International Relations Student Reviews


This course gave me a huge insight into this fascinating discipline with enthusiastic teachers who were happy to help and made the week so interesting. This course covers the fundamental principles in IR facilitating my knowledge hugely for future studies.

Sophie, Kingston Grammar School


An amazing course for anyone who is interested in IR and current affairs, and is great for broadening your general knowledge. The tutors were all so enthusiastic and passionate about the subject, making it all the more enjoyable.

Audrey, Cheltenham Ladies’ College


International Relations is so relevant to the world which we live in that going to the Debate Chamber Summer School has opened my eyes to international problems that are happening everyday! The teaching staff are so knowledgable in their fields that every question thrown at them was answered in a clear and accessible way. This summer school has inspired me to even rethink my degree at university – I’m now looking at international relations as a possible choice!!!

Mollie, Truro School


It’s a great week for anyone either directly wanting to study international relations or interested in current affairs and economics. Really informative tutors who know a lot about the topic! You will also meet lots of people who are interested in similar things to you.

Olivia, Gillotts School


The teaching was great, a perfect mix or debate, independent tasks and lectures. I thought it was good that we covered a wide range of topics some topics I had little background knowledge of so the level was good. The ability of putting your hand up on Zoom was utilised well and we were asked many questions, at no point did you feel like you were being talked at.

Abigail, Ipswich School


I really liked the teaching, I thought there was a good amount of group work which went really well with what we went through as a class. I thought the content was at a really good level, it helped me to understand the basic elements of lots of different theories. For me studying the theories was much harder than the case studies. I felt comfortable asking questions and contributing to the discussion, I liked how the teachers weren’t picking on people if no one knew the answer.

Claire, Riddlesdown Collegiate


I loved the interactions, and the questions which were brought up. I also loved the fact that teachers were very open and kind and non judgemental which made it a very safe space to talk in. I especially enjoyed the breakout rooms, where we could interact with each other, which made the course more engaging.

Ines, Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle


I particularly enjoyed the mix of formal lectures, group discussions and self-studying – for me it was the best way to develop my critical thinking and analysis. The teachers were extremely engaging and responded well to our comments, sometimes challenging our views by offering different opinions. The course content was sometimes intensive – but again that is what I signed up for. It was very well structured, starting with theory and then elaborating with concrete examples. I loved the learning space, it was very easy to take part in group discussions and develop our knowledge through informal exchange.

Margot, Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle, London


In short it was amazing, truly great, I loved hearing different perspectives from other scholars within this field. It felt as if I was in university, the Tutors were incredibly helpful and answered any question I had to the best of their ability.

Mjay, Beal Sixth Form


The teaching for this course was very engaging, lots of discussions and tasks to get everyone’s opinions voiced, leading to informative debates which were very interesting to listen to. There was a lot of content, understandably, but the tutors offered to answer any questions that were had and I was able to understand the vast majority of what we were taught. I felt very comfortable asking any questions I may have had, and the tutors ensured that anyone that wanted to could contribute their thoughts on the topic matter.

Ruby, Tolworth Girls School


I loved learning about different theories, particularly constructivism and feminism (and feminist critiques on US intervention in Afghanistan). Also, the China part was very interesting to me! The tutors were all very patient and engaging.

James, St Benedict’s School


This was my first introduction to IR and I have learnt so much more than I expected to in only 5 days. Has been particularly helpful learning theories and applying them to real life conflict.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially feminism and constructivism on day 5 as it is something I am passionate about. I found everything comprehensible, anything I didn’t initially understand was made clear by the teachers. I thought the teaching was very good, I loved the interactive debates where we got to share ideas and discuss possible solutions. I have met so many likeminded people, who introduced me to different perspectives and takes on modern conflicts. The teachers were very accommodating to any questions or needs.

Jessica, Mill Hill County High School


It was incredible! I throughly enjoyed all aspects of the course. It was truly a very exciting introduction to the theory of international relations.

Leona, Invicta Grammar School


The course is really great to give you good knowledge of a wide scope of international relations. The lecturers are all really informed, friendly and helpful. I definitely came away from the week much more confident in my knowledge of international relations.

Catherine, Sevenoaks School


A great insight into international relations, with small group discussions enabling us to really look further into, and discuss deeply, current issues affecting the world.  Overall, extremely informative and enjoyable.

Michael, Wellington College


It was an excellent week, I got to discuss topics with people with different views. Generally very interesting.

Lufu, St Paul’s Girls’ School


I really enjoyed this course! There was a perfect balance between group exercises, lectures and debates which makes it really entertaining and informative at the same time! It makes you learn different approaches to International Relations and after five days, I want to know even more about it!

Julia, Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle


An amazing opportunity to explore your areas of interest with knowledgeable tutors and open minded students.

