School


The History Summer School at the Debate Chamber is a great way to get ahead in history; I feel like I’ve now got a one-up on the other history students at my school, and something different to write on my personal statement for university. But most of all this course is just fascinating, stepping outside the well-trampled topics of the GCSE and A-level syllabuses and showing you a fresh side of history, like the interpretations of Witchcraft and the theories of Machiavelli and Hobbs. Having been on this course, I have a renewed enthusiasm and vigour for history; I can’t wait to get back to school and show off my new skills!

Ruby, Dauntseys School


This is much much better than school.

Daniel, William Ellis School


I really enjoyed the history summer school as it gave me the chance to study history in depth and understand different points of view in greater detail. I would recommend the course to anyone who is interested in history.

Jessica, Pimlico Academy


I had a very good time, made new friends and learnt a lot I wouldn’t necessarily have learnt in the classroom.

Sarah, North London Collegiate School


Highly qualified tutors teaching engrossing and challenging topics, allied with excellent support material in the form of a booklet means students cannot fail to take a range of positives from the course.

Robi, Bedford School


It was an incredibly useful experience and helped me broaden my idea of how to explore history and understand these different methods. A must if wanting to continue further study in history.

Henrietta, St Catherine’s School


I found the course very enjoyable I found it pushed me a lot further than I would otherwise be pushed in school. It covered a large range of topics that you would not otherwise come across and so I would recommend it to any on wanting to study history.

Ruth, Pimlico Academy


Really good. Helped me to understand and analyse sources better. Something good to write on your personal statement!

Marina, Farnborough School


A truly brilliant experience, even if you don’t intend on studying history at university. The variety of topics covered were not only interesting, but they always got the group and tutor debating over different historical issues that I’d never really covered before.

Tom, Colchester Royal Grammar School


This was a fantastic opportunity to broaden your knowledge about such a fascinating subject as history. I learnt many new skills in a friendly environment and was able to talk with the tutors about studying history. It was overall a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend to anyone who is considering history!

Ella, The Red Maids School, Bristol


I really enjoyed all aspects of the summer school, meeting new people, learning about  subjects in history I have never studied before. I particularly enjoyed the university styled lectures thus it was excellent preparation for university styled learning and I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to study history at degree level.

Alex, Poole Grammar School


The lectures encouraged group work, and allowed everyone to develop their own opinion while being taught by tutors who knew what they were talking about. It was a really good standard of discussion and it touched on topics that I had never been taught at school. A really enjoyable experience.

Joseph, Merchant Taylors Boys School


I found the History Summer School incredibly useful in confirming my desire to study history at university. It certainly gave me a much broader insight into the various topics and periods covered by the title ‘historical studies’, allowing me to expand my own knowledge and take interest in areas of history I have never learnt before. The structure of the day was also useful in that it gave me more of an idea of studying history for longer than the allotted hour at school. All of the tutors were friendly and helpful, even if I said something I was unsure of or thought did not sound quite right, they understood what I was trying to say and helped make everything we learnt much clearer. All in all it was a truly invaluable experience for me.

Zoe, Pate’s Grammar School


I enjoyed this course a lot and it helped me loads when deciding whether or not history at university is for me. The tutors were all interesting and helpful, and the course wasn’t so hard that it was unattainable.

Cariad, Stroud High School


The history summer school was a really useful experience, helping me to get a better sense of history as a subject outside public exam curriculum. It was also nice to learn about history in a more relaxed and fun environment, and to meet other people who enjoy history.

Francesca, Wycombe Abbey School


I find that at school, if you are slightly ahead for your class or on a completely different level to them, you are often held back as you must wait for everyone else to catch up. This is completely different on the Debate Chamber history course, I suddenly found myself with people of the same ability and passion as me for the subject, this made the course challenging but not too hard, and still extremely fun. It really gave me a taste of what learning history could be like in university.

Guinevere, Kent College


The history summer school pushed us budding historians further than normal school study could, helping us to develop not just our historical knowledge, but also inviting us to question more how we think about history. I found the tutors friendly, with a vast knowledge of their subject and the other people on the course open and easy to talk to.

