English Literature Student Reviews


I enjoyed a fantastic week at the Debate Chamber, covering the Romantics right up to contemporary prose and poetry. Remarkably, no detail was skimped on – we covered a broad historical range of texts and authors. The enthusiasm of both teachers and students, and zeal for learning and discussing, made it an enjoyable and informative week for all. I’d highly recommend this course for anyone keen to quickly hone both their enjoyment and understanding of modern English literature!

Honor, Westminster School


I had a brilliant time and made some great friends. I found the course inspiring and enjoyable, and will definitely be coming back next year!

Sasha, Putney High School


As a budding English Literature student, in the process of starting my personal statement, I was eager to broaden my knowledge and experience of what degree level literature looked like, and this week I did just that. With the help of highly personable, and insightful Debate Chamber tutors we covered a wide range of topics that have bettered my understanding of English Literature. The class atmosphere is great, and is fuelled largely by debates and discussions, making class interactive and engaging. I’ve met some brilliant students, who I can now call friends, while learning an awful lot. It was a very useful week to say the least.

Daniela, London Academy Sixth Form


I loved the teaching technique as there was a great ratio between teacher and independent and group discussions. It was very welcoming and inclusive and was run very well as everyone got a fair opportunity to speak and discuss in groups

Alex, Lady Margaret School


I loved the teaching for my course, our teachers were very kind and I really liked how they would wait for us to volunteer answers, I didn’t have to worry that I would be called on if I had nothing more to say. The teaching was in depth, but communicated in a way that was easily accessible, and gave us lots to expand upon in our own time if we were interested in the topic. Everyone I talked to was really enthusiastic and very willing to share their ideas, even if we didn’t agree on some areas, we were able to debate about it and come to interesting conclusions.

Issy, John of Gaunt Sixth Form College


The teaching was outstanding. Leah provided us with many interesting ideas for reflection and created plenty of opportunities for active contribution. For me, a particularly positive experience was the research hours where Leah asked us for feedback on what we’d done and then suggested way we could take it further. I thought the level was just right and we could explore at whatever level we wished, which mitigated the risk of it being too easy.

Jonathan, St Albans School


I thought the teaching was superb, our tutor was incredibly encouraging, provided us with loads of resources for discussion and independent research and gave us ample time to explore our own ideas and ideas in collaboration with others, both in analysis and creative writing.

Abigail, Dunottar School


Great overview – with some in-depth reading and ideas (particularly different forms of criticism) that have made me feel much more prepared for uni. Tutors fantastic – knowledgeable, clearly passionate, and willing to give up their own time to help you with your interests. Amazing!

Lydia, Withington Girls School


I thoroughly enjoyed the English Literature summer school as it covers a broad range of genres and periods in such a short space of time. Would recommend it to anyone considering studying English at university as it is great preparation!

Sydney, Tiffin Girls School


This course and its tutors set the bar really high for any future English teachers. I left with a greater understanding of the texts, a bigger interest in the subject and having made friends.

Taming, Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle


The English Literature Summer School gave a great introduction to periods of literature and society which I hadn’t even considered before. The atmosphere is so relaxed and everyone in my group was so friendly and just as up to discuss everything in the course.

Holly, Westminster School


Before attending the English Literature Summer School, I was not sure if I wanted to study this subject at higher level, but participating in such an academically driven environment, surrounded and taught by specialists who are so enthusiastic about their subject, has convinced me without doubt, that I would love to pursue English Literature at university. If you have any reservations about whether this course would be useful-don’t hesitate! I had one of the best weeks of my summer, meeting so many interesting people, whilst learning about areas of literature I had never encountered before!

Tania, Lady Eleanor Holles School


My knowledge has increased enormously and I had a great time.

Sara, Guildford High School


Thoroughly enjoyable as I now have friends with an interest in literature as much as my own, they are great at recommending books to read for me which I previously would be oblivious to; it has confirmed for me the fact that I want to study literature at university. Due to Debate Chamber I am now reading a greater variety of texts, which will help prepare me for my further studies.

Gemma, Graveney School


I absolutely adored the summer school- it was completely inspiring and I enjoyed every second of it! I would have done the week over and over! I would recommend to anyone interested in literature, no matter whether experienced or not because you will, without a doubt, come away from the course with a passion for literature that will never leave you!

Isla, Royal High School


Debate Chamber’s English Summer School was an amazingly inspiring experience. Informative and enjoyable, its the perfect way to really enrich your personal statement and reach Oxbridge worthy knowledge in your subject area. The tutors are experts in all fields and their enthusiasm is contagious. Wasn’t bored in any of the sessions and made some great friends over the week. Definitely worth it!