Bea, Dartford Grammar School


I had a thoroughly fantastic time at the IR Summer School. The course covered a wide-ranging variety of topics, something for everyone! The tutors were amazing too; not just lovely people, but also great teachers, who made the sessions really engaging. I found the course really beneficial, and I would recommend it to anyone who like Current Affairs! The experience was one that will stay with me for many years, as it was a simply flawless programme. The one thing I would change? Make the course last forever!

Rory, Caterham School


The International Relations course gives an insightful snapshot into world politics and global events, ranging from events of the Cold War to current themes that are ongoing today.

Oliver, City of London School for Boys


A useful support to A level Politics and History – wide ranging subject matter retained everyone’s interest throughout the week.

Michael, Merchant Taylors School

I really enjoyed International Relations Debate Chamber. I was a bit concerned that everyone in the class would know so much more than me, but this really wasn’t the case. Everyone had strengths in different areas. Reenacting the Security council of the UN was the highlight of the week. If you’re interested in studying this subject at degree level, or you just want to know more about current affairs, then this is definitely the course for you!

Alisa, The Abbey School


I recommend this Summer School for students that already know about the subject as it helps you to go deeper in some points and for those who don’t know much about it because introduce you in the best way to it.

Luigi, Liceo Scientifico Sacro Cuore Cesena


A really enjoyable, and very informative course on all of the international relations that you’ll need to, at the very least, show that you know what’s happening in the world right now. I would highly recommend it.

Jay, University College School


Expect inspiring tutors, interactive lessons and an impressive group of students. I had an intense and memorable week at Debate Chamber, leaving with new friends and a new passion for international law. We debated about global issues and negotiated responses to complex international dilemmas. A particular highlight was simulating China’s response to Japan claiming the Senkaku islands – we were tearing our hair out! I highly recommend IR if you want to learn the story behind the handshakes, peace talks and interventions that make the headlines.

Yasmin, Francis Holland School


The Debate Chamber International Relations course was fantastic. WE learned really high level theories and discussed complex situations but it was pitched at a level that was both accessible and stretching. The multiple opportunities to contribute to discussions and debates made the sessions very lively. Doing group activities meant that you got to know the people within your group better and had a chance to discuss things in a more casual way. I found all the topics we studied really interesting and I think I have a much wider knowledge of international relations than I did before. This course has inspired me to go on and find out more about the subject of international relations as it is so important. I think it is a great course to take if you are intrigued by the subject, even if you don’t have much starting knowledge. Overall it was an enlightening week and I look forward to doing more Debate Chamber courses in the future.

Aura, St Pauls Girls School


This course helps you to decide whether you want to study this subject at University, I really enjoyed the course and now feel that I can choose the subject at degree level with confidence.

Max, New Hall School


The IR summer school was an invaluable experience for me not only because of the great people I met, but also due to the interesting topics we were taught which were relevant to what is actually happening in the world now.

Natasha, Queen’s College London


If you find yourself ignorant about international relations, this is the course to go on! You’ll learn what you didn’t know and you get to prove that you would be the best person to rule China (should the job become available).

Adam, Twyford Church of England High School


It’s a great way to learn lots about a subject you love and make new friends; an amazing breadth of topics is covered over the week and everyone is really friendly!

Rebecca, St Albans High School


This course was incredibly fun and extremely informative. It gives you a look at the world we live in from a new perspective and shows us the messy but interesting politics that takes place within it. Its filled with interesting conversations and debates, and questions that will leave your brain at war! The people in the class are lovely, kind and genuine and I can honestly say I have learnt so much from this course, not just about international relations, but also about myself. I would recommend it to everyone; from budding heads of states to people who want to know more about the world around them.

Mercedes, Cobham Hall


This course might feel overwhelming at the start due to all the information that is being poured at one. Do not let this frighten you, as you will truly feel much more knowledgeable on areas such as the EU, the Middle East and China, all of which are topics discussed daily. This course will definitely make you feel confident on otherwise broad topics which scare away shy people such as I. I now embrace discussions about the aforementioned areas and strive to become more knowledgeable about them whenever I get the chance!

Lucas, Bikerod Gymnasium


The International Relations Summer School taught me a vast amount of knowledge in such a short space of time and teaches beyond any A level syllabus. The friendly atmosphere encourages you to participate in fields you’re no expert in and have a go at tackling new concepts. I thoroughly recommend the course for anyone wanting to learn about why there’s conflict in the world, the real importance and role of international organisations and about world history.

Sabrina, Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls


I had an absolutely amazing 5 days. Not only did I learn a lot about different aspects of IR from the passionate and rather amusing tutors, but I also met some amazing people.