Oliver, Dartford Grammar School


It was an extremely beneficial few days, which were packed full of numerous different topics; there was a really great range. It has encouraged me to pursue the study of certain areas of History I was previously unaware/uninterested in.

Abigail, Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School


If you are wondering whether or not to study History at University, or feel that the topics chosen by your school history department for AS level are not the ones you would like to have studied in detail, come along to the Summer History School. In 3 days you have the chance not only to experience an insight into different periods of history to ones you might have been studying at school (to help with those module choices they’ve been talking about on Open Days), but to meet the sorts of students, like you, who are thinking of applying to read History.  It is an excellent opportunity to “taste” other subjects, see how you shape up against other students, to work with and swap information and contact details with other prospective undergraduates and who knows? you might even make some new friends.  Reluctant at first at spending my valuable Summer back in school but very very glad that I did!

Thomas, Bishop Stortford College


A fascinating course, combining the learning of invaluable historical technique with some really interesting historical study. Has increased my confidence for university applications significantly!

Rhuairidh, The Perse School


The History Summer School was a very enriching experience and provides you with  a greater knowledge and understanding of history as a whole. It also gives great insight into how history would be studied at university level. It is definitely a very productive three days!

Phoebe, James Allen’s School for Girls


It was a very thought provoking and interesting three days which gave me a greater insight into what history will potentially be like at university as well as allowing me to develop and acquire new skills.

Isabel, Benenden School


It gave me a good idea as to what history at university will be like, and of study in small tutorial groups. The material covered, particularly that of historiography, gave me a good grounding in current historical debate. It will certainly help me at interview and in the writing of my personal statement.

Sophie, Dr Challoner’s School


The History Summer School run by Debate Chamber was a pleasure to participate in, mainly due to the enthusiastic teachers, who being relatively young academics, were approachable and inspiring.  The subjects covered although diverse and uncommon, in that they were not commonly found on the school syllabus, were all the more fascinating because of this.  The teachers themselves, having fairly recently gone through the application process were extremely helpful in providing accurate information and advice about UCAS.  Therefore, if anyone was seeking an enjoyable and informative history experience I would recommend Debate Chamber’s History Summer School.

Elsa, James Allen’s Girls School


I found the History Summer School really useful if you are trying to decide what degree you will do at university. On top of this the teachers are very helpful if you have any extra questions and you will meet people and make friends who share extremely similar interests to you. Its good fun.

Isobel, Southbank International School


I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is considering studying history at university. The course covered a wide range of themes which allowed me to learn about topics which I had never come across before. The lecturers were also very friendly and encouraged us to approach history in new ways.

Alice, Stroud High School


I had a very enjoyable three days studying History at Debate Chamber and would recommend it to anyone trying to decide whether History is the right degree for them. All the tutors were exceptional; extremely helpful and friendly and knew their field very well. The topics we covered were interesting and really stretched my mind beyond those topics I have studied at A level, giving me an insight into some of the options I will have the opportunity to study at University.

Jennifer, Latymer Upper School


The debate chamber was the perfect way to test whether I really wanted to study history at university. It covers a broad range of topics and is particularly helpful in furthering your source skills.

Kate, Ipswich School


I thought it was very useful experience and that those contemplating doing history at university should definitely consider as it has furthered and developed my desire to do history as university, as well as prepared me for what to expect to get out of further study of this topic at degree level.

Hannah, Lady Margaret School


I would definitely recommend this course to others. I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. The work was interesting and I can see how I can use some of the material in the future. Also, it will be good to have this experience on my personal statement when applying to studying History at University.

Edward, St Benedict’s School


I absolutely loved the history summer school – we covered such a wide range of eras and topics that there really is something for everyone. My group was lovely, we all got on very well which made it even easier to work and discuss things together. And having different tutors each day was great, because they all had different areas of expertise and it added a lot of variety to the week. I also really like how things were structured i.e. doing a bit of reading each evening and discussing it the next day. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone with an interest in history – being immersed in the subject for five days with people equally as enthusiastic about it is such a rare opportunity, and I think it has made me love the study of history even more than I did before! Thank you very much to all involved.

Alice, Saffron Walden County High School