Nazan, Harris Westminster Sixth Form


Extremely enjoyable and informative. Definitely, definitely worthwhile.

Georgina, St Paul’s Girls School


I found this Summer School exceptionally useful in broadening my knowledge of literature. It was an enjoyable way of learning more about my chosen subject in a relaxed and fun environment with other people who enjoy my subject as much as I do. It also helped me to completely confirm my choice to apply to study English Literature at university, rather than any other subject. The tutors were hugely well informed on every aspect of literature that we covered, and created a relaxed classroom atmosphere in which debating and speaking up was encouraged. It was a fantastic week that was worth every penny!

Gabrielle, Lady Eleanor Holles School


This was the second time I had done a Debate Chamber course, and it was just as good as the first. I really love the sequential nature of the English course, especially as it helps so much in placing texts in their historical and inter textual contexts. I particularly enjoyed the Measure for Measure session because we were able to all explore many of the problems and themes in the play in a very liberating and intense way. I loved the debates that were generated. I also really enjoyed the Anglo-Saxon session because it was an introduction to something I had never covered before, and which also introduced me to some excellent early feminist writers (Margery Kempe!). Every day I came home absolutely buzzing and it really helped cement my desire to take English Literature at university.Thank you so much to all the tutors and the rest of my group for making this week a brilliant and memorable experience.

Emma, Haberdashers Aske’s School for Girls


The second part of the English Literature Summer School not only prepared me for my final year at school, but also as a Literature student looking to study the subject at university. It was a fantastic combination of fun and learning, and the tutors all inspired excitement for different periods of Literature, some of which I’d never read much about before!

Deepa, Notting Hill and Ealing High School


I found this Summer School immensely enjoyable and extremely beneficial to my English studies. I knew before attending this course I wanted to study English Literature at university, but this informed me greatly of older literature (such as Old English, Medieval literature and the rise of the novel) as well as explaining fascinating literary criticism such as new historicism. I also met some lovely people who I hope to stay in contact with. I am very glad I did the 2 week course as well. I can’t recommend this course enough! If you have a passion for analysing and discussing the best texts in the English language, then you will relish this summer school!

Georgie, Guildford High School


Although I previously had very limited knowledge on this period of literature, I found this course engaging and accessible. Not only did I further my knowledge, but I met loads of amazing, interesting people also, and had a wonderful week, thank you!

Amy, Brighton College


All of the tutors were approachable and friendly and discussed their own ideas with us in order to provoke debate. I met a really interesting and enthusiastic group of people that I will continue to discuss texts with now that the course is over.

Georgina, Lady Eleanor Holles School


This course is a great way to get quite a detailed overview of a wide area of literature. You will cover a lot of things in quite a short amount of time, and definitely come away feeling like you know more, as well as having discovered areas of interest you didn’t have before and probably didn’t expect to have. The tutors are all really helpful and it’s also a great way to meet new people in your class who have the same interests as you.

Georgina, St Pauls Girls School


Attending the English Literature Summer Course – Part 1 has vastly enriched my knowledge of early literature and criticism surrounding the latter. The breath of the course covered in a week is incredible ranging from Beowulf to Robinson Crusoe and I have definitely learnt new skills and analytical techniques to help me at University. The small class sizes meant that everyone could voice their own opinion and take part in group discussions. In addition, the tutors were always friendly and offered a fascinating insight into every work of literature covered. I have not only gained a large amount of knowledge surrounding this period but also met a lot of like-minded, friendly people who I can share my enthusiasm for literature with.

Hannah, Ipswich School


The Summer School was really fantastic. I had the chance to explore Old English which I was interested in, but had not fully explored. I now have so many ideas and further reading lists to look at especially for my personal statement which is very helpful indeed. The tutors are all experts in their fields and create an engaging, challenging environment. Highly recommend.

Benjy, Jewish Free School


Aside from reading as much good literature and as many literary critics as you can, this will be the single most important week in your pathway to being a great English student. Never before had I experience such a wide range of literature and literary theories. It’s intellectually challenging in a way that leaves you wanting more. I have never met such a great group of people with true enthusiasm for literature and were so accepting of others. It felt like finding home.

Jack, Reeds School


I think that the teachers were very knowledgeable on the topics and the course was exceptionally enjoyable.