Toluwa, Queenswood School


This course was great, both in terms of what was taught by the teachers and the other people on the course. There were, of course, a number of heated debates which were very interesting, and you felt free to say your opinion, for whilst the others might not agree with you, everyone’s opinion was completely respected, and the teachers made sure that everyone got a say. The teachers were fantastic; they were all both very knowledgable about their subject and very interested in it, and we’re happy to spend extra time with you to talk over books they could recommend or clarify something for you. Overall, I really enjoyed this course, as I learnt more than I could have imagined (to the point where I am actively considering studying IR at university), made some good friends and would definitely recommend it to anyone even vaguely interested in IR.

Katie, Benenden School


A fantastic insight into an subject that many of us do not cover in our school curriculum.

Tohid, Dulwich College


This course provides an excellent and fascinating starting point for those who want to study the discipline at degree level. The teachers are engaging and the content prepares students for future study, whilst being easy to understand and greatly informative.

Leila, Twyford C of E High School


I had the most incredible week at Debate Chamber and met some fascinating and intelligent people (with a few future prime ministers thrown in, no doubt!) The tutors were excellent – so enthusiastic about their subjects and I loved the structure of the day and the different styles of learning (a mixture of lectures, reading and lots of heated debate). There were many opportunities to voice out own opinions too. After the week I felt so much more confident with regards to International Relations and as someone who has no idea about what to study in the future, I found the week really helpful in planting a potential future career seed! I really am thinking now about the possibility of studying IR at university! Thank you!

Antonia, Wycombe Abbey School


I found that the international relations course was great fun and very interesting as it both encompassed history in order to gain a better understanding, as well as current events such as Syria.  Most of the sessions were interactive and helped yield a greater understanding of the subject like why conclusions are so hard to reach in the UN Security Council, or why an IMF loan can be so difficult to obtain. I found that almost all of the session leaders were extremely engaging and fun to learn from and that the course was a very different experience from the average school day. The group sizes (around 15) were very comfortable for discussion and making new friends. The location was also prime for good food within a five minute walk; we were given a map of all sorts of eateries and of the ones I tried, they were all excellent. Overall a week well spent.

Oli, Highgate School

The International Relations Summer School gave me great insight into what the degree entails. With lots of exciting activities, I was able to develop a deep understanding of political theories, the role of states on the international stage, the degree to which non-govermental organisations can assert power and the economic situation in Europe and around the globe. It has motivated me to persue a career in the political field and I thoroughly enjoyed working and learning with others who have the same passion for International Relations as I do. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in the study of international relations/politics.

Tasnima, Seven Kings High School


I left the summer school with a fascination and great level of understanding for the most current and important issues and international institutions of today.

Kendall, Downe House School


The Summer Schools are a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, whilst broadening your horizons in your chosen subject. Would definitely recommend it.

Jack, Haberdasher Aske’s School for Boys


It looks at various different aspects of IR enabling you to get a better feel for it. I personally thought that the `Mock UN Intervention` was the best however class debates and discussions were also very fun. Furthermore, it’s easy to find accommodation nearby (I stayed in College Hall which is opposite the building where the courses are held) however many other people commuted each day. Overall I had a great experience and I am certain I want to pursue a career in IR.

Laura, Burgess High School for Girls


Initially I felt quite nervous about attending the International Relations summer school because I was worried I would be the youngest (15) and I did not know much about the topics at all. However, the people were all really friendly and the tutors were very easy to listen to and really encouraging. The content of the course was very interesting, I particularly enjoyed the Middle East section, and having lunch in the area with my new friends was great fun. I would definitely recommend the course for anyone who has an interest in International Relations or just wants to develop their general knowledge. I met some really interesting people and had a great week!

Lucy, Bromley High School


The summer school was a great experience, providing an insight into studying the subject at university, as well as providing new facts and perspectives towards key international issues. The teaching was great and I found it really enjoyable.

Henry, King Edward VI Grammar School


The best part of this course for me was the day we spent debating about the role of international economics institutions in decreasing the budget deficit of a developing country.  Although I love the idea of debating, this was the first opportunity I had to really participate.  It has given me the confidence to join the Debating Society when I return to school.

Joe, Eastbourne College


As my interests had mainly been in British politics, I had been worried that International Relations might not be the right university course for me. However, through the engaging teaching on the International Relations Summer School, which consisted of a combination of traditional teaching and practical exercises, I soon found myself engrossed in the material. The teachers are always willing to answer questions and clarify anything people are unsure of. I came away from the course with a greater understanding of the key theories of International Relations, and a previously undiscovered interest in international law and China!

Aithne, St Paul’s Girls’ School


In short, brilliant tutors, brilliant topics, brilliant people. I never thought it would be this fun, this interesting. Highlights were the UN Security Council, Military intervention and Syria. Highly recommended for everyone interested in this kind of thing, and even for those who aren’t – it completely changes your perceptions about important international issues. Really worth going to.

