Art History Student Reviews


The course was very interesting and stimulating.  I was interested to learn a lot of new information.  The tutors were informative and well informed.  I enjoyed meeting the other students in a stimulating location.

Frederick, Dr Challoner’s Grammar School


A really useful week, I would definitely recommend the Summer School to anyone thinking about History of Art as a degree. It covers such a broad range of topics, you come out feeling like you have a really good understanding of lots of aspects of art.

Lily, George Heriots School


My school does not offer Art History as a subject, and the Summer School confirmed my desire to study it at uni as well as making me even more interested in the subject. The Tutors were really engaging and complex concepts were explained in a coherent way. The week was really well structured; with a range of ways of looking at art – not just chronologically. I would really recommend this to anyone interested in the History of Art – particularly if they don’t already have a range of knowledge in the subject but want to know more.

Freya, Sevenoaks School


The History of Art course was so interesting and really enjoyable. So many different topics were explored and I definitely left wanting to read even more and definitely take it onto university. Thank you for such a great week!

The Kings School, Canterbury


We covered a great variety of all different forms of art, as well as going on gallery trips and crying out various tasks. I had a lot of fun, whilst also learning a lot. I now know that history of art is definitely the subject for me, and hope to do it at university.

Samantha, Queen Margarets School


A really interesting course that can open your eyes to a new way of looking at art. It’s particularly useful if you are studying a subject to do with art.

Catriona, Northwood College


Very useful course. It opens your knowledge about many different cultures and their relative art.

Federico, Istituto Superiore Maddalena di Canossa (Milan, Italy)


I found this course really interesting and enjoyable, and above all fun!

Caitlin, Surbiton High School


I have really enjoyed the course. It has given me both a general wider understanding and an insight into some very interesting and key movements.

Kathryn, St Paul’s Girls School


As an artist I found this course very helpful and enjoyable.

Lauren,  Marshalls Park School


This course has really helped me to decide whether I want to take Art History at university. It covers all aspects of art so there is something there for everyone. The tutors encourage you to think in a different way than I would normally in my school environment. I have learnt to appreciate different areas of the art world and I enjoyed learning about it all. I would really recommend this course to anyone who loves art, or even if you just enjoy art and want to learn more about it. This course has also inspired me with my art work to create new and unique ideas.

Laura,  Bishop Ramsey School