Benjamin, St Paul’s Boys School


I attended this course with the intention of developing and furthering my interest in English Literature. The course was extremely useful and has enabled me to look more deeply into texts and have more confidence when looking at older texts that I may not have studied before. Throughout the week I became more willing to answer questions and provide my own interpretations. The lecturers were extremely good and the course was structured well to work at a good pace, while also challenging me.

Lisa, Bentley Wood School


A wonderfully enjoyable experience that gave me the opportunity to discuss and encourage my love for literature. It has honestly been the week where I have learnt the most due to open discussions and incredible tutors passionate about sharing their knowledge and understanding.

Fenella, Royal Latin School


If you are interested in English Lit, you should definitely apply for this course. It gives you an overview of a range of topics and literary criticisms: as a result, I feel a lot more prepared for Uni! The tutors were excellent: laid-back, incredibly well-read, and fully willing to give up their own time to expand on the topics, or even any general literary interest! Lovely to meet like-minded people.

Lydia, Withington Girls School


English Literature part 1 really gives a broad overview of fascinating pockets of literature right from Anglo-Saxon to the 17th century – a vast period in English that we rarely get the chance to explore in depth at school. Therefore, I’d really recommend this course as a great opportunity to gain an insight into older texts that you have never encountered before, and to meet like-minded people who all share a passion for the subject! The tutors are all really friendly and enthusiastic, and the new knowledge acquired will also probably give you a head start in preparation for studying English Literature at A-Level or University!

Cecelia, Lady Margaret School


It was incredible to meet such a wonderful variety of people my age all united by a passion for literature. Everyone was so engaged and we were able to have some really in depth debates. It was completely different from school as everyone genuinely wanted to be there. I had so much fun and I will never forget my amazing experience at Debate Chamber!

Helena, Francis Holland School


This course has made me interested in pre 18th century literature which I didn’t think was possible. It was really informative and a huge amount of fun and I wish I could do it all again.

Hazel, The Abbey School


This Summer School was particularly helpful in allowing me to explore areas of literature which would not otherwise be covered on my IB syllabus. In addition, it exposed me to a lot of new ideas and material, which was exciting. The sessions were very enjoyable and the tutors were friendly and encouraging. I really enjoyed my week there, and would have done Part 2 in a heartbeat!

Charlotte, Cheltenham Ladies College


I could not recommend the Debate Chamber English Literature Course highly enough! The material covered was fascinating and has inspired me to look into new genres and periods of literature. Furthermore, the tutors were amazing and helped to create a dynamic teaching atmosphere. You will make great friends, get an insight into what English might be like at university, and have the best few weeks of your summer!

Victoria, Wycombe Abbey School


Both parts 1 and 2 of the English literature summer school are extremely engaging and enlightening to attend. The course is incredibly well organised, the tutors are very knowledgeable about all topics and make every lesson fun and interesting (be prepared for some very interesting debates that you never thought you’d have), and the course covers a vast amount of texts of all styles, time periods and genres. Overall, I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone contemplating studying English Literature at university (or even just to have some further knowledge for their A-levels!), you will meet some really great, like minded people within a friendly environment and everyone is very willing to learn. I feel much more prepared for studying English Literature at university because of this course and have been recommended some great reads that I would not have found otherwise!

Georgie, Bishopshalt School


The summer school has seriously boosted my knowledge and interest in all subjects covered. The teachers are engaging, the lessons compelling and the atmosphere extremely enjoyable.

William, Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle


I would absolutely recommend attending the English Literature course. I signed up knowing very little about Old and Middle English texts, but came away feeling really inspired to explore all that we looked at even further. We discussed ideas that I’d never even considered before and I was introduced to some amazing pieces of literature above and beyond what is taught in school. The tutors were really friendly, funny and able to make some very complex concepts accessible to us, and it was great to be in a group where everyone was keen to discuss and debate our ideas. Overall a brilliant week.

Vicky, Backwell School


I highly recommend the English Literature summer school. I assure you that your interest will be stimulated and you will delve into ideas and arguments which will develop your appreciation of literature and its origins.

Bonnie-Ruth, Old Palace of John Whitgift School


I would recommend this course in a heart beat to anyone interested in English literature or language (as we studied the development of English) as much of what we learnt is not on the standard curriculum. We covered everything from Beowulf to medieval feminism to the rise of the novel, which gave us a brilliant overview of early literature. I particularly enjoyed studying the ‘Golden Age’ of Theatre with Shakespeare and Marlowe, but I know from talking to the others that there was something to interest everyone. I have made lots of good friends and am so pleased that debate chamber organised this course in the summer just before UCAS begins.