Alexia, Downe House School


The IR summer school was a fantastic experience for all of us. Don’t be put off if you don’t have a lot of prior experience in the subject, that isn’t a problem at all. Whether you’re looking to have an introduction to international relations, thinking about university courses, or looking to expand and develop your knowledge and interest, Debate Chamber is the perfect place.

Jamie, Haileybury School


The course was really informative and made me think about issues in new ways. The teaching was great and I enjoyed the debating aspect of each session.

Lucy, St Paul’s Girls’ School


Overall, the international relations course provided me with some of the most fascinating and useful five days I have ever experienced. I have come away from it feeling much more well-informed on international relations as a whole, and also feel much more comfortable in analyzing big chunks of information and questioning what I read.

Lucy, Brighton College


Overall I highly enjoyed the course, in particular I was happy with the wide range of topics and theories that were covered and discussed over the week and the general sizes of the classes were good as they were not too large and thus did not detract from the learning experience.

Linton, Preston Manor School


The course was very useful and has helped to clarify where I see my future. I feel better informed about state interaction and how the global political economy functions. The course was well organised, covered a broad range of topics and the tutors were excellent.

Xavier, Wellingborough School


Greatly stimulating, fun and incredibly useful, this course is ideal for people who want to supplement their knowledge on international affairs. It gave me the tools to analyse current affairs critically and gave me a much broader picture of how global politics functions today.

Ellie, Stephen Perse Sixth Form Foundation


I really enjoyed the IR Summer School, it was fast paced and challenging, helping me to think about things I had never properly considered before. Everyone made friends quickly and the tutors were really interesting, making learning about complex things fun. For example one afternoon was spent acting as the UN Security Council, with each student being assigned a country. You learn a lot and I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking about studying IR at university.

Kezia, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Penrith


The IR debate chamber course is fantastic if you are considering studying International Relations at University- or even if you world like a better understanding of how judicial systems work on a global scale. You cover a whole range of topics throughout the course which really encourage you to think and develop your own ideas on how International affairs should work.

Angelica, Mill Hill County High School

It was an enjoyable and proactive insight into International Relations and I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest In world affairs or wishes to study it at university.

Rayeesa, Sir Roger Manwood’s School


I really enjoyed the IR summer school. The tutors were engaging and informative, encouraging us to involve ourselves in the subject. I learnt a lot during the course, and its ultimately cemented my decision to study IR at university. The source material was both interesting and relevant, and no matter what level of knowledge you have before the course, you will quickly find yourself engaging in debates and discussions. Overall an invaluable experience!

Jeremy, Aylesbury Grammar School


If you wish to debate amongst your peers and improve your own knowledge on international matters which are continually evolving around the world, which will help your own understanding of what is actually going on in international politics then this course is for you.

Harish, The Judd School


The IR summer school was really fun, interesting and incredibly useful. It gave me a clear insight into the study of IR. The tutors are all really friendly and approachable. The sessions were all very informative and well structured, but at the same time set in a relaxed environment. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to know more about what is invovled in the study of IR or anyone who is thinking of studying IR at university.

Caroline, Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Girls


It was a really interesting experience and I feel that it has helped me to come to a decision as to what I would like to study at university. The people that were teaching the course we friendly and informative, and overall it was a great experience.

Helena, George Heriot’s School


For someone who is generally self conscious, I was really impressed with the way classes were conducted. You felt free to express your views and knowledge in an atmosphere that is non-judgemental. I also made some good friends and thought the course was a fascinating insight into global politics.

Jamie, Stamford School


It was an extremely enjoyable three days whereby I vastly improved my International Relations knowledge.

Oliver, Queen Elizabeth’s Boys School


For a course involving some very difficult material, presented in a very short space of time, the IR Summer School was brilliant. I have come away with a far greater level of confidence in discussing current affairs and a store of information that could be useful to a variety of academic studies.

Grace, Alleyn’s School


The passion of the tutors for the subject really rubs off on the pupils, and it only spurs you on further to learn about IR.

Charles, Cheltenham College


I had a great time on the course. The tutors are all extremely knowledgable and their lectures are short and interesting. It is not all lectures: the group activities and exercises are good fun and get you to apply what you have just learnt. If you are thinking of doing IR at university or are just interested in it to supplement your learning then I would definitely recommend it.

Andreas, Haileybury College


This course provided a brilliant basis for those considering IR uni courses, covering a massive range of past and present events. It also gave us valuable insight into organisations like the UN and EU. I thoroughly enjoyed every day and would recommend it to anybody interested in IR.

Molly, The Downs School


The International Relations Summer School was extremely enjoyable. Everyone was friendly and the tutors created a great learning environment where all students were able to voice their opinion on some controversial political issues. The debates and lectures were very engaging and thought provoking. Overall, it was a fantastic experience, one which I certainly recommend to anyone interested in International Relations or global politics; it is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and expand your knowledge on the subject.

Farah, Cranford Community College