Medicine Summer School

Medical student smiling at the camera during class at the universityThe Medicine Summer School offers a fun and interactive introduction to the world of medicine, which allows students to learn the theory and also to begin to develop the practical skills involved in being a doctor. We will use detailed case studies to consolidate knowledge at each stage. Groups of students will be presented with information about a patient’s primary symptoms, teams will then order their tests, draw conclusions from these tests and present their findings, including their differential diagnosis, prognosis and treatment recommendations to their fellow ‘consultants’.

Medical schools have long recognised the importance of student doctors considering the role of medical professionals in a wider ethical and societal context. The Debate Chamber Medicine Summer School incorporates these debates and discussions at every stage of the course, leaving students well equipped to deal with medical ethics questions at interview and in professional life.

The course allows students to build on knowledge from the GCSE and AS/A level biology syllabus and apply that knowledge in medical contexts. The course is open to students who have not yet started their AS/A level but students will need to be confident in grasping and applying a reasonably substantial quantity of new anatomical information. In many ways this is a similar burden as that faced by new medical undergraduates, so it should not deter keen prospective medics, but is something to keep in mind when considering whether this course is for you.

For 2018 the Medicine Summer School will be split into five parts, each of which will cover different areas of medical practice. Although each part complements the others, they can also be approached as stand alone events, so students can attend either one part only, two parts, three parts, four parts or all five.

Part 1 will include Dealing with Patients, Radiology, Haematology, Cardiology, Trauma and Suturing and will take place 7th – 8th July (and repeated 21st – 22nd July). You can see a full schedule for this course here.

Part 2 will include Neurology, The Respiratory System and Psychiatry and will take place 28th – 29th July. You can see a full schedule for this course here.

Part 3 will include Oncology, Clinical Pharmacology and Gastroenterology and will take place 4th – 5th August. You can see a full schedule for this course here.

Part 4 will include Obstetrics, Paediatrics and Childhood Development and will take place 18th-19th August. You can see a full schedule for this course here.

Part 5 will include Tropical Medicine, Epidemiology, Immunology and Surgical Skills and will take place 25th-26th August. You can see a full schedule for this course here.

‘Debate Chamber’s Medicine Summer School was great! I learnt in great detail about medical topics such as oncology, paediatrics and epidemiology. Suturing bananas was a highlight for me and I would thoroughly recommend the course for a anyone considering medicine as a career. It was great to meet others in my position from around the country who shared a common goal. Most of all it was great fun!’

‘I completely recommend this course! Whether you are totally convinced Medicine is for you, or if you just want a taster to see if it’s right, this course is perfect! The tutors are passionate and highly knowledgeable, and teach a great course covering a wide range of topics! Absolutely ten out of ten on all aspects – go and do it!’

‘I stumbled across Debate Chamber and was instantly intrigued to learn more and to attend the Medicine School this summer! Although I was very nervous because I didn’t know what to expect, it turned out to be the highlight of my summer. The staff make it really enjoyable and there is a relaxed atmosphere which is particularly great when learning such in depth topics  and getting to know the other people attending. I’m so happy that I chose Debate Chamber and it was such a great experience from which I have learnt a great deal from. I definitely recommend this to others who are interested in having a career in medicine. It was a worthwhile experience and I am hoping to attend next year as well.’

Practical Details

The Medicine Summer School is open to students aged 15 – 18. The venue for this course is the University of London, Bloomsbury Campus, Central London – you can see more venue and travel details here.

Part 1 (Dealing with Patients, Radiology, Haematology, Cardiology, Trauma and Suturing) is completed for Summer 2018.

Part 2 (Neurology, The Respiratory System and Psychiatry) will take place 28th-29th July 2018.

Part 3 (Oncology, Clinical Pharmacology and Gastroenterology) will take place 4th – 5th August 2018.

Part 4 (Obstetrics, Paediatrics and Childhood Development) will take place 18th – 19th August 2018.

Part 5 (Tropical Medicine, Epidemiology, Immunology and Surgical Skills) will take place 25th – 26th August 2018.

To attend any one part of the Medicine Summer School the cost is £195, to attend any two parts the cost is £375, to attend any three parts the cost is £540, to attend any four parts of the Summer School is £700, to attend all five parts the cost is £850. Please note that accommodation is not included, and must be arranged independently if required.

Partial fees bursaries are available for students who would otherwise face financial barriers to attending the course – please see here for details.

To book a place or places at the Medicine Summer School, or if you have any further questions, simply call on 0845 519 4827, email, or book online below.

Booking Form

Debate Chamber offers a limited number of full and partial bursaries to students who could not otherwise afford to attend. If you are applying for a bursary please do not complete this form, but instead complete the ‘Bursary Application Form’ here.

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