Georgia, Bishop’s Stortford College


An infinitely engaging, enjoyable and educating week. I would not hesitate at all in participating again – due to the amount that I have learnt, the confidence I have gained and the friendships I have made. I feel that I can now approach difficult literature with so much more ease and excitement – and that I am more aware of the limitless variety of authors, poets, theories, genres, languages and influences within the subject. Furthermore, the ability to grow close to a group of people who are similarly passionate about a subject to you is something valuable and rare, and the comfortable and stimulating classroom dynamic made my experience the even more worth it (even if it was out of my summer holiday!)

Anoushka, North London Collegiate School


I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone doing A-Level English or considering studying English at University. The week left me feeling inspired and wanting to learn more about the subject areas we covered, most of which are not even touched upon at school. The teachers encouraged us to discuss theories and philosophies of literature that piqued our interests, and several of these debates spilled over into lunchtime and even after class! The other students were really friendly and easy to get along with. I went home feeling equally uplifted and educated by my time here… Thank you to everyone for making the experience so enjoyable!

Poppy, Exeter School


The Debate Chamber Summer School was a fantastic experience and one well worth applying for. Not only was it made thoroughly enjoyable by the effort and expertise of the tutors, but will undoubtedly prove invaluable in the future when drawing on the variety skills learnt.

Ben, Lancaster Royal Grammar School


I had a great experience at the Debate Chamber Summer School. The tutors, all of whom inspiring graduates from Oxford and Cambridge were so welcoming and I found really motivated me and encouraged me. The other students were incredibly friendly and I found meeting others with the same passion for English Literature exciting and eye-opening. The course was a great way to gain knowledge of Anglo-Saxon Literature right up to The Rise of the Novel.  I think it has really prepared me for a degree in English and made me certain that this is definitely the right degree choice for me. The range of tutors made the course feel extremely diverse. I felt extremely provided for with theatre and lecture tickets as well as a coursebook, and Shakespearean play book. The course was jam-packed and just what I needed before going on to Year 13. I’ve taken a love for Middle English after a close reading of “Gawain and the Green Knight”. I think I have developed as an English student and seen the range of areas a degree in English might take me. Even now I find myself constantly looking back on the experience with nostalgia.

Zoe, Bacons College


This was such an amazing course! I think the thing that made it so enjoyable were the staff running it. Although challenging, the course opened my eyes to a whole different perspective on literature- and the speakers really helped  me to understand some of the harder texts. I would definitely recommend this course as it is worth every minute.

Harriet, Chessington Community College


My week at Debate Chamber was the best of my whole summer holiday. The teachers were intelligent and focused and we moved at the perfect pace. I felt so informed and ready to discuss issues I hadn’t even contemplated before the week began. I’ve been equipped with skills that will see my well through to university and it has inspired so many avenues of further reading. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Vanessa, Trinity School


A fantastic course – I didn’t know there was so much out there! If its an overview you’re looking for this is as interesting and in depth as you’re going to get. Amazing teachers, an amazing experience.

Jack, St Olave’s Grammar School


A fantastic week on the less covered literature material. Whether you’re intending to do English at uni or if you just fancy a fun and educational week in the heart of London. It’s brilliant. Just go.

Lauren, Austin Friars School


I would definitely recommend this  course as a worthwhile venture for any students with a genuine interest in English Literature studies. It provided me with a great introduction into periods of literature which, before, I was completely unfamiliar with, and has encouraged me to continue studying these areas of literature more thoroughly. Most importantly for me, though, was that I really enjoyed learning about things that I was initially sceptical about, and this has persuaded me to persue an English Literature course at university (hopefully!).

Charlotta, Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar


“Hey guys, I’m jack!” exclaimed my boisterous English tutor. “If we get bored, we can do some wrestling but that won’t happen, it’s English after all!” he added, launching a ripple of laughter through the class of students. Instinctively, my shoulders loosened and I thought, “This is going to be the best school week ever.” Those few sentences sum up my first experience of summer school at the Debate Chamber. It was a succession of bold banter, waggish words, preposterous puns, incredible innuendos and jaunty jokes. To the parents’ relief, we still managed to gather an gargantuan amount of knowledge, ranging from Anglo-Saxon riddles to Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe. My only regret is that I didn’t apply for Part two of the course!

