Young Doctors Student Reviews


I loved the teaching, it made the course fun and interactive! All content was spot on and it was a place where I was comfortable.

Abbas (Merchant Taylors School)


The teaching was quite detailed and thorough, easily understandable but still at a complex level, if that makes sense. The course content was intermediate, there were some things that were a bit much for me to grasp at first but rereading things and asking questions made it far better It was extremely welcoming and inclusive, nobody had any issues with one-another and it was easy to ask questions and understand the answer provided.

Agathi (The Grammar School, Nicosia)


The teaching on this course was very nice. I really enjoyed learning about different types of illnesses and also I found the independent projects fun to do. The learning space was very welcoming, and I felt comfortable asking questions.

Amaanah (Edgebaston High School)


It was very interesting, my favourite part was on the brain and also the case studies. The space was very welcoming and I contributed a lot.

Benita (Monks Walk School)


I think that the teaching in this course was really great! Judging that I never really thought about what it was like to be a doctor, this course has actually shown me what it is like! I found that the course content was a good difficulty. It was basically like a science lesson, but also teaching us about doctors, so I found it quite good!

Demyan (Cottesmore School)


I think the research hour was very helpful and informative. The teaching was very good and interesting and I think there was a lot of extra information that I remembered easily. I found it pretty much a good level. I was one of the older students so had already studied human biology in detail, however I found many new subjects in this course. It was very easy to ask questions and discussion was very inclusive. It was helpful to be asked questions directly instead of first to put hand up, but if you didn’t know the answer and it was okay and a safe space.

Freya (Haberdashers Askes School for Girls)


I loved the quizzes and worksheets we got to do, my favourite activity was probably the role play. I liked learning more about what it’s like to be a doctor. The work was challenging and it really pushed me to understand more.

Genevieve (Berkhamsted School)


I found this course just perfect, well explained, easy to understand and nicely organized.

Julian (Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle)


The teaching was very fun and also very enjoyable, really liked the individual studies as they were very informative AND fun. The teaching, which was done exquisitely, was easy enough for me to understand. I felt completely at home (although technically I was) to ask questions, and I was always met with an understandable answer.

Nathanael (Colchester Royal Grammar School)


I had a great time over the past two days and I’ve learnt new stuff about the human body.

Nielah-Rae (St Francis School)


It was easy to ask questions and contribute because the atmosphere was really welcoming and friendly.

Anna (Grey Coat Hospital School)


Everything was taught at an excellent level and the teaching encapsulates a wide range of abilities.  The weekend was excellent and the subjects taught were fascinating.  I would highly recommend this course, even if you have never been interested in Medicine!

William (Comberton Village College)


I think that the Young Doctors Weekend was an amazing opportunity for me.  You should go!!

Isabelle (King’s High School, Warwick)


You have to go, it gives you a brief look at Medicine and it is also REALLY fun!!

Gabrielle (Cheltenham Ladies’ College)


I found the material really useful and applicable to my own knowledge.  I also found the teaching very imaginative and interesting.  I found the new words hard to learn on the first day, but by the second day it was useful to know them.

Betsy (Guildford High School)


I would really recommend this to others because I learnt so much and everything was so interesting.

Ananya (Guildford High School)


Everything was really useful and understandable.

Elena (Queen’s Gate School)


We learned about the brain and dealing with patients which was very enjoyable.  I would recommend this course to someone else.

Valentina (St Clement Danes)


I had an amazing time and felt that this was very worthwhile.  The suturing was very fun and enjoyable.

Emily (Godolphin & Latymer)


I would DEFINITELY recommend attending as I found the weekend enlightening, fun and extremely enjoyable.

Aparna (Pate’s Grammar School)


It was a very enjoyable weekend.  I would advise people to attend this course.

Mariya (Ribston Hall High School)


I would definitely recommend this course because it gives you a head start in Medicine.  It is also very enjoyable.

Dhiya (Pate’s Grammar School)


I recommend this to all students who want to become a Doctor.  The suturing sessions were especially fun.

Husein (DCGS)


This is a must attend!  Very enjoyable.

Joel (Kingsdale Foundation School)


I enjoyed the course very much!  My favourite part was the suturing.

Anita (Newstead Wood School)


Great teaching, they can break down the most complex of systems and teach it within a few minutes so that you fully understand it.

Isa (Brondesbury College for Boys)


This is a really great course with amazing teaching – I learnt so much and it really helped me decide that I wanted to do medicine.

Rachel (Aylesbury High)


Really enjoyable, the tutors were really insightful and great at helping and answering questions. The practicals were really good fun and allowed you to trial some of the techniques you had learnt. I would strongly recommend the course.

Sally (King’s High School, Warwick)


I absolutely loved it, I learnt so much and would recommend it and has pushed me to become a pediatrician even more.

Zahra (Walthamstow School for Girls)


Very interesting with excellent teaching and knowledge displayed.

George (City of London School for Boys)


I learned so much about medicine and had so much fun doing it, I would enourage people to come along.

Georgie (Burgess Hill School for Girls)


This weekend was interesting and fun. I learned lots and recommend it to anyone who likes medicine.

James (Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle)


I really enjoyed this course. It taught me a lot about the anatomy about the human body. The teachers were really helpful & inspirational. I would strongly recommend it to anyone interested in medicine as a career for the future.

Felicity Sargent (King’s High School, Warwick)


It’s really useful and you learn so much. I’ve made new friends and taken note of all the new things I’ve learnt. I’d definitely recommend it.

Rebecca (Skipton Girls’ High School)


A very interesting and fun course with a lot of information and experiments. I enjoyed being here!

Charlotte (Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle)


It was  a lot of fun to attend and I learnt a lot. There were lots of practicals to help explain things.

Issy (St Helen’s and St Katherine’s School)


It helped me decide what I want to be when I am older and was informative and I learned loads of ‘cool’ new skills!

Yasmin (Walthamstow School for Girls)


It was incredibly enjoyable – I really learned a lot and would gladly do it again!

Milena (Walthamstow School for Girls)