Emma, St Pauls Girls School


The summer school gave me the opportunity to explore a period of English Literature that had seemed to me so complex and made it approachable and definitely enjoyable. I have made some great friends, having had the chance to meet like-minded people. The teachers were incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. However, it really is like going to school for a week so be prepared to be focused and committed. A must for English Literature enthusiasts.

Mia, King David High School Manchester


The course has been hugely informative and stimulating for me; it was particularly useful and very interesting to be able to discuss and explore the new information we were receiving as a group.  We all had very different responses to each period of literature we studied! I loved being in a group who responded to the enthusiasm of our tutors, who were fantastic! Thank you Debate Chamber for a truly inspiring week!

Rebecca, City of London Freemen’s School


I would so recommend Debate Chamber Summer Schools – the material was new and interesting and the tutors were really engaging. I can’t wait to explore the new material they introduced me to!

Ronit, North London Collegiate School


The Debate Chamber English Literature course has been a valuable, enjoyable experience. The teachers call themselves ‘course leaders’ because they really aren’t teachers: they don’t treat it as a job they have to do, but as a chance to entertain, connect with and share their passion with us, which is the reason for their boundless enthusiasm. They get to know you as a person, and you get to know each other. The environment is incredibly informal, since instead of being based on a teacher talking at you, it’s based on discussions, exchange of opinions, research, teamwork, jokes, anecdotes, games, riddles and acting things out – every form of engaging learning you can think of. The course covers the skills of evaluating early novels, recreating Renaissance theatre, reading Middle English, understanding epic poetry and finding significance of literature through context, to name just a few. It covers enormous amounts concisely, efficiently and enjoyably: an experience well worth taking part in.

Charlotte, South Hampstead High School


This was a fantastic course; material covered was engaging and fascinating, the tutors all made classes fun and enjoyable.  I learnt so much in five days, both complementing my AS studies and giving me an idea of what to expect at A2 and beyond. You will find an interest in topics you’ve never considered, will make great friends and will get a good idea of what studying English to a higher level involves. Completely worth it!

Annie, Farnborough Hill School


I found the course immensely useful in filling some of the gaps in my knowledge by touching upon periods and themes that I hadn’t looked at in school. Most useful was the exposure to a wide range of writers from different periods which means I’m now able to contextualise a name or piece of writing more easily.

David, Westminster School


It was a brilliant introduction to English Literature as a University subject. All the material covered was both fascinating and challenging and all the tutors were very knowledgeable and helped to challenge and explore our rigidly held opinions about the subject.

Geordie, Fettes College


The English Literature Summer School was inspiring, enjoyable and informative. A fantastic introduction to studying English at University.

Georgie, Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School


The Debate Chamber English Literature course takes English to a level that I had not yet covered at AS and so it was extremely useful in preparation for my A2 course. Not only this, but as it covered literature through all ages it helped give me a very broad idea of all literature and opened my eyes to types of literature that I had not yet come across. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Lucy, St Albans High School for Girls


I would highly recommend this course for anybody interested in literature or who reads widely. It is a brilliant opportunity to discuss works with those with similar interests to you. Challenging but enjoyable. The tutors are professional and informative; you will surely come away from the course having learnt plenty and having met some lovely people. Overall, a great experience.

Catrin, Lady Margaret School


I think that this course was a great help in fostering a love for English; it directed me to interesting topics that I hadn’t fully understood or explored beforehand.

Nicholas,  Royal Grammar School, Guildford


I found the course hugely informative, and during the week, I was introduced to many new topics, which previously I hadn’t had the oppertunity to encounter, meaning that I found that I learned a great deal in a very short space of time. I was especially surprised to discover an interest in Middle English! The absolute highlight; however, was the trip to the Globe Theatre to see Mark Rylance in Richard III.

Rachel, St. Teresa’s School


I really enjoyed my week at the Summer School, and would recommend it to anyone contemplating studying English literature at University. It has been very helpful in giving me an overview of English literature in general, and inspiring me to continue my own research in topics which especially interested me, for example Medieval literature. It has also vastly increased my summer reading list, as there were so many books we discussed, and I then wanted to go and read immediately. Overall, it has increased my ability to understand and analyse literature.

Ellie, Woodbridge School


This great course gives you a real feel for all English literature from middle English to current day. It was brilliantly organized, and the tutors were wonderful. It not only gave me the tools I need to analyze literature, it also made me realize that I really enjoy it! I loved it!

Emma, CSA New Tech


The course gives you a 5 day run through of the history of English Literature (and even some theory). It gives you the opportunity to cover topics you would have never covered in school, in a classroom environment, with a teacher there to guide you through. It’s a pretty singular opportunity really and I’d definitely recommend it.

Hendrik, Abingdon School


I really recommend students starting their A levels or students going into their last year of A levels to attend the English Literature Summer School. Not only was it eye opening and an intellectually enhancing experience for my literary skills, it enabled me to think independently and autonomously. Thus, I have been able to develop my thought process and discover my particular passion in English Literature which was the Victorian Era. I strongly advise students to attend this course as this could be the difference between them achieving good or very high grades. The teaching is of excellent quality and you will not be disappointed by the variety of sessions taught in this summer school!

Beth, Woodbridge School


Attending English Literature Summer School has broadened my interests outside the A Level curriculum. Subjects I thought I disliked – Shakespeare, Medieval Lit, Middle English – have become exciting and approachable. I know what I have learned during this week will become invaluable in application to A Level work.

Isabelle, Reigate Grammar School


This course was informative, engaging, interesting, and most importantly, very fun! A useful preparation for university application, or a stimulatingly in-depth study of the subject for one’s own personal academic development. You leave with many doors open – to different genres, periods and writers – through which you will be excited to stride, one after the other.

Sam, University College School


The Summer School is an amazing experience where you not only make new friends but also learn new ways of thinking and engaging with a dynamic subject such as English. The ‘isms’ of literature are a good start to the course and feminism was my particular favourite, however the wide breadth of the course allows everyone to find their niche and allows great debate. Furthermore, going to the Globe is a fantastic experience and should not be missed!

Becki, Reading Blue Coat School


I returned home Friday evening and my parents said “did you enjoy it then?” and I replied by explaining how it was one of the best weeks of my life. An opportunity that should not be missed out on! First class teaching, good friends to be made and new things to learn. Loved it is an understatement!

Zoe, Brentwood School


I would fully recommend this course to any English student thinking of carrying on this subject to university level as it provides a fantastic grounding in a wide spectrum of literature. Throughout the course you are sure to meet with unfamiliar material though I would certainly not let the fact that you haven’t covered many areas in English put you off as whilst some people on the course have heard of certains areas and movements, everyone has read different texts and so have different experiences, so you’ll be familiar with different aspects, and it’s this that made the discussions so interesting. The teachers really guide you in what you learn and on my first day I had no idea how the course was going to run – like a workshop or a lecture perhaps, but it was like a sixth form class where you are being taught although also actively participating; this makes it perfect for all different types of students as you can ask as many questions as you want, or take detailed notes. I was impressed before I started with the range that would be covered and even more so now – it has been so informative and completely worthwhile, I am just so lucky I found out about the course and I urge as many people to attend the course as possible.

Emma, Putney High School


My week at the English Literature Summer School has been an invaluable experience and has aided my existing knowledge of English Literature greatly. For an aspiring English student at University, the course has not only enhanced my love of the subject but also taught me all about the different periods of literature and I feel much more capable of holding an in-depth conversation on various topics of English than before I attended the course. The tutors were excellent and of an extremely high standard; they never failed to question and challenge our ideas, to push us to the limits of our understanding of literature. I would highly recommend this course to anyone even vaguely curious about English Literature as I now feel much more prepared to enter into my final year of school and to explore the numerous facets within my favourite subject.

Zoe, Francis Holland Clarence Gate School


The opportunity to learn from devoted and enthusiastic teachers, to meet bright and like-minded students and to engage in stimulating and challenging conversation – what more could you ask for? Discuss.

Daniel, Harrow School


The English Literature Summer School absolutely cemented my decision to study English literature at university. I discussed books and poems that I would have never read myself, but now would greatly enjoy reading more of all the authors and poets we studied. It was a great opportunity to listen and respond to not only the views of the tutor but also the views of the other students who were just as interested and focused as I was. The tutors challenged my ideas of literature, and yet I still found the seminars to be incredibly useful in improving my knowledge and enforcing my passion for the subject.

Gemma, St Albans High School for Girls


Great teachers, interesting topics, loads of literary texts,lively discussions – the perfect week for an English-enthusiast!

Leonie, BG/BRG Klosterneuburg School


I thoroughly enjoyed my week because I was exposed to a range of different genres and periods within literature which made me realise what an exciting and broad subject it is to study. I also felt that I gained a lot of confidence in developing my own ideas and interpretations whilst also listening to others. Ultimately the course confirmed for me that I definitely want to study English Literature at University!

Alex, St Helen and St Katharine School


I would highly recommend the course because we had such great discussions during the course of the week. Not only are we able to learn from the tutors, but also from the other students in the group. The tutors were energetic and I was able to learn a lot.

Thea, St. Marylebone School


I really enjoyed the English Literature Summer School, as it provided me with the opportunity to challenge myself with some difficult but exciting literary questions and allowed me to meet some other passionate literature lovers.

Maria, Woldingham School


I went on this course because it had been recommended by my teachers and other pupils, and I expected some lessons like the ones at school which I could perhaps discuss at a university interview. What I found was that I had a great time, everyone was enthusiastic about their subject, I was challenged, and I have so much to discuss on my personal statement and at interview. Well worth it, and really confirmed that I was making the right subject choice for me.

Eleanor, Bishop’s Stortford College


I had always been worried that the range of literature that I had read and studied had been too narrow, but this course really helped to give a foundation to a far wider range of literature and I would highly recommend the course to anyone thinking of attending

Dominic, Cardinal Vaughan School


A really great use of my time during the school break – the course helped me synthesise my own opinions immensely and prepared me well for my A2 year. In particular I found that speaking to other like-minded students and debating our varying opinions on our subject was an incredibly valuable experience.

Bethany, Aylesbury High School


I really enjoyed the experience. The course covered a lot of content in a relatively short space of time. It was well taught, well planned and above all, interesting. I had the chance to cover new concepts eg. critical theory. I would definitely recommend anyone who enjoys English and is thinking of studying English at university to attend this course.

Laura, Queen Mary’s College


I’m so grateful to my friend for recommending this course to me, it really helped me understand criticism and literature in a new way.  I was able to look at topics I would not necessarily be able to in school and have discussions with people who love English as much as me!

Imogen, St Marylebone School


After leaving the course, I felt I could now read texts in a much more sophisticated and informed way, which is something that will be useful not only during my A-Level English Lit. but also in future years to come at Uni.

Charlie, Abingdon School


I would advise those of you who are unsure whether to attend the Debate Chamber for English to go on it, whether you are very interested in English or even slightly interested. Not only has it given me a taster for university but it has highlighted the gaps in my knowledge even for A-level. The teaching and material covered is quite inspiring and unlike anything I had done before and parts are truly fascinating. You may feel out of your depths at times but it does not take away from the overall experience. It was an eye opener for me and I will be attending courses in the future.

Alice, Lady Eleanor Holles School


I had a brilliant day – it was very intense and really thought-provoking, opening my eyes to current debates within my subject. It was also fun to meet people with similar interests yet who often had a completely different interpretation of a text. This breadth of ideas, demonstrated by our lively discussions, was what was most valuable about the day.

Kirsty, Dame Alice Owen’s School


The seminar style gave me a taste of what University study would be like, bringing me closer to the subject.

Jethro, Fortismere School


It was very interesting and definitely gave me a broader knowledge of literature. It has encouraged me to learn more about the topics covered and has made me much more certain that English is what I want to persue in the future.

Ellie, St Alban’s High School


It was fantastic to meet so many new people and to share intellectual and thought provoking discussion with them. Our tutor was really good and I felt like a real student. I’d love to attend again! It really gave you a buzz, and was definitely a brain work out! Thank-you for providing this reasonably priced course.

Jemma, Bushey Meads School


This course helped me solidify an interest in English Literature by outlining philosophies and analysing examples whilst providing the rare thing of a place where one can freely discuss one’s ideas with other literature enthusiasts and an intelligent professional in the field with relative anonymity. This Debate Chamber is an enlightening gift to those who have access to it.

Peter, Reigate Grammar School


Gave me an opportunity to think of English Literature in a whole new light!

Pravjit, Heston Community College


I was a bit apprehensive about going, but I actually really enjoyed myself. Being in a group of students that I didn’t know made me more confident in stating my opinion than I am in a classroom full of friends, and attending the course confirmed my desire to read English Literature at university – I’m really glad I went!

Ellie, St Alban’s High School


Attending this course was incredibly useful in giving you intriguing information that can be incorporated in your essay writing. I loved meeting new people who were equally passionate about english. We covered many topics across the whole day, discussions were lively…the experience was worthwhile!

Marian, Plumstead Manor School


The course was a great thing to do during the summer. I loved meeting people who shared the same passion; the teaching was great and the topics covered were extremely interesting and provided a great foundation for further studying.

Alice, Benenden School


I found it a very good introduction to what studying English at degree level might entail. It was good to be with other Literature lovers and to be taught by such well-studied teachers.

Charlie, Merchant Taylors School


The course provided by the English Literature Summer School cleared all the doubts I had about studying English Literature at university. It confirmed my choice. It also enhanced my knowledge on certain subjects greatly. I would readily recommend this course for anyone who wishes to read English Literature at a higher level.

Sanjana, St Helen’s School


It was really interesting and enjoyable. This is definitely a good option to take if you are looking for extra knowledge in your subject.

Connor, Sharnbrook Upper School


I feel much more confident about applying for an English degree!

Madeleine, The More House School


It was a really brilliant course where you not only learn a lot of factual information, but you also greatly develop your skills in being able to engage with texts of different periods and look at them from different perspectives of literary criticism. It is definitely worth taking the time out of your Summer to do because, if you love literature, then you are not really taking time out, you are simply doing something you enjoy with similarly passionate students.

Alexa, Godolphin & Latymer School


The sessions were interesting and engaging – it was brilliant to be studying English with tutors and other students who are so passionate about the subject.

Matthew, Royal Grammar School, Guildford


The English Literature Summer School was brilliant fun. I was tentative about my own abilities at the start, but soon learnt that everyone had their own niche and began to relax and debate openly in the group. By the end of the 5 days we were a really close knit group, we went out to lunch together before the play, and generally just had so much fun together. It was wonderful to be in an environment where everyone shared my passion for literature.

Sophie, Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Girls


It’s a really relaxed environment where people (both tutors and pupils) are encouraged to discuss literature and what interests they hold. After the course, I felt more informed about what I love about literature and feel ready for the whole university experience of sharing ideas with a group of people (as well as making friends in a strange environment).  Basically, I feel very clever now, as it has widened the spectrum of literature that I am aware of, and explained it really well to me.

Georgia, St Benedicts School


The Literature summer school is a great opportunity to cover topics which you don’t get the chance to cover in school/college. The teachers’ aim to teach you about different theories and widen your knowledge about a subject which you will be 100% passionate about when you leave five days later!

Safina, Plumstead Manor School


The course was extremely insightful, and the tutors showed no end of enthusiasm for the topics in question. The opportunity to meet people who share similar interests as yourself is one not to be wasted. Having said this, being introduced to people who disagreed with my point of view, and could offer an alternative perspective, was an eye-opening and refreshing experience. I would recommend this course to anyone who has a real passion for literature, but would also appreciate a more solid grounding in the context and philosophies surrounding the subject.

Louise, Bishop Stortford School


The English Literature Summer School is a fantastic opportunity for people enthusiastic about English Literature to find out what it really is all about and to engage in lively discussion with like-minded people and the best of recent graduates in English Literature. The course, covering everything from Chaucer to Modernism (and more) allows young people to get a sense of the scope and variety of the subject, without going  heavily into too much depth on certain areas. The tutors really care and value your opinions, and this is the best opportunity around to get the university experience, before heading off to study the subject for 3 years. I would highly recommend this course, because, despite the cost, it will give you an unforgettable experience and will open your mind to fresh ideas and new possibilities.

Lauren, Blackheath School


This course is great to get out of the recycled and over-taught modules of the AS course, and lets you view literature as the entire institution. The tutors are lively and helpful, and manage to explain some pretty tough topics in a comprehensible and clear way. I would recommend it to anyone who is considering english as a university course, as it gives you a taster of the kind of things you would be studying.

Ruby, Dauntsey’s School


The seminar format and the content of the Summer School was so liberating that it really rekindled my passion for literature and made me consider literature in a new light, would definitely recommend it!

David, Worksop College


The course expanded my knowledge of literature hugely! In addition, it gave me a real insight in to what studying English at degree level might be like; it’s totally different from anything I came across at school. A must for anyone considering English at university!

Olivia, Sir William Perkin’s School


Really great fun, I learnt a lot about not just topics but context surrounding them which is very important. it was so helpful because often when reading books, I need some info on the philosophies running through them, and this course summed it up nicely.

Ayesha, The Latymer School


Brilliant course. It gave a really insightful overview of English Literature and really placed the books I have read in context, both with history and each other.

Mary,  Fortismere School


The course was really enjoyable whistle stop tour through the history of English Literature and introduced me to aspects of literature that are not covered at school and I wouldn’t have otherwise considered reading, such as Medieval literature. It has made me certain that I would love to study English at university and I would recommend it to any prospective English student!

Jenny, Bishop Stortford School